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LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates V(18+)

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LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates V(18+)

Written by LipGlossMaffia

After the laughter dies down, everyone takes their seats. Jide & Pamela sit back on the couch where they had been. Michael and Kate sit close together on the bean bag. Kate’s heart does a little flip when Michael wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close against him.

Pamela speaks up, “So do you to want to explain how this happened?”

Inclining her head toward Michael and raising an eyebrow, she says, “Yesterday you show up to the party and ask ‘Where’s Kate?’, then you disappear. And now suddenly you two are together?”

So they begin to explain how Michael was disappointed she hadn’t come to the party, had realized he liked her, and came over here looking for her. Beyond that, they provide an extremely edited version of events.

Basically, the story goes: they had a long conversation during which it became apparent that they had both liked each other for the past three months but both had been reluctant to make the first move. One thing led to another. Extremely edited. Pamela is raising her eyebrow and looking pointedly at Kate like she knows there is way more to the story and is expecting to hear it later.

The rest of the night goes as many other Saturday nights have gone in the apartment. They watch movies, play games, drink, have great conversations. The only difference is that a certain level of awkwardness and sexual tension is gone and there’s just an easy going relaxed sensual vibe between the two couples. Kate is so delighted that Michael seems to want to be with her all night. Wherever she is sitting, he sits near her.

He touches her leg, or holds her hand, or puts his arm around her. She feels tingly and warm wherever they are touching. She delights in snuggling up against his warm embraces. They just seem to slip into behaving like a couple, as though it’s the most natural thing in the world, as though it was always like this.

Even though they’ve been exchanging sometimes affectionate, sometimes naughty looks all evening, after a few hours, Michael gets a particular look in his eye that makes Kate melt. Just that look causes her to heart rate to speed up. A tingle runs through her that culminates between her thighs. She smiles, returning his sultry look, and starts to shift from her seat.

“Well, I’m pretty tired,” Kate says, getting up. “G’night guys.”

“Me too,” Michael says, following her.

Pamela and Jide say goodnight with knowing smiles on their faces.

Back in her room again, Kate is on Michael in seconds. She growls and pulls him close to her and presses her lips against his urgently, searching for his tongue. He responds, swirling his tongue around hers. She reaches up and tangles her hands in the hair at the nape of his neck. Immediately she feels his hands traveling all over her again, making goosebumps rise and her nipples harden instantly. She pulls him closer to her and grinds against the hot bulge that has risen in mere seconds.

He groans into her mouth and she feels him slide his hand up under her top to find her hard nipple waiting for his touch. She gasps as he makes contact. He kisses across her jaw and down her neck as he rolls her nipple between his thumb and fingers, causing electrical jolts to shoot through her body, culminating with hot wetness pooling between her thighs. She tilts her head back and moans softly as the sensations overpower her.

Kate opens her eyes and smiles as Michael swiftly pulls her shirt up over her head and tosses it aside. She gasps when she sees the look in his eyes. Purely predatory. He bends forward quickly, sucking in her nipple, still covered in her red lace bra. She gasps audibly and lets it out as a moan. She feels him tugging at the clasp at the back of her bra and smiles inwardly as he slides the straps over her shoulders, and slides it off, freeing her breasts to his exploring mouth and hands.

He drops the bra to the floor and she arches her back presenting her breasts to him. She gasps again as he quickly sucks her bare nipple directly into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, while rolling and pinching the other between his thumb and fingers. Kate moans as powerful waves of sensation course through her body, flowing out from her nipples tingling right to the tips of her toes and fingers.

Kate reaches forward to cup his hardness, and groans as she discovers how large and hot he is already. But he twists his body away from her grasp and slides his hand into her pants, under her thong, and deep into her slippery wet slit in one smooth movement. Kate gasps again and moans as she exhales. She whimpers as Michael withdraws his hand.

He wrenches open the button of her pants and quickly slides down the zipper. Kate again tries to reach for him, but he twists out of the way as he yanks her pants down, kneeling in front of her. Standing above him, she looks down at him as he licks his tongue along her slit quickly right up to her clit. Kate shudders and gasps and opens her legs wider. Her swollen, wet pussy lips open up for him.

She feels so utterly exposed, standing here naked down to her calves, with him kneeling before her, still fully clothed. How did he get me into this position so quickly? She wonders absently.

Oh well, It doesn’t matter… Oh my God.

Her thoughts are wrenched away as he looks up at her with a wicked delighted look in his eyes, and licks along her open lips again, his tongue flat like he’s licking an ice cream cone, maintaining eye contact throughout. Watching him watch her while he gives her such incredible pleasure makes her feel lightheaded. Kate moans and her legs feel like they are turning to liquid.

Michael gently but insistently nudges her backward and she allows herself to collapse onto the nearest surface, which happens to be her armchair. He pulls her pants off her feet and tosses them aside somewhere. She’s nearly out of breath and feels as though she’s lost her balance as she looks down at him and sees him kneeling between her legs, looking up at her positively wickedly. He stretches her legs wide open and practically throws one leg over the arm of the chair.

He dives in with a low growl, licking with a wide flat tongue from her hole up to her clit. As his tongue brushes over her clit, it feels as though an electric jolt of pleasure rushes through her body, causing her to let out a little squeal. He looks up and smiles and quickly does it again. And again. Kate’s whole body shudders each time he presses his tongue over her clit. She squeals in delight. She realizes she’s making too much noise and puts her fist in her mouth, biting on her finger to stop from crying out.

She feels Michael slide two fingers into her slippery hole and suck her clit hard between his lips. Despite her efforts, Kate cannot help crying out from the pleasure. Michael growls again and the humming vibration around her clit causes a new wave of sensation.

He begins sliding his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, while alternately licking and sucking on her clit. Kate has given up on being quiet. Her mewling and moaning noises cannot be controlled for anything. She’s wiggling and writhing in the chair. As she gasps in panting breaths, she knows she’s not going to last long. She feels the heat and tingly explosive sensation building within. Suddenly she feels Michael’s fingers move within her and they start grazing over her g-spot while he continues to suck and lick her clit.

This is too much for Kate. She arches her back and feels the climax burst forth and cannot stop it. She lets out a long low warbling moan as her muscles clamp down and shudder around his fingers, over and over again, while Michael continues to finger fuck her and suck on her clit. It seems to go on and on. As long as he continues, she keeps contracting and shuddering. As her climax winds down, suddenly the sensation is too much for her. She is too sensitive.

“Stop,” she gasps, shuddering again. “Oh my God. Stop,” she gasps out between ragged breaths. She attempts to wiggle away from his relentless mouth and fingers, and reaches her hands down, to push at his shoulders. “That was amazing, but you have to stop for a moment.”

Michael kneels upright and smiles wickedly at her, admiring his handiwork. Her juices covered his face. She’s flushed and panting, trying to catch her breath. He’s still fully clothed while she is sprawled, spread eagle, naked on the armchair. Her pussy lips are engorged, spread wantonly before him.

She gazes at him through heavy-lidded eyes and that naughty look comes into her eyes. A wicked grin spreads across her lips.

“Mmmm….now it’s my turn,” she says, rising from the armchair. She tugs on his shoulders as she rises, pulling him to standing with her.

“I thought that WAS your turn,” he says playfully, but with a gravelly voice.

“Time for me to return the favor,” she smiles slyly.

She wraps her hand around the nape of his neck and pulls him in for a deep passionate kiss, tasting herself on his mouth.


Michael has never been with a woman who is so sensual, so easily orgasmic. He loves making her cum and wants to do it over and over. It completely fascinates him, witnessing what he can do to her body, watching how the sensation takes her over and she seems to completely lose it. It’s amazing how long her orgasms last and how they make her squeal and scream beyond her control. In fact, it makes him proud – that he can make her lose control like that.

Michael is delighted as Kate kisses him hard on the mouth and immediately seeks his tongue. He loves that even though he just went down on her, she has no reservations about kissing him. He slides his hands over her naked body. It feels so good to run his hands over her warm smooth skin, and so hot doing it while she’s standing here naked and he’s still fully clothed. Although he’s pretty sure she is about to remedy that situation.

He feels Kate lifting his shirt, and smiles to himself as she is not even bothering to unbutton it. He stops kissing her, and smiling, lifts his arms to assist her with removing it. She’s shorter than him, so he always pulls it off the end of his hands and tosses it aside. While he finishes removing his shirt, he notices that Kate’s attention had immediately gone to the button of his jeans. Looking down at her, he watches as she wrenches it open and pulls down the zipper. He shivers, feeling her soft fingers caress the skin around his waist as she pulls open his jeans.

She hooks her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and slides down his pants and boxers in an impatient move. He watches her eyes go wide as his full erection, which had been rather uncomfortably confined in his jeans, springs free in front of her face. He’s so hard from making her cum. He recognizes the look in her eyes. Delighted. Like a kid who’s just been handed a giant ice cream cone. His heart rate seems to double instantly.

He watches and feels her wrap her small warm hand around his shaft and squeeze as she quickly moves forward and sucks him right into her hot mouth with no preamble. She plunges down quickly taking half of him in, and pulls back, looking up at him with a sultry look in her eyes as the tip of his cock is still in her mouth. He groans at the combination of the sight and the sensation of her tongue swirling around the extra sensitive mushroom head. She sticks the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit as if coaxing his precum out. He gasps as this movement sends a jolt of electrical sensation straight up his rigid shaft deep into his belly.

Apparently enjoying making him gasp, she hums and looks up at him, making eye contact with a naughty smile in her eyes, as she swirls her tongue around the head again and sticks it back into his slit. He gasps again as another jolt of heat heads deep into his abdomen.

Kate relents for just a moment and pushes him back so he’s sitting on the armchair now. He watches with a big grin as she hastily pulls his pants and boxers off his legs and feet and tosses them aside as unceremoniously as the rest of their clothes have been discarded. Kneeling on the floor between his feet, she spreads his knees wider apart and dives back in. She grasps his cock and plunges down quickly. Michael draws in a deep rasping breath as he feels enveloped in her hot mouth. He feels tremendous suction and he feels her tongue swirling around on the sensitive underside of his cock as she pulls back to the tip.

Again he groans as she makes eye contact while swirling her tongue around the glans. The feeling and the visual is incredible. This amazing woman loves sucking him. He can see it in her eyes. She’s completely enjoying it. That makes it so much hotter for him. Again she points the tip of her tongue and sticks it in his slit. Again it makes him gasp. Again that sensation shoots right into his belly. Again that incredibly sultry look of delight in her eyes.

She’s playing. She’s clearly captivated by making him gasp. It’s so hot. The combination of watching her and feeling the sensations she’s causing within him is pushing him closer to the edge.

He continues to watch as Kate returns her attention to his shaft. She sucks the head into her hot mouth and begins a rapid rhythm of plunging down hard and fast and pulling up sucking hard, then plunging down again. He feels her hand come up to cup his balls. The sensations of her sucking him are building a pressure in his balls that he can’t stop. He leans his head back on the chair and closes his eyes, surrendering himself to the incredible pleasure she is providing. He knows she will happily swallow everything he has to offer and just knowing that makes him so excited.

Within a few minutes of her sucking him with fervor, he can’t hold back his climax and his body tenses as he unloads into her hot mouth with a deep guttural groan. He looks down at her again. Like last night she sucks and sucks, but then suddenly she pulls back and stroking him with her hand, she allows the last two spurts to splash across her breasts.

His eyes flash open wide. She smiles wickedly at him, looks down at her breasts, and scoops her index finger through his cum and sucks it into her mouth. Michael is mesmerized, watching as she does it again and again, until there is none left.

“God, Kate, you’re amazing,” he whispers hoarsely.

Michael watches her with adoration and gratitude as she kisses his softening member one last time. She sits up on her heels and looks up at him with affection and pride. Now he is the one spent, spread eagle naked on the chair. Thankfully she’s naked too. A similar pride fills him as well.

He pulls her up to standing and embraces her firmly and gently. He kisses her and glides his hands over her back and shoulders, pulling her close to him. Then he leads her over to the bed and they lie down again, wrapping their limbs around each other, just gazing into each other’s eyes for long moments.

“Kate,” he starts.

“Mmm hmmm?”

“You promised you’d let me read another story tonight,”

“Oh right,” she smiles. “I got… distracted… for some reason.”

He chuckles, a low rumbling sound in his belly. He’s surprised that she seems much more willing to let him read a story this time.


Kate has been thinking about which story she’s going to let him read. She has a racier story – one that gets more into some of her kinkier fantasies and desires – but she’s not sure how he’ll feel about that. She’s afraid to show it to him. She thinks she should save that till they’ve been together for a little while longer and she has a better idea of how he might react to it. For now, she thinks she’s going to just share a sweet one that she knows he’ll like, and that she’ll be comfortable with him reading right now.

Kate sits up, reaches over to the desk and grabs her laptop. Michael wraps his body around her again – causing her to feel so warm and protected – a feeling she will never tire of. While she goes into her directory and searches for the story, she begins to explain.

“This is just a simple one,” she says. “There’s no long build up like the other story. It’s a dream I had about you a couple of weeks ago. I woke up and I just had to write down it before I did anything else. It’s much shorter than the other story.” She looks over at him and sees him smiling that smile of his that’s full of wonder and … something…. some emotion. She wants to believe it’s love she sees there, but daren’t let herself believe that yet.

“What’s it called?” Michael asks.

Kate shrugs. “I just named the file The Dream. It’s kinda like what we did this morning. Before the shower.” Kate smiles wickedly.

She turns the computer screen toward him and watches his face as he reads. She’s loves looking at his face, and particularly watching his reactions as he reads her story. She’s much more comfortable now letting him read this than the nail-biting experience she had let him read the story last night.

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