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May 10, 2021

LipGlossMaffia: No names (18+)
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LipGlossMaffia: No names (18+)

Written by LipGlossMaffia

The young woman was lighting the last of her candles as the phone rang on the hotel room nightstand. Rushing to grab it in time, she snatched it up immediately.

“Hello?” she said breathlessly, not sure if it was from her exertion or her excitement. She felt her nerves leap when that thick, velvety voice poured over the line.

“What room, babe?” was all he said.

“304…hurry, I need you.” She heard him chuckle in response before the line went dead, that deep, throaty chuckle that always made her ache. He was chuckling, of course, because she was stating the obvious. She always needed him. She had needed him from the first moment she laid eyes on him.

It wasn’t that his looks were so irresistible, although he was very sexy, but she had seen many sexier men in her life. What always struck her like a blow to the head was the sensation that he knew her. Not that he knew her as a person…he didn’t know shit about her and he made it plain that he didn’t really care. He never asked her name and she’d learned to stop asking his. No, he knew her on a primal, animal level. A level she didn’t even know existed until she had looked into his eyes. She could remember that day like it was yesterday when it had actually been at least 4 or 5 months.


With so many boutiques in her office building, she had been shopping a bit on her lunch break, trying to find an outfit to wear to her sister’s anniversary party, when she decided to try a different clothing store. As she walked around looking at dresses, she felt a tingling on the back of her neck like she was being watched. She looked around but didn’t see anyone paying attention to her. She chose a dress quickly and made her way to the lift, worrying about getting back to work on time. Just as she was about to press the button, she heard “The Voice”.

“Are you going to be going down?” he purred into her ear. Spinning around to see who’d spoken to her, she gasped as her gaze connected with a set of wicked, smoky eyes.

-My God I’d like to own you-

The thought came out of nowhere, and her confusion must have shown because he repeated the question. She felt like she’d been punched in the stomach, and he was talking about the lift?

I…uh… I had planned to,” she replied

That would be a mistake,” he calmly stated, looking so deeply into her eyes she would swear that he could see into her soul.

Chuckling nervously, she asked, “What…what do you mean?

Well, for starters, you haven’t tried your dress on yet,” he said matter-of-factly.

So what? I wasn’t going to,” she returned, trying to get a grip on her hormones.

Well, then I wouldn’t get to see it on you, now would I? Wouldn’t you like a second opinion?” he asked, slowly drawing the words out with his thick, heavenly voice.

But I…need to get back to work,” she weakly protested. The whole time she stood there stammering, he smiled at her like he knew something that she didn’t.

Trust me,” he said while holding out his hand to her, “you want my opinion.” And that was all it took. Something inside of her snapped, and she took his hand as he led her to the ladies dressing rooms.

The next thing she knew, she was being viciously fucked up against the wall in a changing station while wearing the very dress in question. She could see herself in the full length mirror as he pounded into her, and right as she was riding out the most intense orgasm of her life, she didn’t think it looked like her at all. This woman was sexy. This woman did what she wanted.

She never went back to work that day, but she did go to the nearest hotel with her new mystery man and her newfound libido. He took complete control of everything that day. He told her what to do, how to move when to speak. If she’d met anyone else like that, she would have hated them, but with him it was Heaven. It’s like he was her drill instructor, training her how to feel the things she needed to. Never did she question anything, and when they finally wound down hours later she felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.

When they parted he gave her his phone number and told her to call him whenever she needed him, but he wouldn’t give her his name. He told her that no names made it better, said that it opened them up to every possibility when they left themselves at the door. Now, looking back, she blamed the multiple orgasms, but he had started to make plenty of sense to her at the time.

That had been months ago, and she had told herself that it was a one-time thing. She had even thrown his business card away, deciding to go back to her real life with her dog and her empty flat. Of course, she was digging in the bin by 2:00 am and calling him within a few days. It was always the same thing. She would call him, he would ask when and where, and he would go straight there and pick up right where they’d left off. She’d decided long ago that she was probably addicted, but like any good addict, she always just needed one more fix.

She began to find herself letting thoughts of him intrude into her real world. What did he do for a living? What were his interests? Was he married? What the fuck was his name? There were even a few times she had tried to talk about herself, hoping to spark his interest, but with no luck. He always found a way to change the subject, or he’d just plain tell her to shut up. She always obeyed, but it was getting harder and harder to stay silent.

He might have released her inner desires, he might have even nourished them and helped them to grow. But she was getting fed up with his limitations. She had gone as far as he would allow her to go, and she was ready to take the ball and run with it. She wanted him to see her differently. She wanted to impress her teacher with all that his student had learned. That’s what today was about. She had set her own little seduction scene, and she couldn’t wait to spring it on him. She would get some kind of response out of him if it killed her.

Since she knew he was on his way upstairs, she gave one last look around the room. Everything was in place. The chair was in the center of the room and directly facing the full-length mirror. She then checked her reflection quickly to make sure that her lacy bra and thong were covered by her satin robe; the only things showing were her thigh high black stockings and her stiletto heels. She knew he loved her body, especially when it was shown off to its best advantage.

At the quiet knock on the door, she snatched up the last of her silk scarves and ran to open up for her lover. “Coming!” she called out, as she moved to the back of the door while pulling it open. From behind the door, she could see him slowly enter the room and take in his surroundings.

His gaze roamed over the many lit candles and finally came to rest on the chair. It was just a plain hotel chair, the kind with a back but no arms, but there was something different about it. Then he noticed the brightly colored scarves that were tied around it. There were two scarves tied around the back, and two more tied to the front legs. Before he could ask her what was going on, he felt something slip over his eyes from behind.

What the hell?” he snapped when everything went an odd shade of lilac.

“Shhh….just go with it,” she whispered in his ear as she tightly secured the scarf behind his head. She finished up by swirling the tip of her tongue around the outer shell of his ear and sucking his lobe between her teeth for a little nip.

What’s going on, babe?” he asked, trying not to let the feel of her teeth get to him already. He had to stay calm. He couldn’t let her know how much she affected him. It was always a struggle, though. She had gotten so damn sexy since she had started to come out of her shell.

I said to go with it,” she purred again into his other ear as she circled around to his front. Slipping both hands beneath his blazer, she removed it swiftly and let it fall to the floor. Next came the buttons on his shirt. She made quick work with those and then moved on to his pants. Her goal was to get him stripped as soon as possible. His shirt was pushed back over his shoulders, and his pants were unceremoniously yanked down along with his boxers to bunch up around his shoes.

Would you let me get my shoes off, at least?” He said, trying not to sound a little breathless.

No, I won’t. I want you all bound up,” she smiled in reply. With that said, she pushed him down into the chair and went to work on the other scarves. The two on the back of the chair were used to secure his arms together behind him. The two on the bottom were used to tie each of his legs to the chair, wrapping the scarves around his ankles and wadded up jeans.

I hope you’re enjoying yourself,” he snapped from the chair. “I can’t see shit and my bare ass is on this cold chair.

Oh, I do intend to enjoy myself,” she said while loosening the scarf around his eyes, “and I intend for you to watch.”

It’s not like I haven’t watched you before,” he smirked as she was coming around to face him. When he saw her his breath caught in his throat, cutting off what he was about to say next. As she faced him, she slowly parted her robe to reveal her lacy black thong and demi-bra.

Oh, I know you have. But the difference this time is that you can’t touch me at all, and I don’t have to listen to you.” She circled slowly in front of him, watching his eyes follow her while dropping her robe to join his jacket on the floor. While she had his undivided attention, she crawled up on the foot of the bed on all fours, stopping to arch her back slightly to improve his view of her ass.

Don’t you think these stockings and this thong frame my beautiful ass in the most delightful way?

Dead silence greeted her question, so she repeated it again while adding a slight wiggle. Finally, she had the first hint that her plan was starting to work. She heard a slight strangling sound and a choked out a whisper.

Yes.” God, he hated giving even that much away. He knew she knew he was attracted to her, he wouldn’t have approached her in the first place if he hadn’t been. But he hated giving up the power. He hated her taking the reins. Not because it wasn’t sexy as hell, but because if she started making the decisions, then she just might decide to stop their little afternoons together. He didn’t want that, he had become just as obsessed with her as she was with him.

He was worried that if she knew too much about him, she’d start to get bored. He’d taken plenty of time cultivating her so that she thought she controlled the situation, saying when and where, but that’s all he would allow her. He made damn sure that every time they parted, all she could think of was the next time.

She slowly turned to face him from the bed, and taking inspiration from her favorite movie “Closer”, she spread her legs wide until it looked like she was doing the splits. Reaching down, she grabbed her panties and yanked them to the side, until the star of the show was her glistening, hairless pussy.

As he watched, she took her left hand and parted her moist folds, opening herself up wider for his viewing pleasure. If he looked close enough, he could see her honey starting to coat her inner thighs. Then her right hand crept towards heaven, settling on her engorged clit.

I’m going to watch you get hard for me,” she purred while beginning a lazy circular pattern. “Mmmm…come on, babe. Can’t you see that this wet pussy is starving for you?” As she spoke, she saw his thick shaft twitch and begin to rise. “That’s it, baby. I bet you wish you were kneeling right here, don’t you? I bet you’d love to suck this soaking wet pussy, wouldn’t you?” At her words and the vivid imagery they induced, his cock sprang to full attention within seconds.

Why don’t you untie me, and I can do just that?” He had to do something fast, she was driving him insane. The fact that he couldn’t touch her just made him want to that much more. He was trying to keep his thoughts together, but he couldn’t move his eyes from her beautiful, swollen cleft.

No, I don’t think that would be a good idea. I can’t concentrate when your hurricane tongue gets anywhere near me, and I’m nowhere near finished with you yet.” She pulled her knees up until her high heels were flat on the bed, and she leaned back onto her left hand, giving him an even more direct view of her actions. She started to increase the friction, dipping her fingers inside herself to gather more moisture.

Mmmm….Oh, God baby! I’m thinking of that beautiful cock you’ve got right there. I can’t…wait…to taste it…Oh, fuck!” She starting shaking as she could feel the first tremors of her release begin. She quickly drove two fingers deep inside herself while using her thumb to rub her clit, her hips starting to buck and ride out the waves. “Oh, fuck, baby! I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over my fingers for you!

Her lover watched with his teeth clenched, trying with all his might to keep from begging for a taste of her pussy. She knew he loved to watch her get off, but he’d always been able to jump in and lap up her folds whenever he wanted. This was absolutely killing him, and the siren clearly knew it. His cock was throbbing so hard it was beginning to hurt, and he couldn’t even stroke it to relieve some of the pressure.

“That’s fine,” he thought, “let her play her little game, but I refuse to break. I have to stay in control.” That’s when he noticed her getting up and walking towards him, holding out the hand she had just been using. God, he could smell her musk from two feet away.

Here, baby,” she said, “I bet you’re thirsty for this now, aren’t you?” She raised her two soaking fingers up to his mouth and shoved them between his lips. She watched as his eyes rolled back into his head and he groaned deeply. “Come on, suck them clean for me…that’s a good boy.” He attacked her digits like they were the first drops of water he’d had after a week in the desert. After a few moments, she pulled her fingers away and dropped to her knees in front of him.

I’m going to suck your beautiful cock now, would you like that?” When she received no response, she looked up into his eyes and found a defiant glare looking back at her. “I asked if you would like that. It’s a simple question. Cooperating does not mean you’re weak.

Yes,” he choked out.

Yes, what?

Yes, I want you to suck my cock.” He met her gaze again and continued, because he may not be able to touch her, but his words always worked. “I want you to suck my cock deep inside your mouth until I hit the back of your throat. I want you to fuck me with your mouth until I give you my cum. I want you to swallow every last drop I give you.” He could see her eyes starting to get that dilated, animal in heat look. He loved that his words could get her so hot.

That’s all you had to say,” she smiled, while leaning forward to lick the tip. Now there were many things she loved about sex, and with this man, she loved them all ten times more than before. But the one thing she loved above all was the taste of his cock. She lived to suck his dick. Everything about it made her crazy. The first salty flavor of pre-cum, the scent of sweat and man and sex, the texture of his velvety skin against her tongue. She was getting even wetter just thinking about it.

As she circled her tongue around the tip, she lightly stroked his shaft with one hand, while cupping his balls with her other. Hearing him groan made her even more dedicated to the task, and she began to flick at his frenulum with the underside of her tongue. She then moved down to suck first one, then the other of his balls into her mouth.

She lightly sucked on them while rolling her tongue all the way around, just how he liked. Going back up to the tip, she puckered her lips tightly and slowly lowered her mouth onto his shaft. As she began to move her mouth up and down, she swirled her tongue around the head on the inside, so he was getting double stimulation.

Oh, fuck,” he groaned, never being able to stay silent when she devoured him. “You’re sucking my cock so good babe! God…I love how your mouth feels.” At this she looked up at him with her dark brown eyes, dilated with lust. They held eye contact while she took him all the way inside, down to the base. She began to move faster, gripping the flat of her tongue along the length of his shaft for added sensation. “God…you’re gonna make me cum, baby, it’s fucking close.”

She reluctantly pulled her mouth away, wishing she could taste his milky fluid, but reminding herself that there was one more thing she wanted to do while he was at her mercy. Standing up, she slowly removed her thong and turned around to sit on his lap, with her back against his chest. Trying to ignore his large member that was currently pulsating against her ass, she leaned back to whisper in his ear.

Do you see what’s straight in front of us, baby? Can you see our reflection in that mirror?” As she bit his earlobe, he glanced around her to see the mirror image of her sitting on his lap.

Pull your bra down, I can’t see your beautiful tits,” he ordered. This was one order that didn’t bother her today, knowing the visual of her tits bouncing while she fucked him would be a lovely addition to the mix. She lowered the straps and turned the black lace down, finally releasing her large nipples to his view. He knew his mistake as soon as he saw her breasts because as he went to stroke them he remembered that he couldn’t.

Now watch closely,” she purred. She slowly opened her thighs wide so that they were on the outside of his legs, her toes just touching the ground for leverage. She raised up slightly and reached between her legs to grab his thick shaft. Placing it at her dripping entrance, she gradually lowered herself onto his rock hard cock. When she was fully impaled, she had to pause for a moment and savor the feeling of being full.

Oh, fuck,” he groaned, as he watched himself slowly disappear inside her welcoming body. He could see her entire body on display like this. Her long, muscular legs spread wide, her large tits thrusting up, and her glistening pussy enveloping his cock. He almost came just from the sight of it, let alone the feel. Then she began to move.

Flexing up and down, grinding onto him. He could see her tits starting to bounce and her muscles flex while she had her way with him. All he could do was start thrusting harder, trying to make her feel half of what he did.

God, your cock feels so good!” She screamed. She reached down with her right hand and pulled her lips even wider while she rode him, fully exposing where they joined to their view. “Can you see how wet I am?” she moaned. “Do you feel me dripping all over your cock?

Yes,” he gasped, “yes I can! Your pussy is so tight! God, it’s gripping me…pulling me deeper inside you!” They were both covered in a light sheen of sweat now, both of them thrusting and grinding away. They were both staring at the mirror, hypnotized by the sight of their bodies joining. They could both feel their climaxes building, shooting through their bodies like electricity. She could tell he was as close as she was, and she knew this was her time to strike.

What’s your name?” She moaned while thrusting even harder.

No…names….I …told you,” he ground out through clenched teeth.

Please! I don’t care about anything else! I don’t care if you’re married or a priest or a fuel station attendant! That can come later. I have put up with this just so I could keep seeing you, but I have to know your name or I can’t do this again!” She could feel her inner muscles starting to clamp down on his shaft, signaling the arrival of another monstrous climax. She was trying her best to hold off, knowing that feeling her cum would send him right over, and she was determined to get her answer.

When he heard those words he knew he’d overplayed his hand. He knew that he had to take the risk of her liking the real him, or he would lose her forever. He couldn’t have that. He had spotted her in the crowd that long ago afternoon, and something had called out to him. He instinctively knew that she needed to be opened up, and there would be a glorious treasure awaiting him.

He couldn’t lose that now. He had mistakenly assumed that she would only get off on the thought of a mystery man like so many other women seemed to. But she was drawn to him as magnetically as he was drawn to her.

Mahmud,” he whispered at her back.

What? I couldn’t hear you,” she moaned while feeling her body tense even more.

Mahmud!” he shouted as he felt her starting to cum. “My name is Mahmud!

That was all it took for the tightly wound coil to snap within her body. Her pussy clamped down hard on his cock, milking it for every last drop.

Oh, Mahmud!” she screamed out at the top of her lungs. “I’m cumming all over your beautiful cock! Cum for me, Mahmud! Cum deep inside my soaking wet pussy!” The sound of his name being screamed from her lips, combined with the ecstasy of her tight pussy milking him sent him over the edge. He began bucking his hips wildly until he was spurting his thick, hot fluid deep inside her.

As soon as they rode out the last wave of euphoria, she got up and turned around to face him, sliding onto his still erect shaft. Leaning forward and untying the knots around his back, she set his hands free. As soon as he could move them, despite the tingling that had started in his arms, he reached up and grabbed her face roughly. He then proceeded to kiss her senseless, running his hands through her soft hair. As soon as he pulled away she looked deep into his eyes.

Hi, Mahmud,” she smiled, her voice scratchy from screaming. “I’m Selena.” She then began to slowly move on him again, feeling his cock stirring back to life.

Hi, Selena,” he returned, a similar smile playing on his lips. Then their loving began all over again.

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