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May 18, 2021

LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates IV(18+)
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LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates IV(18+)

Written by LipGlossMaffia

As he walks back toward the gallery, he calls Linda. He gets right to the point. He thanks her for her text, but tells her he can’t see her anymore. He tells her he’s met someone and he wants to make a commitment and doesn’t want to fuck it up. Linda is clearly disappointed but handles it pretty well. She says this must be someone very special. Michael says she is.

Linda says she’s a lucky woman. Michael says thanks, and they end the conversation on relatively good terms. No crying. No drama. Well, that’s a relief, he thinks.

As he gets closer, his smile brightens and his heart rate speeds up. That bounce in his step quickens his stride. He knows she won’t be off work for another hour, but he can’t wait to see her again.


Kate is absolutely delighted when Michael returns to the gallery an hour before the end of her shift.

She notices him as soon as he walks in. Of course, she’s been looking up to see if it’s him every time the door opens. She stops dead in her tracks and is mesmerized as he walks toward her. Her heart rate speeds up. A tingle runs through her as she makes eye contact. Oh Kate, pull yourself together, some logical part of her brain speaks up, you shouldn’t be letting him have this kind of effect on you so soon.

“Hi,” he says, affection and a variety of emotions dancing in his dark eyes.

“Hi,” she breathes, her bright green eyes returning the look.

After a moment of staring at each other foolishly, she looks around and realizes that some of the customers are watching them. She smiles and blushes. He glances around the room too.

“I’ll just go back to my usual spot,” he offers.

“Uh… good,” she says. Uh good? What the hell, Kate? You can’t form sentences anymore? She chastises herself. She recovers and says, “Do you want me to bring you anything?”

“Another coffee would be good, thanks,” he says. Then he drops his voice and adds, “I plan to be up late tonight.” He winks at her and a hungry look enters his eyes.

Kate blushes. Again. She smiles broadly though and returns the hungry look. Then she seems to realize she’s still holding some brochures and heads back upstairs to the gallery.

Finally her co-worker Aisha has arrived to take over for Kate. She thinks this is the longest hour she’s ever lived through.

Kate walks over to Michael and holds out her hand to him. He takes it as he stands, smiling, looking into her eyes. She sees so many emotions swirling behind his eyes…affection, anticipation, lust.

She calls goodbye to Godwin and Shade in the kitchen as she leaves, holding hands with Michael, smiling one of the biggest most foolish-looking grins she’s ever had on her face.

They walk quickly, in silence, hand in hand. Two streets from the gallery, he pulls her hand and turns her to face him. With one hand he gently grabs her face and with other, he quickly pulls her against his body, while simultaneously backing her against the wall of the nearest building. She’s caught by surprise by the suddenness of the move, but she loves it. She loves his desire, his need for her, which matches her own. Her heart rate seems to double. He presses his lips against hers hungrily.

She responds instantly with her lips and her body. She opens her mouth, inviting him in. His tongue searches for hers, and they both let out a small moan as their tongues touch and swirl around each other. She grinds her pelvis against his and discovers he’s hard. His hand snakes around to the nape of her neck as he deepens the kiss and presses closer to her.

Her hands are tugging at him, trying to get him closer. He opens her sweater and his arms slide in around her waist and back. She grabs at his shoulders, one hand glides down his back to his ass, pulling him closer. She grinds against him and discovers the bulge is bigger and harder than just seconds ago. He moans into her mouth.

They kiss like that for several long minutes as people pass them on the street. They hear an audible tsk from an older woman passing by and pull away from kissing each other, both panting heavily. They both chuckle their mouths still centimeters apart.

“That was the longest eight hours of my life,” Michael says smiling.

“Mine too,” Kate says, returning his affectionate smile.

“I wanted to take you out for dinner right now, but I don’t think I can wait any longer,” he says, and kisses her hotly again, pressing his pelvis against her.

Kate moans into his mouth again.

“Me neither,” she whispers, “Let’s go.” She pulls away from him, panting, still holding his hand. As the cold air hits the front of her, she lets go of his hand and re-buttons sweater. She grabs his hand again, and they walk the few miles to her apartment as fast as they can. They’re both chuckling at how much of a hurry they are in, practically running.

They reach her apartment building in minutes and Kate laughs as Michael wrenches open the front door with excessive force, causing the door to bang against the wall. In the lobby, he hits the elevator button five times. She smiles up at him, tapping her foot with anticipation.

The old elevator arrives and clunks open. Luckily it’s empty.

They rush in, Michael pushes the button for her floor and then pushes door closed button about five more times. As the door closes, he turns to her again and presses her body up against the elevator wall, kissing her passionately. She loves how much he wants her, loves him taking control like this. He leans back slightly and opens her coat. She unzips his jacket, and their hands both snake in around each others’ backs and they pull closer to each other. She grinds against him and discovers a delightfully large hot bulge in his pants.

It’s emanating heat, much like the space between her thighs. They’re kissing frantically. Their hands are moving all over each other’s backs and shoulders, trying to pull each other closer.

Suddenly the elevator lurches to a halt, the doors open, and they practically sprint to the apartment door. She fumbles with her keys and he presses himself up behind her, kissing her neck, pressing his hardness insistently against her ass. She giggles as this makes it even more difficult to get the door open.

Finally, she gets the door open. They don’t even bother to take off their shoes, but just hurry to Kate’s room.

Pamela comes to the door of the kitchen. “Kate!” she calls, but she only sees their backs as they run to Kate’s room.

Once inside the room, there ensues a panting, frenzied, frantic free-for-all of tearing at each others’ clothes while trying to kiss, lick, taste any part of skin as it gets exposed. Michael pulls Kate’s shirt up over her head, revealing the red lace bra she’d put on earlier. He leans his head down and sucks her lace covered nipple and areola into his mouth causing Kate to gasp.

She starts unbuttoning his shirt, but finds that far too slow and abandons the effort to start working on his jeans. Kissing him frantically anywhere her lips can touch, she wrenches open the button and slides the zipper down.

Their mouths meet again, tongues swirling around each others’, hungry, ravenous, devouring. He groans as she reaches into his boxers and wraps her hand around his hard hot shaft. Meanwhile, Michael has pushed her pants down to her thighs. She gasps as he slides her soaking thong aside and moans as he slips two fingers into her very slippery slit.

All the while they are stumbling toward the bed, panting ragged breaths.

“I need you to fuck me right now,” Kate pants. Michael smiles wickedly.

He growls, a deep rumbling sound, as Kate yanks her thong down and turns to the bed. She quickly gets into doggy position and he slides into her in seconds, grasping her hips roughly. They both groan as he enters her and buries himself to the hilt. He starts a quick motion withdrawing and thrusting hard. She moves her hand up to her clit and begins rubbing frantically.

Kate is making little-gasping moans with each thrust. She knows she’s going to cum quickly. In the back of her mind, she also knows Pamela and Jide can hear so she’s trying to be quiet. However, the sounds of their flesh slapping together, her moans, and his grunts are probably clearly audible throughout the small apartment.

Kate hears Michael’s breathing change. It seems more labored. She feels explosions of heat going off inside her. Her pussy muscles start to spasm and contract as he continues to slam hard into her over and over again. She can feel him hitting her cervix. The pressure mingles with overwhelming pleasure creating even more intense sensations.

She’s trying so hard to be quiet. She’s trying to stifle the noises that just want to escape from her. But it’s just too intense. She buries her face in the bedcovers and cries out as the orgasm rips through her, causing her muscles to clamp down around him. Holding tightly to her hips, he thrusts hard into her again and again. She hears him groan loudly and feels him swell and convulse. She cries out even louder a second time as her muscles keep spasming and contracting around him, milking him. She feels him spurt a couple more times within her.

Finally, she collapses forward and Michael slips out of her as he is still standing by the bed. Her body shudders and trembles for several more seconds as she lies on the bed. Still panting, she turns over, looks up at him and starts giggling. The two of them are in quite a state. His shirt has a couple of buttons undone, but his pants are around his calves. She still has on her red lace bra and her pants and thong are around her knees. Michael looks at her and smiles, chuckling as well.

“Wow,” he says.

Kate giggles again as she sits up and shimmies forward, reaching out her hand to him. He takes a seat on the bed beside her, and she wraps her arms around him and kisses him softly, tenderly. He returns the tender kiss.

“Wow is right,” she concurs.


Michael caresses Kate’s face tenderly. He kisses her softly and looks into her eyes with awe and love. He is amazed once again that the look in her eyes mirrors his own.

Is that what this is? He thinks about his earlier conversation with Chuks. Yeah, I think I love her, he had said. But now his mind is reeling. The feelings he has for her are so intense, so overwhelming. And way too fast! Some logical part of him wants to fight it.

How could I love her after less than 24 hours of being with her? But really, I’ve known her for months, not just 24 hours. I think I actually loved her before this. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.

“You’re amazing, Kate,” he whispers.

“So are you,” she replies. “I’m so glad you came over last night. I just keep thinking: what if you hadn’t? What if you had just stayed at the party? We wouldn’t have known. We wouldn’t have been well…here…now.”

“I don’t think I would have lasted much longer without doing something once I realized how I felt about you,” he says earnestly.

“And how do you feel about me?” she asks, raising her eyebrows with an odd smile that’s hard to read. Again he wonders if she overheard him talking to Jide in the hallway that morning.

“I…” James pauses looking into the beautiful deep green pools of her eyes. It’s bursting to come out. He’s never felt this way for anyone before. He’s filled with emotion. It’s so exciting and overwhelming and new. He just wants to say it. But he knows it’s far too soon. What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if it scares her off? If a girl said that to me the day after we hooked up, I would run like hell. I can’t risk that. I have to wait till the time is right. … But look at her face. She wants you to say it. Say something, but not that. Not yet.

“I think you’re incredible, Kate. I want us to be together. I know it’s way too soon for this, but I just have to say it: I don’t want to be with anyone else but you. And I know it’s completely unreasonable to ask this so soon, but I don’t want to share you either. I just want US to be together.” Shut up before you say any more.

Michael feels such incredible relief as Kate’s smile brightens into a beaming headlight. She kisses him fervently.

“Oh god, Michael, I’m so glad you feel that way. I want that too.”

He smiles lovingly at her, and they kiss for a few more minutes until Michael’s stomach growls loudly. She pulls away from the kiss and they both chuckle.

“I guess we should get some dinner,” Kate says.

“And you’re gonna have to go talk to Pamela. She already wants to kick your ass,” Michael adds playfully.

“Oh no,” Kate groans. Again. Michael smiles inwardly. He doesn’t think he’ll ever tire of seeing her blush like that.

“So what? We tell them we’re together. They’ll probably be happy. Hell, they probably figured it out already,” he says with a mischievous smile.

“Oh gawd,” Kate groans again.

Michael smiles to himself realizing her earlier goal to be quieter during orgasm has been a complete failure.

“Come on,” Michael says, “we’ll do it together.” He smiles at her reassuringly. Some of the dread disappears from her face and she smiles warmly back at him.

They both rearrange their disheveled, half-discarded clothes and get dressed again. He takes her hand and they walk out to find Jide and Pamela in the living room. They look up expectantly and wait for them to say something. Jide is smiling at them with a knowing look in his eyes. Pamela’s brows are drawn together in a look of irritation, but she has a contradictory knowing smile in her eyes and a quizzical half grin on her mouth.

Standing hand-in-hand in the doorway of the living room, Michael looks at Kate who can’t seem to form words at the moment. He smiles affectionately at her, blushing again. She won’t look at them. She’s just staring at the floor and occasionally glancing up at them for a millisecond. It’s so cute how embarrassed she gets about this. He squeezes her hand reassuringly but realizes he’s going to have to take the lead here.

“So, um, we’re together now,” Michael announces.

“No shit,” Pamela says sarcastically, but then she breaks into a huge smile. Michael looks over at Kate and she momentarily looks up at Pamela, sees her smiling, then relief washes over Kate’s face. Damn, she’s so beautiful, he thinks again.

Michael watches in fascination as something passes between Kate and Pamela’s eyes. It’s like they have a conversation without words in a matter of seconds.


Kate just knew it would be difficult facing Jide and Pamela right after she just had another screaming orgasm with Michael in her room. God, it’s just so embarrassing. Her face is glowing, emanating heat. She can’t help it. She wishes again for probably the thousandth time in her life that there was some way to control her blushing.

She’s afraid to look at Pamela and Jide. But after Michael blurted out: “We’re together now”, she just feels so happy. She looks up and makes eye contact with Pamela. They have a little conversation with their eyes.

Pamela’s brow furrows, clearly her message is, What the hell?

Kate’s eyes widen and a broad smile spreads across her face, He’s amazing! He makes me happy.

Then a look of concern crosses Pamela’s face as if to say, He’s a player. I don’t want you to get hurt.

A reassuring smile and a look of contentment fill Kate’s face. She glances up at Michael for a second and back at Pamela. Her look to Pamela says I love him.

Kate watches as Pamela looks back and forth between her and Michael. Then Kate looks up at him again and smiles, seeing the look of confusion on his face from watching her and Pamela’s unspoken exchange. When she looks in his eyes his confusion fades and is replaced by a look of adoration. She smiles into his beautiful deep dark eyes. He smiles back. This seems to satisfy Pamela.

“Well it’s about time,” Pamela declares, “You two have been making eyes at each other for over a month.”

They both look at each other with surprised looks on their faces, which is quickly replaced by a knowing grin. Pamela jumps up off the couch, “I’m happy for you two,” she says as she stretches her arms out around both of them and draws them into a wide hug. Jide just sits on the couch grinning.

Then Pamela turns to Michael, and with a stern face, she says, “I’m warning you, Michael. If you break her heart I WILL cut your dick off.”She keeps her face serious for a moment, then she bursts into a wide grin. Michael chuckles nervously.

Kate frowns and gets protective, “Hey, you keep your hands off MY jewels.”

There’s a moment of stunned silence during which everyone turns to face Kate, shocked that she has said such a thing. Her face goes into a huge smile again just as everyone bursts out laughing.

Kate really was appreciative of her best friend’s protective concern. She has no idea where the “my jewels” comment came from, though. It just burst out of her mouth before she could think about it. At least it made everyone laugh.

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