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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E23] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E23] (18+)

The faint voice got louder and closer till Grace opened her eyes, she immediately blinked her eyes close as they got flooded by sharp bright lights.

She sighed and took a deep breath before slowly opening her eyes, it didn’t take her long to figure out she was laying in Nina’s bed with her soft blankets. It’s been so long since she woke up feeling so tired, her body felt heavy and sore as she tried to sit up

“Ahh sleeping beauty is finally awake,” Nina said pulling away from her phone
“Good morning” Grace murmured before covering her mouth and yawning
“More like good afternoon” Nina replied

“Eh,” Grace said sitting upright
“Let me call you back,” Nina said into her phone

Grace couldn’t believe she slept through the morning and making breakfast for the chief, Nina must have seen the dear in her eyes
“Don’t worry I already told Ms Janet you’re here,” Nina said
“Good thing daddy didn’t sleep home too” she added

Grace breathed out a long sigh of relief, she had already imagined the big soup of trouble she was and how angry she would have gotten chief.

Feeling better about not being in trouble she laid back down on the bed relishing the wild night she had at the party, it still felt surreal to her.

It felt like something out of a porno or a naughty dream she had, having two men penetrate both of her holes and to make it even better they were twin brothers.

Thinking back at it made her so happy and put a smile on her face, if her bottom didn’t feel so sore she would have told herself it was a really good sex dream

“You this bad girl, you’re thinking about yesterday and smiling to yourself, naughty bad girl,” Nina said

Grace covered her face feeling shy as she remembered what she and the boys had put on quite a show for the party guest

“Look at her shy like an angel but fucks like a demon,” Nina said making Grace feel even shyer

Nina suddenly squeezed her nipples gently making her moan softly

“Your nipples are even hard,” Nina said playing with her nipples more
“If I didn’t promise Ms Janet I’ll send you down immediately you wake up I’ll have fucked her hungry sore pussy” Nina said making grace moan

“You can bathe in the bathroom and dress up before going downstairs, I think they need you in the kitchen” Nina added

Grace wished she could have a day off and stay in bed all day, her body felt weird not just tired and sore. Groaning loudly grace dragged herself to the bathroom

“I’ll find you something to wear, you can use the mouthwash to rinse out your mouth” Nina called out

Nina’s bathroom was flawless, it sparked clean and smelt so nice, Grace saw the mouth wash by the sink and felt so excited to use it. She had seen it before in movies and couldn’t wait to try it, the bottle cover gave her some problems but she was able to open it.

She gurgled some, resisting the urge to swallow it because it tasted like flavoured alcohol.

When she was done she took a quick shower and stepped out.
Nina pointed at the t-shirt and trouser she picked out for her, it was a boyfriend Jean so it’ll be able to fit her.

Grace dressed up quickly and headed downstairs to the kitchen, the kitchen was hot and bustling with activity as she stepped in. Chef Gabe and madam Ayo were both busy cooking while everyone else helped out of was doing something

“Grace, wetin happen wey you sleep enter afternoon,” madam Ayo asked

“I bin no fit sleep so I sleep very late and my alarm no ring because phone die” Grace lied smoothly

“Oh, hope say you fine? Ms Janet say Chief wives dey come back today for evening, so we dey ready their food” she started

“She say you go prepare afang, Edikang Ikong and draw soup when she come back from market” she added

Grace thanked her and got some Garri to drink while she waited for madam Ayo to finish cooking.

It didn’t take long after she ate that Ms Janet got back so she set off to cooking, she even ended up making some assorted food like peppered meat and snails.
By the time they were done cooking it was already dark and the entire house was buzzing with activities, she left the setting of the table to other staff while she went to take a quick shower and changed into proper uniform.

It’s been long since the mansion was full so Ms. Janet demanded perfection, Grace couldn’t wait for the evening to be over because she felt tired and nauseous.

Like she expected grace was among the staff that got picked to wait on the family during the meal, they stood in a line close to the dining table as everyone came down for dinner. Buchi’s mom and Vincent’s mom were the first to come down with the youngest daughter in tow, followed by Nina and then the boys.

Grace was expecting the chief next but he came down with a woman in tow, Grace had never seen the woman before and wondered who she was. She wasn’t as fair as Vincent’s mum but she wasn’t dark either.

Her skin was like creamy coffee, unlike the other wives she was dressed more casually with her dreads packed nicely. Her eyes settled on Grace for a brief moment before she went to sit down taking the closest seat by chiefs right-hand side

“Chief’s first wife” Agnes whispered to her

Grace was awestruck throughout the meal, she couldn’t believe Chief had another wife she had never heard of. Towards the end of the meeting, Grace noticed that more staff came into the living room and came to stand beside them, Grace wondered what it was about.

The last time there were that many staff in one place, someone got fired. Chief cleared his throat and everyone stood still.

“I am so grateful my entire family is home with me and I am happy to have such a big family” chief said gesturing to everyone

“Well I brought you all here to make a big announcement” he continued

“My wives already know but I want to officially tell you all that I will be running for governor of my great state” He added to a collection of cheers and claps

“So, I expect you all to conduct yourself to a manner befitting the house of a governor” He added to another round of thunderous claps and cheers.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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