March 20, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S06E10] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S06E10] (18+)

Grace woke up on the morning of their return to Nigeria minutes before Senator did, and she decided to make it his problem. Her hand played with the hairs on his chest gingerly at first, and when he groaned, she took it for his wanting her to carry on. 

She wanted to fuck again, they fucked most of the night, into the early morning, but maybe it was because she would soon leave the hotel, but she couldn’t help but feel a rush of desire. 

The thought of making it up to him the night before had spurred her on, but now she would appreciate a reward for all of her hard work, and feeling incredibly horny, the train of thought only sounded logical to her sleep-deprived horny brain.

She wasted no time in seducing him. Grace began to rub gently on his dick and when his eyes shot open, she straddled him and began to rock her hips on his erection. He wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, pleadingly 

“Fuck me hard, Chief. I want am now.”

Chief’s eyes grew dark with desire as she pulled his hard dick into her. She leaned down and pressed her lips against his in a deep, passionate kiss. 

Grace moaned softly as she felt his hands roaming over her body, pulling her closer to him.

They tore at each other’s silken clothes, their bodies entwining as they rolled on the bed, so chief was now on top of her. His hands were everywhere, touching, caressing, and teasing her. 

Grace felt a rush of pleasure as she felt him inside her, moving with her, taking her higher and higher.

They were lost in their passion, completely unaware of the time. It wasn’t until a knock at the door startled them that they realized how early it was. 

They would be late for their plane if they kept fucking for much longer, and when she felt chief try to move off her, she wrapped her legs around him, and demanded he finishes quickly instead. 

The sounds of her orgasming that morning would forever remain with the driver that had called up to get them. 

Grace and He quickly took a joint shower, which almost led to another round of fucking, but what little sense they had kept them from partaking in nothing more than a lengthy kiss under the shower. 

They quickly got dressed and rushed to the airport, barely making it in time for their flight to Nigeria.

As they settled into their VIP cabin on the plane, Grace couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. But she couldn’t help but feel a little excited as well. She was sad to see the beautiful city go, but looked forward to their more adventures at home.

Grace and he settled into their VIP cabin on the plane. Like their flight to Dubai a week ago, the plane gave Grace a sense of luxury and comfort. The cabin was spacious and elegantly designed, not as pretty as the plane she was in before, but with more comfortable leather seats, she could stretch in completely, and large windows that offered breathtaking views of the clouds below. 

The cabin was equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and a fully stocked bar, which Grace and chief took advantage of during the flight.

The seats were fully reclinable and came with soft blankets and pillows, making it easy for them to relax and enjoy the flight. 

Grace couldn’t help but feel a sense of pampering as a flight attendant came around to offer them a choice of refreshments, and even a hot towel to freshen up with.

Chief took advantage of the flight by catching up on some work, reading through important memos in his mail, while Grace took a nap. 

The cabin was quiet and peaceful, providing the perfect setting for the satiated Grace to unwind and recharge before their return to Nigeria.

As the plane landed in Abuja, Grace couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and nostalgia. She felt it had been ages since she last saw the country even though it had been merely a week. 

As they disembarked the plane and made their way through the airport, chief turned to her and said, 

“We’re here,” he said. 

“Welcome back home.”

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