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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S06E11]

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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S06E11]

Months had passed since Grace’s trip to Dubai with Chief, but the memories of that beautiful city still lingered in her mind. Of getting so much pleasure, she was forever changed. Maybe it was because of the plane trips, but at different points while getting fucked by Chief or the dominant goddess in Dubai, she had epiphanies during orgasms; heaven on earth was possible. She was living it. She orgasmed while their jet sped through clouds. 

She saw the sunset differently now, she had seen it in life-altering HD. Cliché, even she knew, but she would often sit by the window in her small room in Chief’s mansion, looking out at the lush gardens and remembering the bright lights of Dubai.

Grace’s small room in Chief’s mansion was clean, tastefully polished, and decorated with beautiful pieces that reflected her taste and style. Her good friend Nina, Chief’s daughter, had insisted on helping her decorate, and she had done a fantastic job.

The room was adorned with beautiful pictures of herself and one abstract painting of a naked man. Her bed was covered in soft, fluffy blankets and pillows. The curtains were made of a light, flowing material, and the windows were always left open to let in the fresh air and sunlight. Air-conditioned was her preferred room temperature but sometimes, like on afternoons like this one, she appreciated the scenery.

Much like the scenery, Grace herself was a beautiful sight to behold. She had long, dark hair that cascaded down her back in waves, and deep, expressive eyes that sparkled with charm. Her skin was smooth and flawless, and her smile was radiant and disarming. 

Her tall physique, dressed in jeans and a shirt hugged her curves in all the best places. Her tits hung free and jiggled in reverie. She’d put on a bra when she was called upon. But for now, she looked around her room, and couldn’t help but feel grateful for the beautiful life she was living. 

Chief’s mansion was filled with beautiful furniture, intricate artwork, and breathtaking architecture. From the grand staircases in the foyers to the sparkling pool in the garden, every inch of the mansion was a sight to behold.

As she looked around her room, Grace couldn’t help but feel grateful for the beautiful life she was living. Chief’s mansion was filled with beautiful furniture, intricate artwork, and breathtaking architecture. From the grand staircase in the foyer to the sparkling pool in the garden, every inch of the mansion was a sight to behold.

But despite all of the beauty that surrounded her, Grace still longed for the quiet moments she had shared with Chief in Dubai. She missed the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the feel of the warm sand under her feet, and the way he had looked at her when they were alone together.

As she thought of him, Grace couldn’t help but feel a flutter of excitement in her stomach. She knew that their illicit relationship was risky, especially during the elections, but she couldn’t resist the powerful pull she felt toward him. 

In a world filled with beauty and chaos, Senator and his family were a force that made her feel truly alive.

Their relationship had become more intense since their trip to Dubai. Chief treated Grace like a queen, taking her on lavish shopping trips and showering her with gifts. But it was their moments alone together that Grace cherished the most.

Whenever she felt horny, Grace would retreat to her tastefully decorated room and pleasure herself with the various sex toys that she had purchased with the money Chief had given her. The toys were her secret indulgence, and they helped to ease the ache of her longing for Chief.

After almost getting kicked out of the mansion, when she was with Chief now, Grace gave herself completely to him. in her defense, the whole thing was lust for some quality pounding. It made her extra appreciative of Chief when he forgave and let her back in her room. She made sure to satisfy him in every way possible, using every skill and technique that she had learned over the years. Chief was always pleased with her, and he showered her with gifts and promises.

Despite the busy months that had followed the trip, Grace’s life was yet again about to take an exciting turn. With the elections drawing near, Chief’s campaign had become very serious, and the mansion was always buzzing with activity. Chief had been treating her like a precious gem, always making sure she had enough money to spend and taking her along when he went to hang out with his political friends. People trooped in and out of the house, with the chief’s wives hosting women almost every week to talk about voting for the Chief. Grace was always there to serve them.

Chief’s children and other staff would go out to join the rallies the chief’s party organized around town, going out to talk to people to convince them to vote. Grace was always there too, handing out flyers and talking to people. She felt more and more like a member of the family with each passing day, working for the success of the senator.

Grace had never been interested in politics before she began working for Chief, but as the campaign drew closer, she found herself becoming more and more invested in the cause. She spent hours with the chief’s children and other staff members, going out to talk to people and convince them to vote for Chief.

At first, Grace had felt nervous and unsure about approaching strangers and trying to persuade them to vote for Chief, but as time went on, she found that she had a natural talent for it. She spoke passionately about Chief’s vision for the future of the state, and her genuine belief in his ability to bring about change was contagious.

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, Grace became more and more involved in Chief’s campaign. Grace campaigned tirelessly for Chief, attending rallies and events all over the city. As the election drew closer, the tension in the mansion grew. Chief was nervous and irritable, and Grace did her best to comfort him. She listened to his worries and fears, and she reminded him of all the reasons why he would make a great leader.

As she traveled around town with the rest of the team, Grace felt more and more like a member of the family. She laughed and joked with the other staff members, and she felt a sense of camaraderie and shared a purpose that she had never experienced before.

Even when they encountered people who were skeptical or even hostile towards Chief, Grace never lost her cool. She remained calm and composed, explaining Chief’s policies and vision with clarity and conviction. After every long day on the campaign trail, she would return to the mansion exhausted but exhilarated, eager to share her experiences with Chief. She would slip away to Chief’s bedroom, where he would be waiting for her. She would suck him off as if her very life depended on it. Then, they would fuck passionately, their bodies entwined in a tangle of limbs and desire. Afterward, they would lay together, their hearts beating in satiated sync.

As she lay in Chief’s arms, Grace always felt lucky. She would never want to ruin that. He promised her everything while they lay, still sweaty, in each other juices.

As the campaign heated up and the election drew closer, Grace found herself working harder and harder. She spent long hours of her day securing potential voters and urging them to support Chief. She attended rallies and events, and she even helped to organize some of the campaign activities.

Today, one week after he traveled, Chief would be returning to the country. He should already be on his way to the house, but she heard a storm delay his flight.

As Grace looked out at the gardens, she couldn’t help but think back to Dubai. The warm sand under her feet, the bright lights of the city, the delicious food they had eaten. She missed it all, and she missed being alone with Chief.

Despite the excitement of the campaign and her new role in the family, Grace longed for the peaceful moments she had shared with Chief in Dubai. She wondered if they would ever be alone again, just the two of them as they had been in that beautiful city.

Grace sat by her window, staring outside, eagerly anticipating Chief’s return. She had missed him terribly since he left with his family for their trip abroad a week ago. She was excited to have him back home and to catch up on all that had happened while he was away. She couldn’t wait to tell him all about her day and the people she had convinced to vote for him.

As she sat there lost in thought, she heard frantic knocking on her door. She got up and walked over to open the door, expecting to see Chief or one of his wives, but instead was greeted by a frantic campaign staff member who pushed past her into the room. The staff was one of the guys that always followed Chief around, they had even gone campaigning together the other day. Now, he was standing in front of her with a panicked expression.

“Grace, we need to talk to you immediately,” he said urgently.

Grace’s heart sank at the tone of his voice. She couldn’t imagine what could be so urgent that it would require disturbing her at this time.

The staff member continued, “I have reason to believe that you might know something about the missing money from Chief’s room.”

Grace’s mind went blank for a moment. Missing money? She hadn’t heard anything about it. She had been so caught up in her excitement about Chief’s return that she hadn’t paid attention to anything else. The staff member explained that they had discovered the missing money from the ghana-must-go bag in Chief’s room and that they suspected Grace might know something about it. 

Grace was confused and asked what was wrong, “Why na me you now wan turn culprit of this nonsense?” Grace was taken aback. She was aware that she had access to Chief’s quarters, but she couldn’t comprehend robbing him. She told the staff person this, but he insisted they check her room despite her explanations. Knowing she had nothing to conceal, Grace reluctantly consented.

“Chief don land, o!” Someone yelled from the courtyard, accompanied by blares from horns. 

Grace watched the staff ransack her room, and was pleased because she knew Chief would fire the bastard, but then as Chief walked into her room, demanding to know what was going on, the little man pulled three wads of cash out from a spot behind her wardrobe. Then he pushed the wardrobe aside, and there in front of every one were more wads of cash.

“Eh! How?” Grace exclaimed. “No be my own! I swear, no be me put am there.”

Chief stood stunned and speechless.  Then with a single word, “why?” he asked, he turned and walked away.

Grace did not understand just how much trouble she was in until the police arrived and she was taken away in handcuffs screaming her innocence to all gathered.

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