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Housegirl Grace: Grace to Grass [S07E01] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace to Grass [S07E01] (18+)

On mornings like this one, when the wind blows cold, and harmattan makes the air dry, Grace would crave company, for hot, sweaty, (maybe even angry) coupling. It was one of life’s simple pleasures, a cold night, and a warm body, if you dey fuck, you no de reason anything wey dey stress you. Now, it seemed she would face many cold nights on her own

They say the higher you climb the faster you fall and that couldn’t be more true about Grace’s fall from grace. She now spends the first few minutes of dawn staring out the ceiling as she fights the tears in the back of her eyes.

Grace had grown so tired of everything; tired of the regrets that plague her dreams, tired of the village young girls’ mockery of her, tired of the mosquitoes that won’t even let her be sombre in her self pity, she had even gotten tired of pursuing Gbola which surprises even herself.

Today was going to be different she tried to tell herself, today was the day she started afresh. A line from the priest from the last time she forced herself to follow her aunt to mass rang through her head, he had preached about how God grants us a second chance in life and something about old things passing away.

It had been a struggle of trying to let go of her lavish past and accepting her new reality but how does one go from entering planes and travelling to Dubai of all places and even fucking rich Oyibo women to jumping into maruwa and okada?

It felt like a bad joke but it was her life and she had no choice but to accept it.

Grace looked down to check the time on her XR the only surviving item from her past life in the Senator’s mansion, it used to be popping with all kinds of notifications but even her friends didn’t bother with her since she didn’t have any new fun updates.

She sighed heavily and pushed herself to get up as she needed to do some chores before getting ready to go to the park. She would be travelling to the family her aunty was able to convince to take her in.

It was the family of her aunt’s late husband’s cousin’s sister who lived in the North doing business.

Grace was at least grateful for the chance to learn a trade at least and she could dream of freedom and starting her own business.

She had stashed some money into an online bank account but was not naive enough to think her two hundred thousand would be enough to start a tangible business. She promised herself to save even more and be smarter about her life choices.

Grace did her chores mindlessly before getting ready to leave for the park, as her aunty loaded her with the necessary information she found herself slowly feeling a mix of anxiety and excitement.

She was curious about what life would be like in the North, a memory flashed through her mind and she tried not to smile. Before she moved to the Senator’s mansion, Grace had been fucked by an Aboki who had pounded her pussy like it was his last day on earth.

The memory passed briefly but it was enough to bring some heat between her legs. Her aunt prayed for her and reminded her to always dress decently in the north before helping her get an Okada that would take her to the park.
Many hours later, she pondered on her fate, now one of lonesome travels, and a life of continued servitude. The big yellow bus raced along the Lafia highway to her final destination; Kaduna.

The bus rumbled along the Lafia highway as the evening sun dipped low, casting long shadows across the dusty landscape. Grace sat quietly by the window, watching the scenery change from greenery to sparse savannah, the air growing drier with the onset of harmattan.

“Kai! This life ehn,” she lamented to no one in particular, even though the young man seated beside her turned to see if she was addressing him.

“How e take be like this sef?” She wondered, unsure of an answer herself. There was a sequence of events that led up to her leaving the home she had come to love with the Senator. Even her brief stay in the village, where she began a journey of self-reflection of sorts, was in her opinion; not undeserved, and bearable.

The bus jerked to a stop at a filling station, interrupting Grace’s thoughts. In his croaking voice, the balding driver announced a break, and passengers bustled out, eager for relief from the cramped journey.

“Shey we go reach where we de go like this today?” a frustrated passenger complained, grunting with effort as he shoved and climbed over other passengers to make his way out of the bus.

They were taking a food and toilet break, and it’d be an hour or more before they were on the move again. Grace did not mind, she needed the time to clear her head before she was in her new environment.

Grace stepped off the bus, feeling the cool evening air on her skin. She wandered away from the crowd, seeking a moment of solitude. The station was a blur of hurried movements and impatient chatter, but she found a quiet corner near a baobab tree where she quickly relieved herself while no one was watching.

Then Grace returned to her spot inside the bus and gazed out the window at the darkening horizon. Thoughts swirled in her mind; thoughts of leaving behind her old life, and uncertainty about the new one awaiting her in Kaduna.

She clenched her hands, feeling the weight of the journey ahead.
The last few years of fun and mayhem seemed to her now, a distant fever dream. She felt a sweet pressure build in her lower body just recalling some of the great fucks she had given and received during her escapades with Chief.

“Me! Small me go Dubai, fuck for inside aeroplane! Ha!” the very thought was absurd and so thrilling. It frustrated her not being able to live like that any more.

There were dicks that she’d miss for sure, maybe even more than the bodies they were attached to. She even got to sample more of the forbidden fruit that was another woman’s body, a white woman for that matter, now that she thought about it, there were many others too! She would never have believed that pleasure like that would ever be hers for the taking.

Pleasing another woman was such a thrill, nothing at all like being with a man. Years before, she had thought it abominable to roll around under the sheets with another woman.

Her perspective on that has greatly shifted since. In one of her bags, buried underneath a pile of luggage, there was a shoebox containing toys all thanks to Nina. Needless to say, Grace had grown immensely since her days in the village.

The thoughts of the hot naked bodies made her pulse quicken, and her pussy clenched just thinking of her many lovers; running through mental images of the men and women she had fucked.

Now, she felt like she could not pick one over the other even though she swears and knows she will die for prick.

She was the only one left in the bus; everyone else was either in the Buka, or elsewhere looking for buyables to take along as they journeyed to Kaduna for the holidays, or whatever reasons they had. Grace eyed the ghana-must-go bag in the back longingly.

She could get one of her toys; preferably the bullet with rapid vibrate settings that Nina bragged about being the silent killer, she wondered how quickly she could grab any of them and be back in her seat.

Outside, the other passengers were nowhere in sight, so she reasoned she had about fifteen minutes or less. Mind made up, Grace went for it.

The front door opened right after she got her silent killer and two passengers; a couple of NYSC corpers in their uniform got back into their seats.

They were young, and a couple with how quickly they started to kiss, first gingerly, then deeply not even bothering to check if they were truly alone on the bus. They soon were kissing with an undeniable hunger, and Grace watched as the young man’s hand began to move rapidly, pleasuring the dark-skin girl, who was all sighs, and mewls as she enjoyed herself.

It didn’t take very long before Grace’s panties became damp, and her clit ached, but unlike the lucky lady, she was going to have to cum solo again, as she has been doing for the last few months. Right then, she would have given anything for a hard 10″ dick. She also owned an XL realistically veined dildo, but it just wasn’t the same, if you know, you know.

Grace could not make out the lady’s face, but she could see the man well enough. The vibrator in her hand was set on its slowest function. Quietly, with her guilty eyes watching the two lovers, she let the bullet rub against her wetness as she pictured herself in the lady’s shoes.

Then, Grace pushed the vibrator into her pussy, a swift and hard, deep thrust to get her going. She could not help the cry that came out as it entered her and stimulated the sides of her pussy sweetly.

Grace grinded slowly on her seat moaning gently as the vibrator sent sweet pleasure inside her, she moaned a bit loudly when it suddenly touched her her G-spot. The man jerked up in time to see a sweaty, turned-on Grace try to duck out of view.

Just then the door opened with a loud rumbly sound, the old thing spooked the half-naked lady into a seated position, with her white shirt back on her body haphazardly as an elderly passenger climbed aboard.

“Eh, Oko Iyawo. The cold too much abi?” The woman asked. She turned to face Grace,
“Sisi, ah ah, you’re even sweating? Go collect fresh air small na.”

God bless this woman! Grace thought as she took her chance to step outside. It was awkward enough already. Make I see if they get bread and akara sef. She thought as she did a walk of shame, juice still running down her thigh.

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