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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E16] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E16] (18+)

Grace felt like she was on clouds, she was ecstatic. It was like time had stopped as she laid on the chief’s chest. Hearing Chief snore lightly she looked up to see him sleeping, she couldn’t believe he fell asleep still inside her.

Supporting herself with the arm of the couch Grace slowly stood up feeling his soft dick slip out of her, he opened his eyes and chuckled

“I fell asleep?” He asked and laughed at himself when Grace nodded smiling shyly
“Ah… my angel, you have drained me,” he said and reached for the glass cup

Grace quickly filled it up and lifted it for him, she could feel his cum slowly running down her legs and it made her feel very shy. She was standing in a short skimpy maid outfit serving him with his seed running down her thighs, it felt like something out of a porn movie.

After gulping the water the chief turned his attention to Grace, looking at her with a big smile

“You can clean up in the bathroom,” he said

She nodded her head before walking away to the bedroom, she headed straight into the bathroom. Inside she stared at the mirror by the sink, she wondered what the Chief was thinking when he bought the dress but she was glad he did.

Grace took off the clothes and walked into the glass shower, on the wall where there was supposed to be a knob there were different buttons that looked scary and complicated.

Not wanting to embarrass herself by calling Chief, she went over to the toilet and pulled out some tissue and wiped herself with. Pressing the button on the toilet, it flushed and she felt proud of herself, grace quickly went back to the room to change into her clothes.

After looking at herself in the mirror for what felt like an hour she stepped out into the sitting room where the chief sat focused on his phone with the tv playing in the background, when he noticed Grace standing he looked up from his phone and smiled at her.

“Oh my baby, you’re done eh,” he said with a wide smile
“Let me go and freshen up, don’t worry my girl, I’ll be sending you something later” he added
Grace nodded her head not knowing what to say, she moved to the table; arranged everything on the tray and carried it out.

Grace hoped no one would notice how happy she was and prayed not to run into Ms Janet, she got to the kitchen and it would have been empty except for chef Gabriel who was loading the washing machine. Grace wasn’t sure what to do so she took the tray to the sink and mad to start washing

“Leave it, I’ll empty it and wash it with the machine,” he said coldly

Since the chief declared he would only eat her food, Chef Gabriel has been giving her the cold shoulder and avoiding her. It made her a little sad especially since he was good at teaching her things around the kitchen and new continental, she even misses when they’ll miss a little play and pleasure into the lesson plans.
“Okay thank you” Grace replied

She dropped the tray and headed out of the kitchen into the living room, which was empty so she headed straight for her room. She was going to finally use the shower she knew how to operate, opening the door someone jumped behind it after she stepped into.

Opening her mouth to scream the person covered her mouth, that was when she realized he was also wearing the staff uniform. She nodded her head to let him know she won’t scream, she just needed to know why he was here and not in the staff quarters.

“Wetin you dey find here?” Grace asked the moment his palm left her lips
“I come find you but you no dey inside, na him I wait,” he said so casually

Grace couldn’t believe he would sneak into her room but it fascinated her, since she left the staff quarters she hasn’t seen him.

“What if pesin come see you for the main house” she asked
” I go just tell them say I come clean,” he said pointing to the mop and bucket grace didn’t notice before

“Wetin you come find for my room” she asked

Grace knew why he was here but she still asked while staring at his dick print

“As you forget me na, me I no fit think of anything pass your sweet body,” he said while his dick print got more obvious.

Grace remembered his long dick and how well he used it in the staff bathroom, she thought about saying no to him and taking a shower before laying to think about how she rode the chief’s cock.

But her greedy pussy was tingling and begging for more, she wanted him to fuck the shit out of her

“Ah me I don tire and I gats cook for chief later,” she said acting aloof
He took a step closer

“I no go waste time or stress you” he said holding a finger up

Grace felt conflicted, on one hand, she wanted to bask in the fact that she fucked the chief and still have his seeds inside her, she didn’t want to change that but she was also still horny and looking at his dick print that was straining in his trouser was making her pussy squeal.

Taking a couple of seconds to reply, she put her finger on her lip like she was thinking hard about it

“You get condom?” she finally asked him as she smiled at her like he was just told he won the lottery.

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