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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E07] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E07] (18+)

It’s been over a week since Grace caught and watched Buchi fucking the hell out of Ms. Janet, it’s been a little awkward between them with Ms. Janet always trying to avoid Grace directly.

They didn’t talk about the incident except for Ms. Janet warning her not to breathe a word of what happened to any soul or else. Grace had no intention of telling anyone about it in fact it made her see Ms. Janet in a different light and sometimes catch herself wishing for another show.

Chief finally returned and she made him a special pot of Afang soup but made sure to show how unhappy she was, Chief had joked about it and gave her his phone number and some money. That made her very happy and everything felt right with the world.

She smiled to herself as she turned on the blender that contained all types of fruits for Steven’s smoothie, she doesn’t understand why he drinks the green so much.

It didn’t taste nice the first time she tried it after he showed her how to make it for him. When she was done blending it she poured it into his water bottle before washing the blender and wiping off the counter.

Grace carried the smoothie and headed out to the gym where Steven spent most of his free time working out. When she entered the gym that smelt manly with music blasting out, she waited and ogled his sweaty body as he worked out his ripped body, after a while, she called out to him and he stopped working out smiling at her.

He lowered the volume of the music before walking over to her

“You’re like an angel,” he said taking the drink from her

She watched as he drank the thick green liquid like it was sweet
“Why you like this thing wey no sweet,” she asked him

He laughed and gestured the drink to get, making her nod her head no

“It’s good for your body, you should work out too,” he said reaching to touch her tummy and her hips
“It will help you reduce the excess fat” he added making her shy

His hands lingered on her thighs moving towards her ass, she liked how bolder and forward he gets when he works out. It’s been so long they both fucked the shit out of each other and it was making her pussy jump in joy, as he was about to grab her ass they heard someone clear their throat forcing them to detangle.

“They dey find you for the main house,” the girl said
“Who?” Steven asked

“No, na Grace dem dey find,” she said before leaving

She’s one of the few staff that always give grace the bad eye, Grace followed after her wondering why she was being called, maybe Chief has come home early and wanted to eat something special. Grace smiled to herself as her thoughts turned dirty, she would happily let chief eat her she thought. She was about walking towards the kitchen backdoor when the girl indicated the main door.

Grace walked in and the moment, she laid eyes on the big woman she knew who it was, her former madam

“Ahh Grace my dear,” she said stretching her hands out to Grace
Grace went over, bent down, and hugged her, she couldn’t believe how long it’s been since the last time she saw her

“How them Charles?” Grace asked
“They’re fine dear, they’ve missed you” she started

“That’s actually why I am here, here to take you back home” she added, surprising Grace

Grace felt like she just got punched in the stomach, what was her madam talking about she thought to herself. It felt like she was stuck in a nightmare, she’s always feared the day would come when she’ll have to leave the mansion she’s come to love so much but she didn’t expect the day to arrive just like that.

The silence was so heavy you could cut it with a knife.

“I heard Chief is not around but I already spoke to the head of the staff, so you can go get your things ready,” her madam said

“Okay ma,” grace said with head down

She walked to her room feeling heavy, she entered the room and sat on the bed. Her head felt like lead as tears fell freely down her cheeks, everything was spinning.

She slapped herself hoping to wake up from the bad dream but nothing changed except for more years that poured down her cheeks.

She laid on the bed and squeezed herself into a ball and cried, after a while, it hit her that she now has Chief’s number so she quickly unlocked her phone and dialed his number but he didn’t pick so she dialed again with her hands shaking.

After the third ring, Chief answered
“Omalinchan wa, l will call you back I’m in a meeting” he started

“Chief” she cried out her voice cracking.

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