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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0402] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0402] (18+)

Grace could stop smiling as the car sped through traffic, it wasn’t her first time being driven to the market but it was the first time she went alone.

Nothing was bringing down her mood not even how expensive foodstuff was or some market women’s attitude.

Grace had all kinds of assortment for the Abacha and yet she still had a lot of money left yet. She leaned into the backseat as they drove back to the house imagining what it would feel like if she was driven everywhere, she felt like royalty and wanted to feel like that every day.

Soon they were pulling into the gate which made her a bit sad but she was over it just as fast, when the car stopped she got out of the car and went around the building to get to the kitchen through the outside door

“Gracie Gracie baby” she heard her name being called as she approached the side of the building holding her bags

She turned around and saw Buchi jogging towards her, he was beaming and looked like he was going to hug her so she brought the bags she was holding to her front. He seems to notice and didn’t move to hug her but still moved really close to her

“I was looking everywhere for you o” he said
“I go market” she replied holding up her bags

“Yes they tell me” he answered
“Omo you don scarce o” he added

Grace chuckled softly at this and nodded her head no
“Yes na” he started
“You no get time for the boys again” he added

Grace nodded no trying not to smile
“Anyways I get something for you” he started

Grace’s eyes widened in surprise, she didn’t know what to say

“E dey your room when you finish your work,” he said pointing at the heavy bag she was holding
“We go talk later” he added as he turned around and jogged away.

Her day just keeps getting better Grace thought as she smiled to herself, she wondered what he got her as she got closer to the kitchen.

Two staff were sitting and gisting outside the kitchen door as she approached it, she greeted them and they barely muttered out a reply making her immediately regret greeting them in the first. Deciding to forget all about them she set out everything she bought and got to cooking for chief.

Half an hour later, she was impressed with how nicely and deviously everything turned out, even the garden eggs she carefully picked were looking nice and neat.
She covered the glass bowl the Abacha was in and arranged the cutleries around it, finally, she poured ice into a small bowl.

Grace was so impressed with herself that she pulled out her phone and took a picture of it, she would have liked to go freshen up but she didn’t want to leave the food or waste any time. So she took off the apron and hair net then wiped her face dry before carrying the tray and heading out the door towards the stairs.

When she got to the door the bodyguard opened the door and held it open as she breezed through with the tray, she was surprised to see the chief sitting there pressing his phone. When he noticed her he smiled and then looked down at the table covered in papers and files, he quickly grabbed them and placed them on the seat beside him.

Grace greeted him as she placed the tray on the table, she bowed a little and made to take her leave when he asked her to sit

“Sit down Omalicha Nwa let be looking at your fine face” he said making grace to smile coyly.

He gestured to the sit opposite him and she sat down, he watched her move with a look she knows too well. He opened the bowl and made some noises that made Grace’s head swell with pride, when he dished out and took a mouthful he groaned nicely before praising her, making her smile widely.

He would occasionally look up at her. His gaze was always intense which made her squirm in her seat, she could feel the tingle and the moisture that was gathering between her legs.

She was about to drift into naughty daydreams when the chief’s phone rang, he looked at the screen and his expression changed.

He gestured to her to leave and she jumped up and started walking, she was a bit disappointed but still turned on. She went downstairs into the kitchen and when she walked in she noticed everything had been cleaned so she turned around and headed to her room.

She walked into her room still thinking about Chief when she noticed the fancy paper bag on the bed, she almost screamed out of excitement.

Having forgotten all about Buchi gift she rushed to the bed and picked it up, inside was a box that she brought out and immediately opened. Her eyes widened as she picked up a combination of lace and silk material in the box, she giggled, not able to contain herself.

Grace has only seen these in movies and always wondered how she’ll look in one but never imagined she’ll be holding sexy lingerie that was bought for her, she ran her hands on it loving how smooth it felt.

Jumping up she started to frantically pull off her clothes, when was left wearing only her panties she slipped into the lingerie.

Making exciting sounds she ran her hands up and down her body-loving how it felt against her body, the part holding her breast was completely lace which made her big breasts look so damn sexy.
Her entire back was opened and the lingerie was quite short, if she leaned over you’ll see her ass. She could feel her panties getting soaked as she continued touching her body, she laid down and reached down to touch her panties feeling how soaked they were.

Smiling she reached for her phone and took several pictures mostly without her face in them, dropping her phone she splayed on the bed and ran her hands up and down her body before reaching for her boobs.

She was so horny she didn’t even care if the door was unlocked as she reached and pulled her pants down her legs.

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