August 8, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House X (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House X (18+)

Grace hummed quietly as she wiped down the counter around the sink, it was second time she’s cooking for the entire house staff and she was happy with the outcome of the jollof rice she made them hoping they liked it as most of them did the Ogbono and Semovita she made the first time. 

Living in the senator’s house still felt like new to her; she liked how easy it was for her to do her chores which wasn’t that much and she loved all the naughty adventures she’s been having. As she proceeded to wipe down the cooker she heard the kitchen door open before she turned to see who it was, he buoyantly announced himself

“Heyy Mami” Buchi called out

She turned and saw him stride to the fridge, the shirt he was wearing sticking to him where he sweated. 

He swung open the fridge door and reached for bottled water, he uncapped it and took loud gulps of cold water. He sighed loudly when he was done

“How far, what are you up to,” he asked breathing heavily

He looked around

“Where is Afeez?” he asked

“Boys quarters” she answered

“Okay, Stephen is in the gym and needs a bottle of water too,” he said then breathed out loudly

“And I need a shower and my bed” he added before leaving 

“Okay” she answered as he left

Buchi would usually tease her or make a move on her but now he looked like he wanted nothing more than to just collapse on a flat fluffy surface. 

She quickly wiped away oil stains before rinsing out the form she used. She washed her hands then headed to the fridge to take carry a bottle of water before picking up a glass cup from one of the closets. 

She walked out the backdoor of the kitchen that opened to the side of the house. She knew where the gym was it just on the other side of the pool, she has seen Stephen go in there a couple of times always coming out sweaty. 

Grace tried not to stop and stare longingly at the big swimming pool that looked calm and blue, loud music played from inside the room, she took a deep breath and opened the door. 

He didn’t hear her come in as he cycled on a bicycle that was on a spot not moving. She stood and watch as he moved furiously his hands gripping the handle hard, his skin was shiny with sweat which made his biceps that rippled as he moves look so biteable. 

Grace wished he could put that same energy into another kind of exercise that involved her. He finally stopped and got off the bicycle thing, turning around he finally notices her. He said something but she didn’t hear him when she just said “eh” with a clueless face he walked around the bicycle thing to one corner of the room where a speaker sat and picked up a remote. 

Clicking it the music went lower and lower

“I said, have you been waiting long?” he asked walking towards her

“No,” she said nodding

“You didn’t have to bring the glass,” he said stopping in front of her

He reached and collected the water from her, he uncapped it and drank directly from the bottle. Grace couldn’t help but stare at him, his chest rose and fell steadily. 

Sweat trickled down from his neck down his pecs before disappearing into his sweat-soaked tank top

“I can take it off if you want” his voice almost startled her

As much as Grace would rather play coy she couldn’t help the effect his fit ripped body was having on her, she nodded 

“Yes! Take it off” she said surprising herself 

“Whatever the big lady wants,” he said his eyes crinkling as he smiled 

Grace watched him effortlessly grab the hem of his top and pulled it off

“Oh boy” she breathed out as she took him in

He chuckled as she stared in awe of his body, he looked like someone carved him out of chocolate which made her mouth water. She followed the angles and pecs on his chest down to his stomach where ridges sat upon ridges in place of his stomach, his abs looked so perfect she just wanted to run her tongue all over them. 

Grace didn’t think men that looked like him existed outside of movies and magazines 

“You can touch anywhere you want” she heard him say 

The word anywhere ran in her brain controlling her legs that took a step forward and her hands that reached out and lightly stroked his pecs. Her hands moved over his broad shoulders before she brought them down to feel his abs one after another mentally counting four on each side. 

Below his abs were flat, she looked down to see the V that lead into his trousers looking tauntingly inviting. Grace was about to decline that invitation when her brain screamed “anywhere”. 

That was all the convincing she needed as she let her hand slip into his trouser to grab his dick, he was already hard, letting her feel the veins that ran along his dick making her wonder if he exercised his dick too. 

She felt his hands snake around her waist which made her look up her eyes filled with so much lust they could be glowing fuck me. 

“Wanna work out?” he asked, sounding sexy as fuck 

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