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Housegirl Grace: Assasination, COVID & Whatnot [S05E02] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Assasination, COVID & Whatnot [S05E02] (18+)

Grace sat down smiling at her phone, so far keeping watch at the hospital has felt like a vacation, she didn’t have to do anything, just twiddling with her fingers, and thinking of what mischief she can get up to.

She didn’t have to cook; food was brought to the hospital even though the senator couldn’t eat, his guests hardly ate either and some even brought along assorted foods and snacks.

She didn’t have to clean either as a hospital cleaner comes twice a day to clean and fix up the room.

All Grace did was watch tv, play on her phone and occasionally get dick from a hot male nurse and she loved every part of her little vacation.

Life can be stressful, but this particular senator’s accident has been a blessing in disguise, she couldn’t remember the last time she was this free to just enjoy life.

Occasionally she gets sad about his condition and breaks down crying and praying but the doctors are always checking in on him and repeating that his condition was stable and that he would wake up anytime soon.

Grace swiped through her phone wishing she had the nurse’s number, her pussy had been hungry all day and she couldn’t wait for him to come fill her up.

Her pussy quivered, just thinking about him and how he fucks her mouth, thinking about how he moans when she deep throat his dick made her so wet. When the door opened, Grace almost screamed with joy but got disappointed when it was the cleaning lady that entered.

She grudgingly greeted her and went back to her phone. As the lady cleaned an idea popped into her head, she decided to ask the woman about where the nurses office is. At first, the woman was suspicious but when she mentioned what he asked her to be doing to keep him comfortable the woman gave her detailed directions.

Grace would have been scared of getting lost but her handsome nurse helped her memorize the room number and had explained the direction of the hallways and staircases.

She waited a minute before stepping out and when the guards asked her where she was going she told them the woman was cleaning and she needed space. Grace quickly walked down the hallway memorizing the directions the woman gave her, it led her past a reception area with some nurses.

She could tell they followed her down the hallway as she headed where the woman told her to go. Grace took deep breaths as stood by the door, as she opened the door she could feel the eyes on her.

Some of the female nurses looked like they’d make her disappear with their stares, some of them were glued to the TV and didn’t even bother to look at who came inside. She quickly looked around, noticing she couldn’t find him.

Grace felt so awkward as she stood there wishing the ground would open and swallow her up. Grace turned and dashed out not knowing what to do, as she walked quickly down the hallway the door opened and someone called at her.
She stopped and it was another male nurse, he looked buff like he was supposed to be working as a bouncer.

“Hey Miss” he called out and she stopped
“Sorry, do you need help? You suddenly ran out” he asked sounding concerned

“Umm I dey find somebody” she answered suddenly feeling shy when she remembered why she’s looking for
“Who are you looking for maybe I can help you find them,” he said

“Emm… hin name na Mike, na nurse” she replied
“Oh Mike, I think he’s on night duty. Is everything okay with the patient” he asked

Grace nodded her head no before looking away

“Wait, are you Grace?” he asked, his expression suddenly changing
Grace was about to answer when she realized he knew her name which means Nurse Mike must have talked about them, she suddenly felt a mixture of anger and shame as she thought about how he blabbered about them and what she did.

He must have noticed her change of expression as he stopped smirking

“No no no!!! me and Mike are best friends” he said
“No one else knows” he added quickly

That didn’t make Grace feel any better, she wanted to run away when he grabbed her hand forcing her to look up at him

“Heyy it’s okay, I am a good guy I won’t tell anyone,” he said quietly
“If you need anything I can help,” he said in a sexy tone

“I’m actually bigger than Mike,” he said with a smirk before flexing his biceps without moving his hand
Grace couldn’t believe what she just heard, but her pussy didn’t send any of that as it began jumping, she clenched her pussy and looked up to him.

He somehow reminded her of Stephen but taller, they had a similar muscular build.

Grace wasn’t sure what to say, she still felt shy and a little angry but her pussy was quivering uncontrollably and she was curious to see if he was really bigger.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of you and no one will find out?” he said rubbing the back of her hands with his thumb

Her pussy answered for her with a sploosh
“Okay,” she said not looking at him, playing with her fingers, shy and coyly.

“Wait here,” he said with a smile
She waited standing one foot then the other, she was about to make a run for it when the door opened and he came out pushing a cart.

“Follow me,” he said as he pushed the cart past her

Grace continued wondering what he planned to do, she wanted to tell him, she and Mike did it in the bathroom and not the chief’s room but she followed quietly.

They walked down several hallways before he stopped in front of a room. The room number was not the senator’s room and that made her more curious, he opened the door and pushed in the cart. Grace followed him, not sure what to expect.

He closed the door behind her before breathing out loudly, the room was empty and a bit dusty.

“This room has electrical issues so no one uses it,” he said as he reached into the cart and pulled out a hospital bed sheet

He quickly laid the bed before turning to Grace

“I don’t know why this feels awkward suddenly,” he said and chuckled
“Um I think I should introduce myself first, my name is Anthony but my friends call me Tony,” he said

“Umm so what now Grace,” he said looking at her with lust-filled eyes
“Show me” grace blurted out

He smirked before unzipping his white trouser and pushed it down along with his briefs. Grace couldn’t stop her mouth from opening, he wasn’t joking about being bigger than Mike and he kept growing.

Grace’s mouth watered as she felt like she had stepped into one of the porn videos she watches.

He stroked his dick his eyes staring into her making her pussy sploosh uncontrollably.

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