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April 22, 2021

Average Joe (18+): Office Dilemma II
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Average Joe (18+): Office Dilemma II

Just when I thought all was well with the world and with my life, here I was on my boss’ couch, mouth wide open in horror as she walked towards me. The last time something like this happened between us I hadn’t been expecting it. I’d only observed her from a distance and liked the way her ass jiggled in her rather tight suit trousers or skirt when she walked around giving instructions. Her boobs were not so big, but she was a bit chubby.

A few thoughts had crossed my mind before that day but I’d brushed them off. Until it happened right there in my office early on a Monday morning. Stuff like that was what made people sue for sexual harassment but I decided not to for personal reasons.

I actually enjoyed the damn thing. Ever since that day she had been looking for another opportunity for us to repeat those events in a more comfortable setting but I’d given her the “I don’t do office romance” speech so many times until she gave up. I never knew she still harboured thoughts. Somehow, tales of my sexcapades with Kemi must have gotten to her ear, no thanks to Gloria the talkative, who also happens to be her secretary.

Funke, my madam’s name, is the daughter of a former governor and current senator. The only child of her father. He cherished her so much and sent her to the best schools his looted funds could afford. She came back to Nigeria and he immediately put her in charge of one of the top oil servicing firms he owned. She showed the money spent on her wasn’t wasted by doing so well in keeping the firm on top in the years that have followed since then.

Her father was really proud of her. She was just 28. Some of the guys felt weird working under a woman who they were older than but whenever I had the energy I tried to make them dump that chauvinism.  It was women like her who went on to be Presidents, I explained to them. The few among them who knew me so well thought I was speaking in her favour only because I had intentions of getting in between her legs. We all laughed at that at the time only for it to occur to me later on.

Funke later told me over the phone that she’d heard how I stood up for her among my male colleagues and I wondered how the fuck she had heard. That was how her likeness for me developed into something she couldn’t scratch away.

So even after a year of just formal greetings and usual official conversations, I never knew that the likeness she had for me never died. She probably had just kept it inside waiting for a day like this. Funke raised her skirt above her thighs as she stood in front of me, giving her enough room to place both knees at my sides and bring her boobs to my face. She tried to kiss me. I didn’t move.

I kept thinking of Kemi. I didn’t want her to find out about this. I had no fucking idea they were cousins.

Funke chuckled. “Why are you acting like you don’t want this?” she asked.

“I already told you.” I said

“Oh please, spare me. What’s the difference between this and what you’re doing with Kemi?”

“You’re my boss. She’s a colleague.”

“And what rule prevents the boss from having sex with her employee?”

“There are laws that prevents it if the sex isn’t consensual. Do I look like I’m consenting right now? “

“Oh? You’re not? Maybe what you need is a little push” she said as she grind her groin against mine. I felt the heat and the softness of her pussy lips and my dick immediately began to harden. She smiled.

“See? Now you’re in the mood.”

All my mind was telling me to bring out my cock and fuck her like a maniac but I kept thinking of Kemi.

“What if Kemi and I are in a serious relationship? Would you want to do something to break her heart? “

Funke laughed. Not just a chuckle, but actual hearty laughter, with each movement of her body her boobs bounced and her groin rubbed even harder against mine. Both my hands were still placed far apart from the wonderful, supple thighs she’d placed before me.

“Let me tell you something Joe. Kemi is older than I am and I have known her far longer than you have. She may like you a lot right now but I can assure you that there are three other guys she likes just as much as or maybe even more than you. She doesn’t know how to stick with guys. That’s how she is. There is really no reason to be worried about her. “

“How am I not sure you’re just saying this to ruin my feelings for her?”

“Since when do you have feelings for a girl, Joe?”

“Since when do you know so much about me?”

Funke looked me in the eye for a few seconds and without saying another word her lips were on mine. She kissed me so hard and with such interest. I still didn’t move my hands or my tongue. Not to be defeated by my unwillingness Funke reached for my belt, unhooked it and released my cock which had a mind of its own all this time.

“Wow” she said, before pushing her underwear to a side and using her hand to guide me inside of her. When I was totally inside of her I could feel the warmth of her pussy all over me, I closed my eyes. She brought her face to mine and began to ride me slowly as she whispered these words to me.

“Kemi doesn’t love you, Joe. But I do. I love you. At first I thought it was just a fleeting feeling. I thought I just needed to have sex with you back then to put an end to what it was. But even after sex, the feeling wouldn’t go.” she moaned as her walls tightened against my enraged dick while I did all I could to stop myself from moaning back at her.

“every guy I’ve dated since then I’ve always compared to you. But because of what you said and my position here I’ve tried to keep it all in hoping that one day I’ll be able to tell you how I truly feel. Until I heard about you and Kemi.” at that time she’d stopped moving and just stayed still.

My dick throbbed inside of her.

I didn’t know how it happened but suddenly both hands which I’d been keeping as far away from her as possible were grabbing her supple asscheeks. I didn’t care about her words then or her feelings. She kept whispering but my mind had become engulfed by the pleasure of having my dick engulfed by her wetness.

When after all her talking she said another “I love you, Joe”

I replied with an “I love you too Funke” and proceeded to fuck her like a maniac.

I suddenly lifted her into the air and banged her from beneath until her body quivered. Her legs tightened around me as I found the strength to fuck her while standing. She whimpered, trying her possible best not to be too loud. She came all over my dick, her juices oozing out of her. I laid her on the couch and devoured her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

She moaned some more. After a while I went back in with my dick, thrusting hard and fast into her with brute strength that she held her mouth wide open like she was trying to cry for help. My tempo increased until I could feel my climax approaching. I placed my lips on hers to swallow her screams as I let my seed pour into her, my hips moving of their own accord now. She climaxed the second time as her hands held me tight and so close to her body.

We lay there… Catching our breath. It wasn’t until my mind had calmed down that I realised that my phone was vibrating on the center table not too far away from where we were. I reached for it and checked who the caller was. Kemi. I had promised to take her out to lunch.

Suddenly my guilt gripped me and I stood up from Funke and walked into her restroom to clean myself up and button up my suit. I liked Funke, but Kemi was something more. I just had to figure out a way to keep both happy without losing them both.

When I came out Funke was up also trying to make her skirt as less ruffled as she could. I walked up to her and helped her out. Then I held her face in my arms. We kissed. I looked into her eyes without saying a word but we understood each other. What just happened in her office meant that we had started something which would go on for a while. She didn’t look like my intimidating boss anymore. She looked just like any other fragile girl that I had been with in all the years of being an average Joe.

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