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The House Business: Episode 1


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The House Business: Episode 1

“I like light complexion boys” Funke said on the phone when I called her that evening as promised.

You should have seen the huge smile on my face, I know this was a done deal. Let me take you 3 months earlier.

After a long day at work, with my ever irritating boss annoying the hell out of me.

She will not just let me be “Tunde, this code is not working well. The client want this done.” Geez!!!!

As a software developer, stuffs like these are expected always expected but this lady was just a bitch no other fancy way of calling it. When I got home that evening my flat mate had a babe in his room. I was not interested in finding out, so I went to my room, showered and went to the kitchen to look for what to eat for dinner.

The kitchen looked interesting from the way the pots were arranged on the gas cooker, I was shocked at what I saw, infact I jumped for joy and danced small Azonto, Etighi and Makossa. My flatmate’s babe made vegetable soup, with poundo.

She also had the good fortune to make chicken stew as if that was enough she made the ultimate JOLLOF rice with TURKEY, please forgive the capital letter I am just expressing myself, I think she was just trying to get an engagement from my guy.

After eating jollof rice with chicken and small vegetable, drinking water seemed like the next step, on getting to the fridge no water, I did not know when I said “God punish my flatmates”, for not buying water. How can someone cook this much and no water to wash it all down, this is why some people don’t make heaven.

I quickly ran outside, getting to the second floor, I saw someone dragging a huge Ghana-Must-Go bag up the stairs and it was blocking my way.

“Can I help you with that” I said since I noticed it was a babe,

“Thank you, very much”… that’s how the whole story started.

After that incident I did not see the babe again for another 3 weeks, when I heard a female voice

“Hello, thank you very much for that day”

I was shocked, as I could not recognise her.

“You helped with my bag like 2 months ago” she replied,

“Oh, it was you, I’m sorry, I’m very bad with faces. I should be flogged for forgetting a pretty face like yours” she smiled.

“My name is Funke”

“Sorry” I quickly apologised “My name is Tunde”.

She isn’t the  prettiest girl, but she looks okay. I quickly scanned all her features, okay boobs, but great ass, that was fine with me. I’m proud to say any day that I am an ASS man. Infact when I go for job interviews I am almost tempted to say I am an ASS man when ask for to introduce myself.

I asked for her phone number, I hate chatting with babes, I am always tempted to say things that I shouldn’t say. So I just call.

Two days later, I called her. The normal convo…

“How you doing? work and all stuffs”.

My first impression of her was that she is a student was shocked to know she works in an oil and gas firm as an engineer.

It became a routine, we called during work break and at night and talk about everything life, work, politics and of course sex. That is part of my favourite topics, she also spoke about how she likes light complexion boys also gentle boys.

I have been told that I’m light in complexion but I don’t consider myself light complexion, I’m just a little lighter than chocolate, but people call me “yellow”. I just feel they are blind, I am dark but as long as this babe likes light complexion boys, I am light complexion.

After talking for about two months and not seeing much of each other, I got bored.

Infact I was getting tired, that evening when I got home, why resting on the bed my phone rang my first thought was it has to be Lanre, want to find out if I am clubbing since its a Friday evening. I reluctantly picked it up, only to see it was Funke.

“Hello, how you doing” I said,

“I’m fine. are you home?”, she asked.

“Of course, I am home” I replied.

“Can I come to your flat, my parents travelled and my siblings are not back and I am bored”.

“Am I dreaming or is the universe playing a trick on me.” I thought to myself.

“Please you are free to come”, I told.

I did a super man cleaning of the flat, in 2mins the whole flat look good enough. I changed into a cool T-shirt and nice short. She must have been really bored, she was up in 5mins. I heard the knock on the door. I delayed and waited for the second knock, so I won’t look desperate.

“Hi”, Funke said

“Finally, you are here, after 3 months”

She laughed, it was beautiful. I ushered in, she showed her the sitting room.

“Your place is nice”. “We are trying I said” I said.

I offered her soft drink, she requested for alcohol. Who am I to refuse a lady her request.

We got talking, she was more fun to talk to in person than on the phone. She said something really funny we both laughed, I am sorry I can’t remember I was busy imagining how it will feel to kiss those beautiful lips. As if she was reading my mind, she kissed me.

I was shocked, since most babes you will have to make all the move. I returned the kiss immediately, the kiss was not just a kiss. It was a combination of expectation and imagination of what should have been and what will be.

It tasted sweet and felt divine. I felt those boobs, with my arm, situation like this make me wish I have four hands. Because I could not wait to grab those ass, gently my hand grab those ass. Something in my mind said “ASS MAN”. The ass was succulent and firm.

My erection double, the ass was just great.

To be continued.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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