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The House Business : Episode 4 (18+)


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The House Business : Episode 4 (18+)

“Its not what you think” I was trying to explain to Funke.

“You are an idiot, a bastard. I thought you were different. You are just like every other man I have met. All you think and want is sex.” Funke was really upset and insulted the hell out of me.

Usually,I am that kind of guy that don’t feel sorry for babe. I just feel they can handle heart break, because they have the heart for it. But in this case I was feeling sorry for Funke, a quiet and decent babe that trusted a guy like me. She was in the room putting on her clothes, I tried begging her to calm down.

She wore her clothes and left my house. Ordinarily I should stop her at the door and beg. Like I said earlier I don’t feel sorry for babes and I don’t beg them. In a way I was kind of happy, now I can quickly go track sonia. I waited for about 45 minutes when I was sure Funke will be deep in her in her flat.

“How would I get out of this house without this babe seeing me” I said to myself. I decide to take the back gate, just as I was about getting through the gate

“You are going to meet her right?” I turned to see Funke shouting at me. I just ignored her and thought to m

“Wetin concern me, I don fuck her already”.

“Stevo La la. The bastard of the year. how far that babe done show your end” I was speaking to Steve on phone.

“Don’t forget to buy fuel in Jerican abeg, no fuel in the generator” Steve said without answering my question.

“Bastard because I say make babe wait for your place, you dey use style bill me” I replied him immediately.

He laughed.

“Sonia, I am very sorry to keep you waiting, hope you are fine” I apologised quickly.

“No problem, I am fine, your friend Steve is very funny” Sonia said.

He is an idiot jare, I went ahead to explain to her what happened on my way.

How I had to drop my car at the mechanics, which were all lies you know. In this boy girl thingy, you need to learn to be a story teller to win.

Babes really don’t give a shit about boys, they like what they like sometimes, it can be good stories. You have to learn to create stories without thinking much the longer the story the more believable. The devil is in the detail, remember?

Let me give you an hint, your story should have part 1,2,3,4 and 5. Don’t tell all at once, the story should be mostly 5% truth and 95% made-up otherwise knows as blatant lie. If you can make it 100% lie it is better sef. Have you wonder why Nollywood is selling? It is because babes like stories.

After like 30mins in Steve’s place we all went out to a nice hangout. We all bought drink and gisted away, talked about the past, present, politics and of course girls.

No boys conversation is complete without talking about girls. Steve was even trying to make Sonia hook him up with her friend. I had to block the runs, call me a bad guy, I don’t care. I was trying to protect myself, Steve is a bad guy like me, don’t want two friends experience heart break at the same time.

Not that I care, I just kept staring at Sonia boobs they were lovely, I want them out. I could not wait to hold them in my hands. They were yellow and big, from my mental calculation they should be standing at attention.

I have a formula for calculating the uprightness of boobs, sorry people I can’t share that here. Once I patent the formula, I will publish it in a book, I know I will win a Nobel prize for it.

“Shit!! Its past 9pm I have to start going now” Sonia said.

We were having so much fun, that we forgot about time.

“Its late? You can’t leave, the fun just started. ” I said.

“I have to leave, I did not tell my folks at home I won’t be coming home” She said.

“Just call them, I can’t allow you leave. It’s too risky for a lady to be out this late” I replied her why holding her close. I could sense some form of calmness in her.  I really don’t care if she goes home 12midnight I just want to fuck her, that’s all.

After explaining to her the reason why she should stay behind, she agreed. She called her mum and gave one silly about her friend been involve in a minor accident and she has to stay back with her.

“Hope your mum believed you” I asked her

“She was really worried” She replied.

We decided to head to a club when it was around 11pm. We went to one of this club in Ikeja GRA. It was mad fun, Sonia knows how to use her body well. The way she moved to every song the DJ played. I must give it to the DJ he was on point that night.

“Come dance with me” she called “I can’t dance I will just be pressing your arse” I said to discourage

“Am I complaining, come and press it if thats what you want” she replied. I jumped at the opportunity I was busy bumping and grinding that arse so hard. I had the maddest boner.

My dick was so hard, those arse were so soft and nice to touch. Firm and well rounded, a perfect semi circle. God bless the black woman with ass, and this babe can whyne it, each time she whyne it on my dick , it gets harder.

I quickly hurried Stevo who was trying to scope one babe,

“Oga make we dey go house, its getting late”, I told him. “Wetin happen”.

Guy meet me outside, I was outside with Sonia already beside Stevo’s car.

“Guy, I don almost get that babe before you come dey rush me. Now I no even get her phone number. You be bastard ooo” he was really pissed. I really was not interested in Stevo’s insults, as you can imagine, I am used to it.

All I could think of was my dick in Sonia pussy.

25 minutes later, we were home.

I was already kissing Sonia from the car while Stevo was driving. The moment we entered my room, we both could not get enough of each other. Kissing and tearing each others clothes off I grabbed her boobs through her top.

Her boobs was so soft, I don’t know how to describe it, just let me use a common Lagos food. Agege bread, it felt like warm fresh Agege bread. Ideas started running through my mind, I should go get ice cream from the fridge and lick it off her boobs but no time for over planned romance.

I suck the boobs softly at first why she gave out slow moan, she was not a screamer but a moaner. Her moan were almost angelic, her moan alone can make a man cum.

They sound better than any song have heard. I started sucking it faster and harder. I wanted her to moan louder. When I gently pinch her other nipples the moan she gave out was so lovely, I almost came.

I had to summon all the courage in me not to. I let my hand slid down to touch her down there, I massage that region gently and played with her clit, she could not handle it anymore.

“I want you inside me right now, please fuck me NOW” she whisper to me. Never in the history of man have any man ever turned down such offer, Please who am I to turn down such offer?!

Its like betraying all the men all over the world.

Quickly I went for my condom in the drawer,

“Mogbe No condom, Yeh! my enemies are after me. Thats the only explaination for no condom at this time and hour. As a urgent matter, the senate should pass a bill that employers must make sure there employees have condoms at all time.” I thought to myself.

I can’t explain why all this was happening at this time. I quickly ran to get from my flatmate, he gave me 4. I ran back to see Sonia in same position as I left was praying what happened with Funke the last time those not repeat itself.

I went back to kissing her and squeezing those boobs. For some reason, I have been focusing on them boobs that I forgot about her arse. I slipped on my condom, instead of me to start with the traditional missionary position.

The moment I removed her panties, “Can you turn and take it from the back doggystyle” I told her. She oblige. This can’t be real, dat arse from this view was magnificent.

I came a little, I have to be a man. I took her from the back, it was mad.

She let out a little moan louder the previous one though. I started gently why I increase my pace gradually.

“Tunde faster. Please can you increase the speed.” Once again I obliged her, who am I not to.

I fucked her as hard as I could from behind. I did not want to change position because that ass looked so good. I smacked the arse so hard, it felt good too. I kneeled from behind while giving her from behind, and squeezing her boobs at the same time.

It just felt so good.

“Ahh oohhh please don’t stop faster ahhhh oooohh ooohhhh don’t stop I love that It feels so good.” she kept saying all sort. The moan got to me, I came so hard. I just laid flat on her back.

We both slept off on each other.

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