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The House Business: Episode 3


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The House Business: Episode 3

After the whole Funke experience, I promise myself I won’t talk to any babe in this building anymore.

I focus completely on my office work, except the occassional weekend parole with babes. I have been single for a while now, no babe and you know what that means mad agro and more money in your pocket.

“Tunde I have this babe for you, you will like her, I am so sure” Funmi my friend and flat mate’s babe suggested one saturday morning when I was complaining to them how I was unable to sleep because of the mojo she and her boyfriend acted the night before.

At first I heard the bed hitting the floor and wall at the same time, I thought someone was trying to open the door then I started hearing “Oh my baby please don’t stop, I like the way you are giving it to me”.

The noise got lounder and louder “Baby! please I want it from the back, the back baby”. “I love you baby, you are the best in the world. No man in the world like you”.

All the noise plus the heavy bed hitting the wall and floor. I’m sure the neighbours heard it also, because the next morning on my way to jog, the neighbour below my flat answered me in a very weird way.

“Good morning ma” I greeted her

“Hmmmmm, good morning. I’m surprise you have strength to jog this early. After working hard all week” she replied, she stressed the “working hard”.

I just smiled, I knew she was referring to the action last night, I almost told her it was not me.

“Funmi, I am not interested in all this marriage rangers. After few dates and one smooching they want you to meet their mother. Na by force” I replied.

“Guy wetin you use yesterday night, no wonder Funmi no fit leave you, abeg I need am. I go give you my 3 months salary” I told Deji my flatmate, he laughed so hard.

While we were busy laughing, Funmi went to the kitchen my first thought was that she went to make breakfast, few minutes later she came back looking excited “Tunde, I have called my friend she is free today, she will be here by 2pm. I know you are free”.

I was surprised she is hooking me up with her friend. I am a man! Nothing do me!!

“Bring it on”.

True to her word at 2pm, I heard a knock on the door, my first thought was that it was of them neighbours since its a weekend. “I’m coming to open to the door, she is here”,

Funmi sounded so excited “I swear you will like her alot, very fine babe and she has what you like”.

How did Funmi know what I like in a woman, except my stupid friend has told her.

“Boys ehn, the moment they touch breast like this, they can tell a babe anything except their ATM pin”

I thought to myself. “Meet my friend Sonia” Funmi said, “Hi Hi Sonia. My name is Tunde”. That was not so fine but she garrit. Her hips was just perfect, not so big boobs. Funmi left us in the sitting room she left to get Deji.

“Sonia, have a seat”.

I was standing right behind her why she took her seat. Boy was that ass mad, I mean stupidly-bastardly-God-punish-devil-kinda-mad ass. I ran into Deji’s room quickly

“Funmi, kneel down let me pray for you. God bless you, infact Deji must marry you. Deji God bless the day you meant Funmi. The reason you met her is for me to meet Sonia, have you seen that ass.” They bought started laughing.

I ran back quickly to meet Sonia.

“What will you drink”,

“I’m fine, water will be fine” she replied.

“You are joking right”,

“No, I want water for now, maybe something stronger later”.

“Okay cool”.

Got her some water.

“Thank you. You are such a gentle man” she complimented me.

“A pretty lady like you, should be treated like a queen” she blushed.

In my mind, I knew it was going down. “Sonia! hope Tunde has not been disturbing you.” Funmi said as she came into the living room with Deji dressed to go out.

“No. Infact he has been a complete gentle man”.

“Hi Sonia, Longest time! how is work and all” Deji enquired

“I’m fine”.

“Sorry Sonia, Deji and I want to get some stuffs downstairs. Will be back in a bit.” Funmi said.

“No problem, don’t be too long”.

Sonia and I had all the time in the world to chat about everything. Work, school, life and relationship.

She told me about her boyfriend how he had cheated and all. We exchanged contact, did not want to be too forward on the first day. After she told me all boys want is sex and all, I just felt I should act differently for now.

Few weeks later, she was in my place, this time I was alone. Tunde went to see some relative for the weekend. I heard the knock on the door, I made sure everything was in place. I did not check who was at the door or ask.

I opened the door, I was in complete shock at who was standing at the door.

“Hi, you decided to ignore me because of what happened”. For a few seconds I could not get my thoughts together

“Hello. come in. Its not what you think. Work has been crazy and all”. It was Funke, my neighbour.

She wore a free flowing skirt, that made her ass wiggle. This na big wahala ooooo. Sonia was on her way, Funke was here.

“My parents travelled this morning. I decided to surprise you, you look very good. Are you expecting someone?” she said

“Not really,I was about leaving. Deji’s babe cleaned the house, she just left some minutes ago.” I lied.

When I saw that ass, I knew she came here for a reason. As a sharp guy, I grabbed her hands and drew her closer to give her a very tight hug. My lips slowly found hers, I kissed her, she resisted at first.

She started kissing me back, we kissed so passionately as if our national security depended on it. My hands found it way to her ASS, those ass are just amazing, sometimes am in tears when I describe those ass.

Infact, we should have a “National Amazing Ass Celebration Day”. I squeezed it gently, she started moaning gently, I grabbed it some more, she moaned louder, while kissing her, I took her to Tunde’s room, since my room was a little bit further into the house.

I pushed her gently unto the bed, and looked into her eyes “You look so beautiful”, she smiled. We kissed her some more, and gently remover her top she was not wearing any bra.

“She came prepared”, I thought. I grabbed those amazing boobs.

At this time she was completely turned on, she grabbed my dick and stroke it gently , then faster. This girl was a pro infact I almost propose “Funke will you marry” I can swear I said it.

As I squeezed her boobs she stroke my dick so well, I don’t know when I left her boobs. I laid on the bed, why she was holding my dick, she licked the tip gently then she swallowed it not completely, the feeling was amazing.

She swallowed it completely, at this stage it felt so amazing and good. Not only does this babe have an amazing ass, she also got an amazing mouth. She is a complete package, I must marry this.

When I could not take it anymore, I turned her over and gave her an amazing head. The head did not last long, she kept shouting so loud. I was scared, did not want any neighbour that know her hearing her voice.

I checked for a condom in Deji’s drawer I found over 200 condoms. Different brands from chinese to indian, Japanese, Banglandesh, American, Even Cech Republic was there.

Deji is probably living a double life. Apart from his day job, he has a condom factory because no normal human being can have such amount of condom.

I took one, no time to worry about Deji, will ask him later.

I laid her down gently my dick slid in gently. I thrust gently at first she moaned slowly, then I increased the pace.

The moan increased but not as high as when I gave her head. I decided to change to the world famous doggy style. The moment she took the doggy style position, I swear I almost came, those ass look so gangstar. I almost started clapping, it was a sight to behold.

I went in, and started pounding away, with all the strenth I have in me.

The moan got lounder, this time very loud. I did not care anymore, infact God punish all the neighbours.

They should come and knock. I fucked the babe so hard, I knew I was doing something. That kind of satisfaction you get after doing something you feel satisfied with. I laid her flat on her tummy, with her ass to the air.

I went in from the back, that position is such a turn on. I went at it again.

“Fuck me harder. Harder harder”.

“Fuck me fuck me”

“Ahn ahn ahn”.

She kept shouting. I could not take it anymore. I came all over the condom. I went into the bathroom to dispose of the condom. She laid on the bed for a couple of minutes. I went to meet her and cuddle her.

Suddenly I heard my phone ringing from the sitting room. I quickly remembered I was suppose to meet Sonia today. I ran to go get it.

“Hello Sonia”.

“Hello Tunde. I have been calling you all day. Where were you. I have been downstairs. I need money for cab. Please can you come downstairs.” Sonia said on the phone.

This is serious problem, I did not want Funke to feel bad. I had to think of a plan.

“I’m not at home. I’m at my friends place. Two streets from my house 123 Adegragra street come meet me there” I lied.

She said okay.

Immediately I dropped the call, I called my friend Steve.

“Stevo La la, the bastard of the year. you dey house? Abeg I tell one babe make she come meet me for your house. I tell her say I dey there. Pay for the cab, tell the babe say I just drive comot to get something to drink for us”.

“Stupid boy. Na God go punish you and your papa. Infact I go tell the babe say you dey house, today God don catch you. I know say babe dey with you for house. No wahala trust me, I go arrange every”. We both laughed.

“Phew!!! all sorted”. Guess who was watching me all along without me noticing. Yes, you guessed right. Apart from God and devil of course.

Funke was staring at me with the most evil stare have ever seen in woman’s eyes.

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