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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House II (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House II (18+)

“We are Chief’s sons and we just came in to welcome you”

Grace sat up on the bed so she can get a good look at them. Grace was liking what she saw as she looked them all over. 

The one who spoke looked like the oldest, not just because he was the biggest but the rest seem to follow his lead. He was so tall for someone so big grace mused, she thought he looked like those bouncers that stand outside of parties: she miss nights she would sneak out and attend those type of parties but since she started working at their Charles house. 

Her eyes followed his biceps liking how ripped they looked, she imagined how it will feel like when he lifts her; she could almost feel the strength in them and had to fight the urge to lick her lips that suddenly felt dry. 

Grace let her eyes fall on the second brother, he wasn’t ripped like his brother but was almost as tall, what caught her attention was the outline of his dick that was imprinted on the grey sweatpants he was wearing.

“So what’s your name?” the short one asked

She quickly looked away like she was caught stealing candy

“Um Grace,” she said looking from one of them to the next

“Hmm nice name, ahh her voice is nice too. Imagine what she would sound like moaning” the short one said before giggling

The lean one slapped his chest lightly

“Can you not be a perv for one minute, you will scare her off” he said as she

Grace wanted to laugh, these guys don’t know who she was and what she is capable of but she wasn’t ready for them to know so she played along. She lowered her gaze and acted shy like she wasn’t excited that three hot guys were in her room checking her out.

“Don’t mind my brother, I am Vincent” he stared

“He is Stephen“ he added pointing at the buff guy

“And this troublemaker here is Buchi,” he said rubbing his head playfully

Buchi swatted his hand away from his head before frowning up at him

“It’s nice to meet you, Gracie. We, we  have a special way we welcome new additions to our house o” Buchi said a smile growing on his face

“Should we show you?” Vincent asked


Grace liked how he sounds, his voice sounds so raspy and for some reason, it was turning her on. She looked from one brother to another; they all looked different but you could tell they’re all related. Her curiosity got the better of her and she nodded her head slowly like she was unsure even though she was screaming excitedly on the inside. 

The guys exchanged looks then smiles before they gestured she came to sit at the edge of the bed, she wanted to crawl sexily like they do in movies but didn’t. When she sat down on the edge of the bed facing them she put her hands on her lap, she was anxious but tried not to show it. Vincent stepped forward then squatted to her level. He smiled warmly at her and for some reason, she wanted to reach out and touch his beards

“Ready?” he asked

She nodded, he took a deep breath and leaned forward. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting but when he leaned in she panicked and moved back

“it’s okay“ he said 

His voice sounded so soothing she wanted him to keep talking, she wasn’t scared; that wasn’t why she moved back, she was just surprised. Grace looked up at him noticing how pink and full his lips were, her eyes wandered up to his eyes and noticed they were locked on her. Her eyes fluttered closed, her heart was racing as she waited to feel his lips. 

It felt like forever and she was about to open her eyes when she felt his lips on hers; his lips felt so soft but firm, she tried to breathe but ended up parting her lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth filling it with a nice fruity taste and the faint taste of cigarette, she wanted to taste him more and would have if someone didn’t clear their throat


“Welcome o, not tongue fuck her” she heard Buchi say making her feel shy

They pulled away from each other and he smiled sweetly at her before standing up, immediately Stephen took his place squatting in front of her. Squatting he still slightly towered over her and that made her stomach flutter in excitement. 

He took a deep breath then covered her face with his big palm, he pulled her closer and covered her lips with his. He pressed his lips firmly on her before pulling away leaving her wanting more. She opened her eyes feeling dazed as he stood up. Buchi had a big smile on his face as he approached her

“Save the best for last,” he said with a big smile on his face

Grace wanted to giggle; she found his overconfidence funny. 

He didn’t waste any time squatting in front of her. She watched him wet his lips before he leaned in and smashed their lips together, he sucked in her lips into his mouth and sucked. When he pulled away grace realized it ended too soon.

“Now you’re verified,” Buchi said with a smile

“Get some sleep, we’ll get to know each other better,” Vincent said

They all agreed said their goodnights and left her room.

“Get some sleep” the words echoed in her head.


She couldn’t get some sleep not when they turned her on and left her all hot and bothered she thought as she laid on the bed and spread her legs.


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