June 26, 2022

Seventh Heaven: The Emancipation of Cassidy III [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: The Emancipation of Cassidy III [18+]

I pulled out a mirror from my bag to check myself out for the umpteenth time, 

damn, I look so hot, only in Mr Nerdy’s dreams would he be able to resist this bitch. I stepped out of my car in my big yellow hoodie which sat slightly above my knee, flaunting my beautiful long legs, every part of me clamoured for freedom, so I went braless but I wore a G-string. 

I saw Mr Nerdy making his way towards me, he looked so sleek in his fitted blued Polo shirt, patterned short and squeaky-clean white sneakers, his primly arranged waves and well-trimmed connected beards sent focus miles away from me. I gave him a tight hug making sure he felt my boobs on his hard chest; He smelt so nice, I couldn’t wait to have him for dinner, he withdrew from the hug which was meant to last forever, “We are seeing Nobody’s Fool”, I had seen the movie a week earlier, I gave him a joyful smile not wanting to ruin the long-awaited moment. 

I could barely concentrate on the big screen as the movie went on, I was losing my mind; I desperately needed to kiss him, but I had to wait for the right moment. The right time came when Tika Sumpter leaned in to make out with Omari Hardwick; I placed his hand over my shoulder and rested on his chest, but the shy person in him resurfaced as he didn’t respond to my move, his eyes were fixed on the screen. 

I guided his dangling lower arm to my boob and his bicep rested on my shoulder; I was expecting a squeeze but got none. The sex scene got steamy as Omari Hardwick was pumping into Tika Sumpter from behind, I noticed he grew balls as he placed a finger on my bare thigh, the sultry movement of his finger across my high made my hair constrict. 

He gave my boob a firm squeeze, it felt like my boob disappeared into his palm for a moment, he traced the path of my already hard nipples with two fingers and teased it through my thick hoodie. I prayed for the sex scene not to end because it seemed like it was the mojo behind his sudden moves, his finger went further down and played with my inner thigh close to my entrance. 

The cold AC made his work easier as its effect on my bare thigh added spice to the moment, I placed my hand on his short trying to find his bulge which I found in no time; I rubbed his giant bulge through his short resisting the urge to unzip his fly. 

I closed my eyes spontaneously as his precise touches were gradually launching me into bliss, I wanted it to last forever.

I stopped stroking his dick when I noticed it was gradually becoming flaccid and a patch of wetness appeared on his short, He stood up abruptly and excused himself to the bathroom. I sat there in utter confusion trying to figure out what happened, 

did this guy just cum? How can a guy this hot cum during an overdressed foreplay session? 

Apparently, nothing changed, He is still the same Mr Nerdy. He got back when the credits of the movie were up, he looked so tensed up and somewhat misplaced, I didn’t bother asking him what was wrong, because I didn’t want to put him in a situation where he would have to lie to protect his ego.

We walked out of the cinema holding hands as we made our way to the parking lot, I noticed he covered the patch of wetness on his short with the cinema’s flyer. We got talking in the parking lot, the talk in no time switched into flirting, I sat on the trunk of my car wrapping my legs and my hands around his body, he looked so innocent and sweet, his sweet smell made me lose my morals. 

I drew him closer for a kiss which he accepted with joy, I tried enjoying his hard lips to the fullest before inviting my tongue to the party. While my lips were in his mouth, I remembered I didn’t kiss him when I had sex with him back in school, so I was determined to make up for it. 

He beat me to it; he glided in his tongue into my mouth courageously, I granted him permission to explore my mouth, He tasted of the energy drink he had in the cinema. 

I kissed him more passionately and swept his mouth clean with my tongue, we tilted our heads all along as our tongues battled for supremacy, it felt like he had a million hands because I could feel his hands all over my body. I moved my hands to his budge, stroking it gently this time hoping he wouldn’t nut in his pants again.

He withdrew from the kiss and took my hands off his budge, “Goodnight Chichi, give me a call when you get home, so I would know you are safe”, he gave me a forehead kiss and made his way to his car. 

I pulled him back into another kiss in a bid to distract him from thinking about leaving me by myself in the cinema, he withdrew from the violent kiss, 

“Chichi, I need to be home”, he said this time with a stern and firm voice. I was still seated on the trunk of my car as he sped off, it felt like I heard the saddest news of my life, I could feel a decline in my heartbeat. I sat a little longer on my trunk, trying to figure out what to do as I couldn’t go home until the next day and I needed to be dicked hard, all I had were my credit card and fingers.

After getting a few orgasms in the car, I drove down to a nearby hotel to lodge for the night. I cried myself to sleep, not because I miss getting dicked, but because I felt like an unwanted orphan. I miss the old Maami.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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