June 26, 2022

Seventh Heaven: Stories About Tolani (Finale) [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: Stories About Tolani (Finale) [18+]

I kissed her differently this time, giving her all the freedom she needed inside of my mouth. Our tongues didn’t fight for dominance as I gave her the staff of power over the session. I felt her body loosen to my touch as I caressed her hair pushing it further into my mouth trying to enjoy the peppermint taste her tongue gave. 

I withdrew from the kiss to move to her neck, kissing it passionately as it were her lips, she let out a slight moan which made me intensify all I did, my hands were all over her body at the same time and her body responded by breaking loose her imprisoned goosebumps as her hormones raged.

I unhooked her bra while still alternating between kissing her lips and neck, I stopped to admire her cherries; they were much more beautiful than what I jerked off to, I alternated between sucking on one nipple and frolicking the other, her boobs were perfectly shaped in proportion to her body and my mouth, with well contained and defined nipples. She was moaning harder and louder as I suckled further, she pressed my head harder on her temples until I could feel her heartbeat on my tongue.

I felt a leap in-between my legs as she reached for my dick, she pulled down my boxers slowly and stared at my fully erect neatly shaved dick like it was familiar, it responded to her gaze by getting harder.

“Is it too small to work with?” I asked, she met my smirk with a sarcastic smile, “small enough to sore my oesophagus”, no lady has ever complained of it not hitting the spot. This babe began stroking my baby boy to full hardness like a nanny, she then bit her lower lip sultrily and pushed me on my chair before taking it all in into her mouth.

It fit right into her mouth like her mouth was created for this sole purpose, she paid attention to every detail, she looked into my eyes to see if she was doing well. I pulled back her hair that was getting in the way and used her hair in controlling her pace and frolicking her nipples, I let out a moan which she in turn sucked harder.

I didn’t want to come off as a one-minute man, so I had to stop her when I felt a stream of cum rushing down my opening, I stood on my feet and pushed her to the same sit and began to reciprocate the favour.

I spread her legs far apart as I went on my knees and moved her to the edge of the sit to have a penthouse view of her honey pot. I maintained eye contact as I kissed my way up to paradise, she let out a soft moan as I sucked and bit her inner thigh, her soaked pant had this appealing smell that got me so curious to see the glory behind it, I began rubbing her clit slowly through her damp pant, then I increased my pace, she then told me to take off her underwear. 

I took time to stare at her neatly shaved honey pot, she got shy and tried to close her legs. I took total control and spread leg legs wider to see her baby pink entrance dripping gradually into an ocean, I played with her opening with my fingers before I dived into it with my tongue, she tasted so good and my tongue found a new home inside of her, her moans made me lick every drop of her juice.

“Tobiloba, please fuck me hard”, she said under her moan after like fifteen minutes of intense oral sex. I reached for a condom in my mini-store, I like my ladies wearing my condom on me so I tossed it to her, she slid it into my dick and laid down on my bed. 

We were like thirty seconds into the session when the worst happened, I came!!!

I felt so embarrassed, so I excused myself to the bathroom; my ego got the better of me, I spent forever in there thinking of the new impression she had of me; “the thirty seconds man” rang so loud in my head. I finally talked myself out of disappointment.

I thought out a perfect excuse before leaving the bathroom; “the pressure of today’s examination got to me”, it was such a stupid excuse to come up with but I had to protect my ego.

 Tolani was sleeping peacefully by the time I got out of the bathroom, covered up with my duvet. I woke up to a warm feeling in between my legs, I looked down to see the full length of my dick in Tolani’s mouth; I seemed like a dream at first, but the warmth of her saliva on my dick brought me into reality. I laid back in bed to enjoy every bit of it.

We had sex two times before we went to write our exams, my back-breaking performance which she rated a nine out of ten made her forget the way I botched it earlier.

All I could think about during the exam was Tolani’s boobs in my mouth. We continued our orgy after the exams at her apartment, then to mine, we explored every single style we could think of. It became our routine before and after the remaining examinations.

She graduated weeks after, all she left me with are lucid and clear memories. I still have hard-ons thinking of our sexcapades.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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