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Seventh Heaven: The Thing with the Tech Guy & The Banker [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: The Thing with the Tech Guy & The Banker [18+]

“Why is your Algorithm this slow, why is it taking forever to run? An acclaimed professional writing a snail slow algorithm that a beginner wouldn’t dare write. Are we paying you through our noses to write a deficient algorithm, let me remind you of your work in this company just in case you’ve forgotten; as an Algorithm Developer, your work is to research, write and test the performance of algorithms; you have utterly failed in all. 

My predecessor condoned all these from you, but I am a different breed, go ask about me, go check my track record.”

I found it hard to take my new boss’s words off my mind, they’ve come to stay. He was a thorn in my flesh ever since he was transferred to the headquarter to assume the post of Chief Developer; he was so annoyingly and unnecessarily demanding, he wanted everything to be done at his own pace not considering the condition of the staff. 

He acted like he had numerous underlying problems and needed someone to pour his whole frustration on his staff, the bald man never saw anything good in me. I held several vigils with algorithms but still ended up battered with words.

I was sitting frustrated and exhausted at work one Wednesday afternoon staring hopelessly at the desktop computer, I needed to vent to someone or better still transfer the whole aggression on someone with my fists. I received a debit alert from my bank for bank charges; that was the fifth time they were deducting my money that same month for the same funny reason. 

I angrily grabbed my car key and made my way to the elevator. The elevator was filled up and I was too furious to be patient, so I had no other option than to navigate my way down through the staircase. I got to the parking lot drenched in my sweat, which spoke well of my hurried movement down the stairs. 

I angrily and hurriedly walked to my car and sped down to the bank.

I was breaking all hell loose at the bank when a young lady walked over to me, she introduced herself as Jadesola, the Bank branch manager, she took me to her office where she tried to calm me but I was hell-bent on pouring out my frustration, so she listened to my complaints and outburst patiently without uttering a word like a therapist. 

The way she calmed me down that day is still a thing of utter amazement; she did it in a subtle way. She insisted on taking me out for lunch as a little compensation for her bank’s unbelievable deductions, in a façade that her bank cannot afford to lose a good customer. 

I made her beg me a little more before accepting her offer, we exchanged numbers as she walked me out of the bank.

Few days after our meeting at the bank, I received a text from Jadesola asking me if I was in for lunch by 3 pm, since work was surprisingly calm that day and our Adolf Hitler was not on seat, I replied telling her to send an address of the restaurant which she did immediately. 

I told my subordinate I was going for my lunch break and made my way to the empty elevator. I breezed out of the building trying so hard to be punctual, wanting to change the impression of an angry frustrated customer which I came off as on our first meeting. 

There was a bougie Chinese restaurant, I was wowed; I was welcomed like I was in Buckingham Palace meeting with the Queen. I noticed her sitting on the other side of the restaurant sipping a drink from her cup. I made my way to her side splendidly, trying to enjoy the soft jazz music that emanated from the speakers.  

“Hi bank manager, hope my money is safe?” She wore a big smile which exposed her well defined one-sided dimple, she welcomed me with a warm handshake, like those you receive after a successful interview, I indeed wanted to slap her hands and draw her into a tight hug, but my mannerism didn’t give way. 

My anger the other day at the bank blinded me from noticing her beauty; she had this beauty that made those billboard models look ordinary, her eyes looked so safe enough for me to take refuge in, something I couldn’t fathom radiated from within that rendered her irresistible, her smile melted my heart and sent my soul on a sabbatical leave out of my body. 

“Your happy face looks far better than your angry face”, I let out a soft blush which undermined how I felt inside of me, I felt a rumble of joy in me. I wanted to catch another glimpse of her dimple, so  I complimented her, 

“Must you bankers look and smell this good”, she didn’t only blush this time, she laughed hard showcasing her beautiful set of teeth; they were neatly arranged artistically. 

Her listening skills made us connect easily; I told her about my difficult time at work and it is the reason for my awful behaviour the bank, she said she knew that the debit alert wasn’t the primary cause of the outburst; she felt I needed someone to talk to, that was why she insisted on lunch. 

I flipped the pages of the menu which was placed on the table in search of a nice familiar meal, I found a known meal on the fifth page of the menu, it was shrimp rice with chicken soup, I checked for the price and it was within my budget. 

We spoke while eating ignoring all sorts of manners, she communicated beautifully and laughed hard at my jokes. 

Jadesola paid for our meal before I could even get my ATM card from my wallet, she then excused herself to the toilet, I graded her body step by step like a mathematics teacher when she walked past me; she was in a red blazer, white shirt and black pant trousers which was an emblem of her Bank, she looked so commanding in her cooperate wear, she walked confidently in her heels like they were insured, the thought of she calling the shots in bed gave me an instant boner. 

She came back almost immediately signalling to me to take our leave, I pretended to be texting on my phone so I could lull my fully awakened dragon to sleep(who knows, the sight of my boner could have been the icing on the cake, but I couldn’t take such a risk). 

I played the role of a gentleman by helping her out with her bag which she left on the table, I knew it was an intentional act on her side to see my romantic side.

I tried to crack her up a bit as I walked her to her car since every lady likes a funny guy. I took a thorough scan of her fingers checking out for a wedding ring, since we didn’t talk about her private life during lunch, YES, she is fucking unmarried, I didn’t waste my time and my fuel coming here. I told her I enjoyed myself and asked if she was in for another lunch, she said a yes with a wide grin.

Jadesola and I vibed a lot and we couldn’t get over one another; we started a relationship five months into our friendship; beneath all her corporate and formal lifestyle was her fun side; we played a lot, talked a lot and fucked a lot; I made sure I brought my fantasies into reality, we explored every sexual act you can ever imagine. 

I was so right; Jadesola likes calling the shots, she was a control freak in bed, which I had no problem with, because she has skills loaded in her pouch and my dragon never stopped spewing fire.

Few months into the relationship, I was transferred to Edo state; a move spearheaded by that bald Adolf Hitler, it was a tough decision to make but my career always comes first. 

Jadesola didn’t like the idea of me leaving Lagos; she offered to get me a job at her bank, an offer I rejected with my full chest. Jadesola and I took turns in visiting each other, she stayed in a three-bedroom apartment on the island with her younger sister; they lost their parents in a car accident. 


I flew in from Edo state for Jadesola’s Bank’s end of the year dinner in Lagos which she invited me to, the plane touched down in Lagos around 11 pm, the cool night breeze of Lagos gave me Goosebumps as I walked away from the runway. 

She was in the airport waiting to pick me up in a tank top and a short skirt; she welcomed me with a big hug and long breath-taking kiss, I dwelled longer in her arms trying to enjoy the feel of her bosom against my chest, she helped me with my laptop bag as we walked towards her car.

 We talked and laughed as she drove to her house, things fast became rosy and sensual; I couldn’t take my hands off her body as she drove, she couldn’t hold it anymore, so she drove into an empty public school field, where she pulled over and put on the inner light of her car.

We had a hot make-out session before jumping into the back seat of her car; she moved her short skirt to her waist giving me a VVIP view of her pussy, it was bald and neat as always; She bit her lower lip and gave me a naughty smile when I noticed she was wearing no pant; her pussy starred at me with an open arm awaiting a big tight hug. She zipped down my fly, pulling my hard masterpiece out.

 “I have so missed this little boy, it has gotten bigger. I need you to make momma moan hard; she needs you deep inside of her”, my dick suddenly developed ears and heeded everything she said while playing with the tip.

I was pounding her deep and hard on the car seat; the car was dancing to the rhythm of my strokes when I got distracted by a bright light making its way to the car, I hurriedly jumped to the driver sea luckily for me the key was in the ignition. 

I started the engine and breezed off out of the field with my hard dick pipping out of my zipper. I felt her wetness flow down my dick as I drove. 

“Oh, it’s the watchman”, she said while looking through the back windshield.

We had a good laugh and concluded that sex in awkward places is the best. She moved to the front seat while I drove to her place, she reached for her dildo in the glove box; I was not surprised she had one in her car(she once told me she has one stashed somewhere in her office), but I was surprised she was about using it while I drove. 

She sucked her dildo before using it to play with her clit, I lost sight of the road when she slid it into her pink opening, she let out a soft moan; the same soft moan she gives when I am deep down inside her. 

Fortunately, we ran into traffic on the island, so I used that as an opportunity to watch her touch herself, her tinted glass swept away the fear of being caught. 

She kept on driving the dildo down inside of her, her moans made me go crazy; all I wanted was to take the place of her dildo. I began stroking my bare dick with one hand and used the dildo on her with the other hand, she increased her moan and stretched her legs further apart, the sound of blaring honks brought me back from exile, we moved slowly till the road finally became free. 

I stepped on the gas in a bid to go complete my assignment on her bed.

 “Take your time, I am just getting started, the day is still damn young”, she said.

She packed her hair into a ponytail then bent down to stroke my dick and take in the full length into her mouth, the feeling her tongue created on my dick made me shiver; I wanted her so suck me off without mercy, she nibbled the crown of my dick as if it were pizza while I controlled the movement of her head like a remote. 

The way my dick looked so little and fitted into my mouth made me wonder the size of cocks that must have been sucked by that mouth.

The estate’s gateman opened the gate as soon as we approached its gate, I drove down to her flat and parked in front of her apartment. I put off the ignition of the car then reclined the driver’s seat of the car to grant her first-class access to my dick. 

I fared for the health of my dick because it powerlessly disappeared completely into her mouth. We moved to the back seat where I spread her legs far apart in a bid to get an aerial view of her pussy, I could see lightning and hear thunders from her already rainy pussy as I went on my fours to tease her. 

I played with her entrance before slipping two fingers into it, then replaced my fingers with my tongue; I beat her pussy with my tongue, giving her shivers. 

The car was a small space for the xxx movie we were about to shoot, so we moved to a spacious and private location, her apartment, where I fucked her on all fours on the couch in her living room. 

We tried so hard not to wake her sister who was peacefully asleep in her room, we concluded the marathon on her bed. The only thing I did not do that night was force my head into her pussy, we both slept naked completely exhausted.

 We fucked throughout my stay in Lagos like we were going to be castrated afterwards.

I returned to Edo state after the event, I had a rememberable and fuckfull time in Lagos.  

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