June 26, 2022

Seventh Heaven: The Group Assigment with Bisola [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: The Group Assigment with Bisola [18+]

My lecturer grouped us according to our matric numbers into ten different groups of five students per group, each group was to research a chosen topic they were going to present at a later date, the presentation was going to be our continuous assessment. 

I was grouped with three other guys and a lady; the guys didn’t contribute anything to the success of the research nor did they show up to planned meetings. Bisola and I had no choice other than to shoulder the research; we both outlined the steps of the research process and held strategic meetings to tackle each step head-on as success was the only option on the table.

Bisola refused to the proposed meetings at my place, she sought a neutral ground; she said we could get distracted at either of our homes, I knew her words meant 

‘Victor, I might not be able to control myself when we are alone in a confined space, especially when a bed is in sight’. 

Bisola was an intelligent girl, she was not the best student in the department (neither was I), but she never stopped reaching for the top, she had an impossible zeal. She exuded this ‘next-door girl’ vibe; she radiated innocence and purity, she didn’t fit in into the standards of perfection set by the trendy ladies in school and she was not willing to change that for anything. 

She made simplicity look classy and complemented it with a bright smile, she had a natural, modest, and effortless beauty. 

We decided to meet in school to roundup the compilation and typing, which was the last step of the research work. She called to cancel the meeting earlier scheduled for 11 am in our routine classroom in school, we agreed to an overnight meeting in school which was a perfect idea as the submission deadline was looming ahead.

We met at the school gate, It took the sound of my name on her lips to recognise her; she wore a pair of jeans which hugged tightly to her lower limb, exposing her curves which her skirts had always undermined its glory, I bet she had to force herself into it. 

Her big sweatshirt made her boobs look small and shy like a child hiding from a visitor, her long natural hair which was always packed in a bun was left to flow to the direction of the wind as the cap she wore couldn’t keep it at bay. 

Na wetin this babe don dey hide from boys be this, boys no for jonze ontop her if dem sabi her real package. Oh boy, see yansh, WAHALA.

“Why are you looking at me like that”, she asked as my eyes were irretrievably glued to her body.

“I’m sorry, this is the first time I am seeing you in jeans or any form of trousers”, I stuttered a few times before the words finally came out.

“I have heard the news about the mosquitos in that classroom, they grow balls in the middle of the night, hence my reason for the jeans and socks”

Did she just say ‘balls’? I love this version of Bisola. 

“It suits you, you should wear it more often”

She blushed softly and gave me a pat on my shoulder as we made our way to board a shuttle bus. I accidentally touched her breast when I tried finding balance in the rugged seat of the bus; her breast felt soft and free, she wasn’t wearing a bra, I couldn’t stop drawing images of her bare breasts in my head. We both played dumb like nothing happened.

The classroom was strangely silent and empty, it felt odd because exams were fast approaching, and it was expected for students to burn the midnight oil. Since we both were the only ones in there, we sat beside an electric socket, so we could charge our gadgets. 

We got down to work; we interpreted the data collected and processed, we went ahead to type the first chapter after we were done with the acknowledgement and dedication. 

She asked for a brief recess after we were done compiling and typing two chapters, she stepped out of the classroom and went for a stroll. I checked the movies on her laptop in a bid to keep my eyes busy; XXX: Return of Xander Cage was the movie on everyone’s mouth in school, I tried checking her movie folder for the movie but her files were not organised. 

I inputted ‘XXX’ in the search space on the desktop; I couldn’t believe my eyes, she had a whole folder hidden somewhere in her laptop dedicated to pornography, she had pornography series with several episodes. I could pick that her favourite category is black hardcore. She walked back into the classroom after her pretty short recess.

“I love your taste of porn”, I said with a smirk on my face, she looked clueless. She was drenched in guilt when she discovered what I was saying, she couldn’t deny it, it was all in front of me. 

It was as if her cover was blown and she was going to be jailed for it. 

“It’s not a big deal dear, every youth has at some point watched porn. It doesn’t make you a bad person”, my words made her calm and her guilt gradually disappeared.

“Let this be a secret between us both”, her words made me wonder why she cared so much about what people thought; I figured she was keen on protecting the image of purity and innocence she portrayed to the populace. 

After endless persuasion and blackmails, she agreed to watch one of the pornographic videos with me, I reached for my earphones and connected it to her laptop. I noticed her getting free and dropping her guards as the video went on.

 “Let me play you my favourite of them all”, she played a video of two black guys with huge black thick dick fucking a ebony curvy babe; she gave one of them head and the other fucked her from behind in a doggy style. 

She is into threesome; she really loves big black dick and I am a lucky owner of one. She rested her head on my shoulder as the actors switched positions, this na the best time to make move, konji don almost finish her. I placed her hand across her shoulder and gave her closest breast a soft squeeze; she didn’t object my touch but gave out a positive sign by wriggling. 

I squeezed it further, aggressively this time, she responded with slow movement of her waist and she didn’t take her eyes off the pornography. I tried locating her nipples through her cloth, but the thickness of her sweatshirt concealed it perfectly. 

She moved her hand in between my legs and located my third leg; she massaged it through my joggers, and it responded obediently.

I couldn’t remove her shirt to suck her breasts as anybody could have walked in, she placed her head on the table when I slid my hands under her shirt; her boobs felt so soft and calm, they were not the biggest but my hands miraculously made them increase in size, my mouth would have done a better job, but I couldn’t risk getting caught. 

She brought my dick into the light, “You are so big”, I gave her a ‘that’s how we roll’ smile, she gave me a record-breaking handjob which sent me far away from the four walls of school; she massaged my balls with a hand and clenched her other fist around the shaft of my dick, moving swiftly in an up and down motion like an expert. 

She teased the cap of my dick using its precum as a lubricant, I wondered if she learnt all she did from pornography, I could have wagered my school fees that she had never seen a mature erect dick, who could have thought. 

My fingers took turns in frolicking her firm nipples; I started with a clockwise motion which made her moan softly, then I traced the path created by the little pimples that formed her areola. 

I took her hand off my dick when I felt a stream of cum building up down there, it was too early to cum as the party just began. I unzipped her fly and lowered her jeans to her hips; she was dripping already, her pant was damp, 

I was eager to see the source of the wetness. “You are so wet”, she hummed as my fingers in between her leg could barely let her speak. I shifted her pant and played with her entrance; her hairy pussy was a turn off for me, but I was so turned on to reject a free pussy. 

She tried controlling her moans which made her squirm on her seat as I went on fingering her; she was not as tight as I envisaged, but it was none of my business, She hummed when I increased the pace at which I thrust my fingers inside of her wetness.

“Fuck me victor”, I was shocked, my eyes almost popped out of their socket, I had to take time to process what she said, “Please fuck me victor”, the affirmation in her voice became strong, na only once person dey live life, life no get part two. Opportunity comes but once. I pulled out a condom from my wallet (a condom must always be included in a nigga’s dress code, you can never know …), tore the pack with my mouth and slid it in. 

She sat on my dick and rode on it gently and calmly without making a sound, only an expert can ride on a dick and not let out a moan.

 She stopped riding and sat right beside me looking into the sleeping screen of her laptop when we heard footsteps approaching; a guy entered the classroom with big textbooks, he halted and looked into our guilty eyes. 

“Bros well-done o, I hail una”, he gave me a wink and stepped out of the class, I love guys wey no need lecturer to explain bro code to them, we both laughed at our audaciousness. 

She stroked my already flaccid dick into hardness and resumed the good work, she rode my dick without any regard. I held on to her breasts through her sweatshirt as I emptied my cum into the condom. 

We had sex a couple of times more, we were limited to only one sex position. What a night.

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