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Seventh Heaven: Stories About Tolani II [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: Stories About Tolani II [18+]

“I see why our distinguished lecturers can’t let you out of their loving arms, your ass is a national treasure, not for the faint-hearted”, she blushed and gave me a light smack on my back.

“I have told you a thousand times to stop using polite adjectives in qualifying those sadists, it’s not befitting”

We moved the weekend study to my apartment when the school power supply became unstable, I was the happiest when they suggested the idea, my baby steps were gradually yielding results. She became very comfortable around me as time as days passed, she increased her number of visits and even passed the night at my place a few times. Moving our study to my apartment came with its disadvantages; we barely read; all we did was watch movies, play, gist, sleep and eat which made us form an inseparable bond.

She spent the bulk of her time at my place, since the majority of her friends were graduates already, we both didn’t have friends in school.

The only thing that dampened my morale was that she was in a long-distance relationship with a rich working-class guy who paid her bills on a regular, she never ceased to sing his praises into my ears. I never stopped trying my luck thinking one day she would grow weary and tire out when the long claws of konji pins her down, though she once confessed to being addicted to masturbation (her only resort since her man was far away).

 “Tobilola forget about me and get yourself a babe with a big ass; this ass is taken already, it’s a pity you will never get a taste of this sweet ass after all your travail”, she uttered statements like that casually in a bid to tease me since she knew I was attracted to her physically. I knew the attraction was both ways, but she unrepentantly denied hers

She adopted the irksome habit of teasing me into full erection as a new fun, even as little as giving me a sultry look sent me far into a desert of despair, this babe had numerous skills off her sleeve which she often put in use on me effortlessly. I often found myself in the bathroom jerking off to the thought of her ass bouncing on my dick, just because rejection came right after the tease, which gradually became sickening. 

There was this Sunday afternoon she came to my apartment looking so edible, I decided not to pass any ribald comment on her dressing like I always do, which she definitely noticed, she tried giving a naughty smile but noticed I was not in for her tease and sexy gestures when I returned her gestures with a stone-cold smile.

I was sitting innocently on my chair moving my head to the music that blared out from my speakers trying so hard to ignore her when I felt the full weight of her eyes on me; like she was clamouring for my attention, she began stripping off her clothes slowly when she noticed she had my attention, she maintained piercing eye contact with me till she got to her underwear; she was wearing a firmly fitted matching white and black striped lace pant and bra which made her look like a newborn zebra.

Her areola which had the colour of neatly polished wood, was on a verge of a jailbreak when she tucked her boobs in her bra in a bewitching way while still not cutting away from the contact. I wanted to lift her off the ground so bad and pin her to the wall ushering her into paradise. 

I gave her a puzzling stare; trying to figure out what she was up to, not wanting to look thirsty, but what she was doing was causing a movement in between my legs. She let her hair down from her hairband and danced to the music, I took my eyes off her body trying to press down my hard-on.

She stretched forth her hands for me to join her in dancing, my dick finally betrayed me which she noticed and giggled out of fulfilment, we got dancing and she ground slowly and subtly on my hard-on that I thought my short was going to rip open, I began to kiss her ear lobe slowly and gradually moved to her neck.

I whispered the nasty things I wanted to do to her into her ear, I turned her around to take a closer look at her titties but I heard the words “show is over”, I thought she was kidding so I leaned in to kiss her enticing lips, she curved me and she repeated the same words; “show is over”, now she sounded like she meant every word.

 I stopped the music and asked for an explanation, she said the dance was going to lead to something that we would both regret (how I go regret fucking hottie, I dey mad?). After back and forth argument, I angrily told her to leave my apartment and never to call or visit me again, it was a hard but necessary decision.

Exams were looming by, so I had to cut down on my “hoeactivities”. Tolani and I got back on talking terms after numerous pleas and promises, the fear of failure made me forgive her, she practically moved to my apartment, but she kept her clothes on this time and stopped sultry gestures, I really missed the island of endless erections her stares sent me into. 

We just finished reading for an exam we had later that day, we both agreed to take a rest since it was midnight already and the exam was slated for 3 pm. We found ourselves talking and laughing loud while I gave her feet a warm massage, the whole conversation got dirty in no time with the help of the cool weather, she said she saw my dick whilst I was in the bathroom and it looked so little, I told her it was bigger than her boyfriend’s but I will not try to prove it.

We played a game of truth or dare; I made the rules: you lose a piece of clothing anytime you curve a dare; she was all for it (Maama dey wear cardigan and socks). This babe intentionally curved so many non-provocative dares just to strip, as a sharp guy, I followed suit and curved my dares. She was in her undergarments in no time, she wasn’t wearing matching pant and bra this time; she wore a nude bra and a plain white panty which gave off her swollen camel toe.

I curved my last dare just to tread on the path she created, I hurriedly removed my joggers to show off my white Diesel boxer brief. I saw her mouth go ajar when she noticed my bulge caused by her partially naked hot body sitting on my bed, I slid my hands into my underwear to play with my dick while the full weight of her eyes was on my pelvic region.

“You are not the only one with expertise in seduction”, I let out a smirk as I said those words in my mind. She was so lost in an isle of lust, she looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown; my little private show had sent her mind into the seventh heaven.

“Tolani, Truth or Dare?”, she startled as I asked the question the second time, she looked so close yet so far away.

“No, it’s my turn to ask the question”, I knew it was my turn because she gave me the dare that made me strip to my undergarment. I knew she was up to something, so I decided to play along.

“Go for it Tolani”

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth”, she didn’t hide her disappointment in my choice; she planned on daring me to do something nasty. Her look of dissatisfaction gradually changed into a devilish smirk; I knew she was up to no good.

“Tobilola, do you want to fuck me?”, I froze on my seat as those words dropped out of her mouth, I mentally slapped myself into confidence.

 “Yes, I want to fuck every hole on your body”, I hid my shock behind a confident sultry look which she returned with a seductive gaze. I thought it was all one teases which she promised to stop.

She walked slowly towards me in her underwear making sure I didn’t miss a bit of her summer body, I could feel my brain taking pictures of every inch of her body for my masturbation session in my bathroom aftermath of her tease.

She sat comfortably with my hard-on, wrapping her hands around my neck for support, I was speechless when she began to twerking slowly on my third leg, the sensation which her soft bouncing booty brought on my dick sent it into full erection.

“This had better not be a tease Tolani”, I whispered into her ears as she increased the pace of movement on my bulge. She replied by running her thumb across my lower lip like she was applying a lip balm. She leaned in closing her eyes before pressing her lips against mine; gosh, her lips were far softer and fuller than I had imagined, the movement of her lips in mouth sent wild tremors along my nerves, she unconsciously tilted to deepen the kiss.

I kissed her back slowly trying to recover from the shock of the kiss and to catch up with her pace. 

I opened my eyes slightly to reduce the tension which accompanied the kiss as I felt her tongue violently trying to gain access into my mouth, her eyes were fully shut; it was as if she was pouring out her soul into me; I could see the different colours of lust in her shut eyes, this was much more passionate than I ever envisaged.

I could feel the sincerity in her kiss; this cannot be one of her gimmicks. I denied her tongue access into my mouth and withdrew from the kiss. 

“Do I suck at kissing, why did you stop?”, she asked with an apprehensive look on her face

“Why now Tolani, what changed or are just trying to tease me again?”, I looked deep into her eyes

“I knew this day was going to come; the day I would want more than just your hard-on pressing hard against my butt, a day where I wouldn’t be able to resist your glances and your flirtations. Have always wanted you inside of me. 

“Why tease me when you could have simply asked for a bite? I could have surprised you by giving you a complete meal”

Teasing you makes me feel fulfilled. I jerked off severally to the thought of sucking your rigid dick; I planned on taking you on a ride to the zenith of lust and hunger, the ride was going on smoothly till you flipped on me and sent me out of your room. I realised how much I am attached to you and I don’t want mere teases to ruin the friendship” 

“What about your rich boyfriend?”, my insecurity cried so loud in the question

“Prince is good, just a taste of another fruit wouldn’t spoil anything between us. I am pretty sure he is parting oceans with his dick in Lagos. Besides, words have it on the street that your dick is succulent and potent enough to drive any lady crazy. Who doesn’t want to be driven crazy?”

“Enough of the questions Tobiloba, can we just continue where we left off and never deny me access into your mouth if you don’t want me to chop your tongue off”

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