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Seventh Heaven: Stories About Tolani I [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: Stories About Tolani I [18+]


The University has a way of rewarding “good” students.

It took me forever to gain admission into the University, I was not never a dull student, but my delayed admission into the university made me look like a dullard amongst my peers. Being the first child of a professor came with a tremendous stereotype; everyone expected me to be a chip off the old block, they all expected my father’s intelligence to reflect in my thought and actions and even in the air I breathe.

What will you say about my mathematics teacher who called me a bastard for failing a routine question in calculus everyone else failed? My father didn’t make things easier; all he was concerned about was protecting his good image, he didn’t want me blemishing it with my uncharacteristic dullard traits. 

The environment became unhealthy for me, making me lose all I had for school, all I wanted was to make money and have mad fun. 

After much convincing, I finally bent to my dad’s will, I gave admission into a university the last trial and luckily for me it worked out, I finally gained admission into the University of Ibadan to study Religious Studies. I was happy irrespective of the course I was given, even though dad wanted me to study mathematics.

I was a little bit sad because, school life was going to be boring and lifeless (without my guys, they graduated already) but the joy that thinking about university babes brought was insurmountable. 

I was a hot cake for the ladies; 6’2, good looks, nice body, connected beards, nice apartment and a partially swollen pocket (I had a good side hustle which was raking in cash for me and my dad was very supportive). 

My departmental mates were so annoying and disgusting, they all had this childish and unbelievable behaviour. I conversed with only a few of them (the class representative and 2 other guys), the ladies were terrible: they were unattractive and dressed like Madea, their faces looked like my first result in the University, the few ones with nice ass hid it inside of big momma’s skirt. 

I was sitting in a lecture room in the second year of my colourless stay in the university awaiting the arrival of my boring lecturer for the last lecture of the day, it was a stressful day for me; Tuesdays were generally the busiest day of the week; having a stretch of lectures from 8 am – 6 pm. 

I hoped my lecturer was going to surprise me by missing his lecture period for the first time. I felt heart-sick when one of those my infuriating departmental mate ran in saying Dr Adebanjo was on his way, 

“Where does he think he is; secondary school or better still a creche, why will a university student ever run into a class in that manner”, I poured out my aggression on my departmental mate in my mind.

Dr Adebanjo was speaking about his rugged years in the university and how opportune we were studying during the computer and internet age, I like him when he speaks about his reality compared to when he talks about behaviour and historical beliefs of different religions in the world. 

I was mentally analysing each student(it’s an activity I do to pass away time) when a young lady walked in through the back door; she blew through the entrance like a fresh breeze, her eyes were like the reflection of the deep blue sky, her black long braids cascaded down her almost translucent brown skin like a waterfall, she held her head high and treaded confidently like the ground was indebted to her, her C-cup boobs sat quietly in her blue T-shirt like an obedient child, she was not the curviest of ladies but her hips protested for freedom in her black knee-length skirt. 

In her ordinariness, she was stunning, her confidence and elegance sent my brain on a vacation to limbo. 

I used my evergreen method in checking out her ass when she walked past me looking for an empty seat; her hips belittled the delightful glory of her booty which looked a little timid in her skirt, she caught me starring when I tried tracing my gaze back up to her face; instead of giving me a stern look like the ladies in my department, she let out a naughty smile which sent volts of electricity jolting through my 5 senses and gave me an instant painful hard-on. 

How can someone look so simple and elegant at the same time (romance novels making me sound like a low budget William shakes sphere)? 

The class was meant to span for 2 hours but it lasted for 5 hours in my mind, I mind practised walking up to her giving her my normal format (Legendary format that has never failed). 

I was filled with joy when my lecturer said “see you next week” until the annoying bald man singled me out to return the public address system to the departmental office, I cursed him beneath my breath; why today of all boring days? The departmental officer delayed me with his questions on my academics and my faith, asking if had given my life to Christ.  

By the time I got back to my lecture room, I met the lecture room half-empty with no sign of the cutie, I packed my books quietly into my bag, planning out 1000 ways to beat up my lecturer in my head. 

I was about to step out of my lecture room when I heard a soft and smooth voice behind me.


 I feigned dumbness thinking it was one of those my annoying departmental mates, the voice pressed further.

“Hi bro”, my countenance changed immediately I heard the word “bro”, na who be your brother, I yelled in my mind. 

I had to switch the furious look to a fake soft smile when I turned towards the direction of the voice. Behold, the cutie was in front of me, she welcomed my supposedly fake smile with a bright smile which exposed her nude well-defined dimples. 

My eyes brightened up and goosebumps miraculously crawled onto my skin as my eyes struck her titties; I could swear I heard them call my name out loud begging me to set them free from the shackles of her bra.

“Are you the class representative?” she asked, my feet suddenly became numb and I stuttered a few times when saying; 

“No, I am not”. She obviously thought I was the class representative because I was told to return the Public Address System by my bald lecturer. I told her Dr Adebanjo has a subtle way of spotting the most unserious student for his funny errands. 

We got talking and she introduced herself as Tolani, a spillover student; that explains the fact of me meeting her for the first time. She asked for necessary materials and handouts pertaining to the courses she failed

“I need help studying this course materials, it looks so easy and yet very difficult, I need to graduate this year, I can’t afford to carry the course over again”

“Sure, I will definitely do anything to see your face regularly and that is obviously a step closer to getting in between your legs; baby steps can actually guarantee a fortune”, I smiled at the dirtiness in my thought. I told her I was at her service anytime she needed me, of course, I didn’t tell her that. 

She lamented on her ordeal in the cold hands of our distinguished lecturers as we made our way out of the faculty building; the girl don suffer for their hand sha. 

She sounded so articulate and eloquent, I wondered how a babe this smart would fail Dr Adebanjo’s course, but we all know that smartness alone doesn’t guarantee you good grades in a Nigerian university. 

I walked her to the car park where she was going to board a shuttle bus, we exchanged numbers before the bus zoomed off. I couldn’t take the babe off my mind as I walked to see a friend in the school hostel.

Tolani and I meet in school on weekends to study, I was getting so fond of her company, her humour was top-notch; she had a lot of “na me fuck up” moments which cracked me up, her critical analysis of rising issues and her view of life often rendered my hopeless in admiration. I in turn made the studying experience worthwhile by chipping in ribald comments which she responded to by pinching a bulk of the skin especially that of my thigh.

I thought of her blowing me off like her grades depended on it often distracted me while studying. 

“Tobilola, you will fail this course if you keep gazing at my ass while we study, it is not that big, I wonder why you can’t take your eyes off it”

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