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Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Episode 2) [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Episode 2) [18+]

The past few days have been bittersweet for Kolade, Mrs Johnson switched to a version which he dreaded, he knew he brought it all upon himself; no more chit chats while driving, no more stops at restaurants. 

He was driving slowly, checking each house number on the street trying not to the miss the address his boss wrote in a piece of paper.

A tall good-looking bearded guy with an athletic body signalled him to stop,

“Are you from Mrs Johnson?”, he said in a husky voice,

“Yes, I am. You must be Pascal; she is waiting for you at home”.

Are they related? What does he want from her? several questions fought for dominance in Kolade’s head, but he couldn’t let any of them slip out of his mouth.

The drive home was a boring and long one for him, he didn’t want to inscribe his name on another page of his boss’s black book, so he didn’t bother engaging the attractive bloke in a discussion.

He parked the car in the garage and dashed to his favourite spot in the house; the kitchen where Ronke was battling to remove eatables off a bony cow leg, typical Ronke; staunch glutton. Mrs Johnson came out of her room to welcome her visitor and led him into the inner living room.

“uhhhhhh uuuuhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh”, those were the sounds Kolade woke up to, he tottered to the table in the centre of his room to check the time on his phone; it was just a few minutes past two am, the sounds persisted; he is not a stranger to the booming sound of pleasure which was pleasing to his ears.

He opened the door of his room noiselessly making his way to the hallway trying to trace where the moans were coming from. 

He noticed Ronke’s room was strangely ajar, Ronke’s room is always locked like a strong room, he made his way into her room to satisfy his curiosity. Ronke was naked, far misplaced in dream island; her firm boobs with an ingeniously shaped areola caught his attention, so Ronke sleeps naked. He moved to the side of her bed in a bid to get an HD view of her naked body; he stroked his dick through his boxers as he imagined sucking her sleepy nipples.

She tossed and turned subconsciously, trying to snuggle her pillow making her bare massive butt stand at his mercy; her butt checks looked so humble and peaceful. The sound of the moans brought him out of the pool of sex thoughts he was drowning hopelessly in; he took a last long look at Ronke’s naked body before he resumed his quest. 

The sound was loudest at the entrance to his boss’s room; he had severally played out her moans in his head, but none of them sounded this mind-blowing. He noticed the door wasn’t fully shut; he fought so hard to resist the temptation of seeing his boss getting screwed hard. He went on his fours, slipping his head into the room cautiously; he was marvelled when he saw his boss laying by the edge of the bed writhing in pleasure as a masculine figure knelt on the floor paying homage to the deity between her legs.

I thought as much, Pascal is the one who parts oceans with his tongue; he is a prolific headmaster, I will surely do need more classes after today’s practical class. 

She held on tight to the quilt with her left hand trying hard to hold her moans, move which utterly failed and pushed Pascal’s face further into her sex. She tightened her legs around his face as she released a flood of cum on his face; he wore a satisfied smile as he licked her juice off his lips and fingers,

“You taste so good, you wanna have a taste?”, he leaned in to kiss her.

Kolade docked behind the door like a bugler; he mentally slapped himself knowing he could have been the one in Pascal’s position lapping juices from nirvana, only if I didn’t march on the brake that hard. The moans of his boss’s snapped him out of his thoughts; he took the position which he took earlier unlocking another level of carefulness as he slipped his head into the room.

 He was dumbfounded at the sight of his naked boss in a cowgirl position, gracefully riding a black veined rigid dick which disappeared far into her on every wriggle. She had the expertise of a Sarah Banks and moans of Jasmine Webb; two mad combos.

Kolade badly wanted to see her boobs; he wanted to watch pascal suck her boobs, but all he could see was her sweaty back and her hair which danced joyfully as she moved her body. How can this pascal of a guy lay down lazily and let her do all the work; he is not even playing with the nipples. His tongue is obviously the only useful part of his body. 

She looked behind her neck as she wriggled slowly on the dick trying to take in every flavour of pleasure that came from it; she spotted Kolade’s bulgy eyes by the side of the door. Kolade was engrossed with the sleek movement of her waist that he didn’t notice his boss’s eyes on him.

“There is enough space for an additional dick, Kay”, those words didn’t mean anything to him until he noticed her waist halt; he swiftly traced his gaze to her face. She met his gaze with a warm sexy smile signalling him to come join the party; his countenance switched from guilt to shock; he thought about her invite for few seconds before taking to his heels like a coward he is. He ran speedily across the hallway to his room with his rock-hard member juggling in his short; he could hear her laugh loud as he ran.

He locked the door behind him, Omo, I favour 120k and an employment opportunity over a steamy threesome session o, I go cum, go and forget”.

He sat on the wooden chair in his room trying to convince himself he did the right thing by fleeing from the temptation of his boss’s flooded pussy.

Thinking about that pussy is making me hard again; I didn’t have the chance to see her boobs, sure its nipples are swollen as fuck now”. He pulled out his now partially hard dick from his short and kicked his way out of the short, he stared at his member trying to compare it to the size of that that was inside of Mrs Johnson, Pascal dick big sha, Kilode!!!. 

He held his dick in his right hand and gave the tip of his dick a gentle massage with the thumb of the other hand as he replayed Pascal eating out Mrs Johnson’s pussy. He took pascal’s place in the sex scene he played out in his head as Mrs Johnson’s moans reverberantly filled his room.

He moved his is left hand from the shaft of his dick across its hallway up to the tip and increased his pace on every successful trip; his hands were just the right size for his dick. The movement of his hand was not going as smoothly as he wanted, so he reached to his dressing table to get a baby oil.

He poured the oil lavishly on his black curved hard dick like it’s an infant; he poured a little on his hands and rubbed his hands against the other and resumed his private party. He laid on his bed looking towards the ceiling, thinking about fucking Mrs Johnson in a doggy style and having a mouthful of Ronke’s boobs in his mouth simultaneously. He brought back the last image of Ronke’s boobs he took with his eyes, frolicking her awoken nipples and circling her areola till she moaned in her tiny voice.

He couldn’t help himself from picturing Ronke’s hand directing the motion of his dick into her full rounded lips as Mrs Johnson sat on his face demanding him to eat her like his last meal on earth; he joyfully ate her out trying to dethrone Pascal as the Headmaster.

A stream of cum gushed out from Kolade’s opening causing him to squirm on his bed; his overgrown pubic hair was full of his cum as its smell filled his room; he felt drained and sleepy. He tried to summon the strength to get off the bed to clean himself up, but his efforts failed as the will of sleep was stronger.

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