August 12, 2022

Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Finale) [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Finale) [18+]

“It’s your turn Ronke, show me what you are made of”, he sat on the edge of the bed anticipating Ronke’s show, she walked towards him like a runway model showing him every part of her body. She knelt right in front of him like a maiden, serving her betrothed; she massaged his flaccid dick till it woke from its brief sleep,

“Why will I masturbate, when I can experience what a curved dick feels like?”, she licked the residue of cum off its tip and took his full oily length into her mouth; she gave him a breath-taking blowjob which made his moan fall one by one.

He pushed her head further into his dick making her deepthroat it as he sent a stream of cum down her throat. She came back up without a trace of cum in her mouth, she swallowed it all, “Easy on my head kid, you don’t want to break momma’s neck. You taste so good, my food has been working wonders on your body”, they both had a good laugh.

“It’s time to make it up to momma for her good work”

“I don’t have a condom”, he said with a sad face, thinking she wouldn’t want to go further without it, “I wasn’t expecting you to have one over here, I trust your withdrawal skill is on point, or do you have enough money for Cerelac and pampers?”. Her body took the whole expanse of the bed when he laid her flat on it, he spread her legs apart and gave her wet dull pink entrance a penetrating stare.

He placed his hand on her inner thigh and shuttled between teasing her clit with his fingers and sliding them into her to stimulate her wetness, he drove his middle finger deep inside of her with a hurried pace wanting her to moan loud. “fuck me, hard kid, show me how it feels to fuck a curved dick”, she said under her moan. He slid out his finger and got up top of her; she readied herself for a missionary fuck and waited to feel him inside of her.

He spread her legs far apart as he slid his dick inside of her, a joyful feeling filled his heart as he felt her wetness bathe his hard member. He groped one of her boobs into his mouth while increasing his thrusting pace; her boobs were just like he had thought, soft, firm, and big enough to house his mouth, it tasted like caramel.

The sound of her moan was like sweet music to his ears, he wanted every note to register in his head, he alternated kissing and fondling her boobs like a baby’s cheek. He noticed he hadn’t a feel of her ass, so he switched her over for a doggy while he spanked and squeezed her ass.

She got tired of doggy position and pushed him to the bed, she climbed on him and assumed a cowgirl position. She rode him like she had a destination in mind, he groped a handful of her ass and used it to guide her motion on his dick, the effect of her massive weight on his body almost made him vanish into the bed, but he couldn’t dare complain.

She rode on him faster as her pussy contracted and clamped his dick tight, he knew she was on the verge of an orgasm and needed all the freedom he could give. She shook vigorously like she was convulsing and made funny sounds as she released her load on him. He withdrew his dick from inside of her when he felt his cum building up and placed it in her face, emptying his load all over her expectant face, giving her facials. They both laid down in bed exhausted and breathless. 

They had sex till she became sore.

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