August 9, 2022

Seventh Heaven: The Emancipation of Cassidy II [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: The Emancipation of Cassidy II [18+]

 I moved back to Mami and her husband’s house after my graduation, school life rewarded me with more than memories; it was a get away from Mami and her husband. 

I planned on staying back in school till I got my callup letter for NYSC, but Mami cut me off my monthly allowance; she ordered me to come back home since the school was idle. I wanted to turn deaf ears to her order, but the fear of starvation made me submit myself at her feet.

I was in my second year in the university when Jerry broke up with me; he sent me a lengthy message after his graduation saying: I am not part of his future plan, everything we had started in school and was destined to end in school. 

I cried my eyes out in bed and sulked for weeks, I found it almost impossible to move on, I was habituated to being around him, I thought I was going to end up getting married to him. I missed his attention, touch, care and of course, our wild sex; 

He decided he had seen enough of him watching me get fucked, after the other night with nerdy, my kitty cat was for him only. He gave me record-breaking breakup sex and left a trademark on my pussy, I have masturbated a thousand times over the memory of that night in his hotel room.

My stepdad gifted me a Toyota Camry after my graduation; he called it a little well-deserved graduation gift, I enrolled in a driving school and became a James Bond on the street of Lagos in no time. 

Our relocation to Lagos after Mami’s remarriage took a heavy toll on me, I found it difficult to acclimatize to the unending hustle which made Lagos bustle and the irksome traffic congestion which made me think twice before leaving home even. 

My driving skills laid waste as I barely left the house, I had no friends and I suck at making friends online. Prolong sleep triggered by boredom was the highlight of my post-graduation life.

Faffing around social media became my new normal, I stalked fine boys with nice bodies. I stumbled on Mr Nerdy’s page on one of my aimless pursuit of boys with ripped body; OMG! Nerdy was no longer nerdy, he looked so smart with chiselled abs and broad shoulders, his days of scrawniness were long gone, he could rightly pass for an underwear model, the switch from Malcolm X to Michael B.Jordan was unfathomable. 

Nerdy had this funny looking unkempt full hair and few strands of facial hair back in school, which had miraculously transformed into a low cut with gracefully arranged 360 waves and well-connected beards, what changed within four years since I last saw him, which wave of change blew across his life or was he reborn?  I smacked myself out of the numerous questions my mind asked while trying to wrap my head around his mysterious transition, I followed him on social media after combing through his page, he returned my thoughtful gesture by following back hours later.

 Nerdy and I became chat buddies, I had a million and one questions to ask him on his transitions which I cleverly chipped in. 

He said he works on the island as a pharmacist and doubles as a model. I could perceive confidence in his chats which has always been my point of attraction in guys. All I could think about all day was his long thick and veiny dick, would it have gotten bigger? with such a banging body, I bet he must have moved past being an amateur in bed. 

I reached for one of my vibrators and a new set of batteries in my bedside drawer; I own a collection of vibrators and dildos which comforted me in desperate times. 

I put in new batteries as the old one failed to give me an orgasm last time out, I have repetitively tried using my toys in reviving Cassidy, but all my efforts were futile. I had multiple sex partners after my relationship with Jerry hit the rock, but none came close to making Cassidy go crazy as Jerry did; no one could treat her as good as her creator. 

I used the vibrator through my bum short in a bid to stimulate myself before giving the baton to my trusted fingers to do justice to the session; it is a technique I use when I need a long roof-raising session masturbation session. 

I replayed the sex I had with Nerdy on the couch, in my head as the vibration on my already wet bum short intensified, jerry come join us, your Cassidy needs you. I switch to a reverse cowgirl position trying to suck Jerry’s dick and keep up with the pace on  Nerdy’s big dick, I stroke Jerry’s dick into complete hardness before licking out the precum which was seeping out. 

Mr nerdy caresses one of my boobs while Jerry plays with the other nipple; Nerdy’s touch on my boobs is heavy and it feels like he is going to rip it out of me, but I can’t bring myself to stop him as the feeling of his big dick buried deep inside of me is heavenly. Jerry’s touch in contrast to  Nerdys’ is gentle and soothing; he is slowly pinching and twisting my hard nipple, following the rhythm of my moans. I yanked my already wet bum short off as I was overdressed for the masturbation session which was reaching its zenith.

I can feel Mr Nerdy gradually approaching climax as his moan and grip of my boob upsurges, I can’t just watch his cum waste in the condom, so I gently push Jerry away not wanting to be offensive, I find balance on my weak feet after a few staggers. 

I lean forward to remove Mr Nerdy’s condom from his erect wet dick, I play with the wet tip before clamping my full lips on it; he screams as I give his balls a tight squeeze while deep throating on his dick. 

I can feel Jerry spanking my ass and teasing my wet entrance, its wetness made it easily accessible to his fingers which is pumping into me speedily. Nerdy was about to explode his nut in my mouth when I had a knock on my door.

“My ego was flushed down the drain the night you fucked me whilst Jerry was an onlooker; it was my first time, I hadn’t seen a live pussy and boobs prior to that night, all the thoughts I used in masturbating came from porn and erotica. The fear of being teased by the bully who you had as a boyfriend made me keep mute and go with the flow”, Nerdy said during one of our few hangouts. 

“You did not do badly for a first-timer, though I did all the fucking while you sat on the couch mumbling gibberish into my ears”, I tried keeping his head afloat, not wanting to make him feel like a loser. “I am not more that innocent-looking nerd, who couldn’t fuck to save his life. 

This revamped David gives a nine out of ten sex performance, at least, no babe has complained of sexual prowess ”, I believe he told me all that in a bid to consciously erase the thought of the bad sex we had and rewrite roof-raising sex on a  clean slate. 

I couldn’t wait to get home to masturbate to the thought of exploring all shades of Mr Nerdy’s newfound ingenuity in bed.

“I have a date tonight with a friend, Mami’, I was expecting a reaction from her; either that of curiosity or that of a happy mother hearing her daughter going on her supposed first date, “Okay, have fun and drive safely”, I could feel a stream of tears building up in my eyes.

Which mother allows her daughter to go on a date without asking loads of questions about her date, the Mami I knew before she remarried would have sat me on her bed, styled my hair while choking me up with questions and even picked a nice dress for me. Mami doesn’t care about her little Chi-Chi again,

“Chichi, can you not sleep at home tonight, your stepdad and I would like to spend this Friday night all alone in the house. 

You are a big girl now, I trust you to take care of yourself”, Mami said as I left her room. 

I burst into tears as I made my way into my room, she didn’t bother asking about my date, now she wants me to excuse myself from the house, I have finally lost Mami; the cold hands of marriage have heisted my hero, all the promises she made before getting married have all been washed away, In whose arms would lonely Chi-Chi find comfort? I cried bitterly and drenched my pillow with my hot tears. 

I put myself together and prepared for a movie date with Nerdy, I knew a big black dick was what I needed to distract me from life’s drama as I was gradually tired of using toys.

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