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May 8, 2021

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DS Series : IB Parole

Hello Everyone, finally a regular DS series post, really appreciate your visits, comments, complaints, RTs’ to my blog, God go make una bigger, just need to rest this segment a bit every once in a while, but it will always come up.

This particular parole happened in Ibadan, let me explain how this came about, the babe in question is my cousin’s babe’s friend….loooool Lemme rephrase it, my cousin’s babe introduced her to me, my cousin’s girlfriend is always bothered about me, that I don’t have a girlfriend, she thinks it’s actually because of my work or I just don’t care that much. I actually care but there is a problem with my mentality.

**Clearing my throat**

My mentality is, I don’t think I’m gonna be ready to marry in the next 5 years, so I don’t see the reason why I should tie any lady down under the ‘serious’ relationship clause. These days, I feel it’s appropriate to date for about a year or 2 and then marry, I don’t believe in dating someone for 4-5 years and not marry them, I am pretty much a nice guy 😀

I don’t want the case of dating someone and 2 years down the line, I’m sure I won’t be ready to marry, then it would seem like I’m wasting her time and everyone would see me as the bad guy, thus my lifestyle. Moreover, its way cooler to think for myself alone 😀

Due to this excuse, I usually have random flings, FWB or anything along that line and in all honesty, if you know how to find these things, they’re everywhere.

Moving on, back to the story of my cousin’s girlfriend’s friend, she gave me her number., I called her a couple of times and then we exchanged pins, we started the whole conversation thing and you definitely know how this whole bbm chat is, you basically wake up together, chatting, sleep, basically spend each day together. She was a beautiful girl, Igbo chic, seen her dp, she sends me a picture of her every single day, it was cool, we had been on this for a while, it was time to see.

We should have hooked up a long time ago but the problem was that she doesnt stay in Lagos, I could have made her come to Lagos but I wanted to do inter-state parole  :D, she stays in Ibadan, IB isn’t far from Lagos, depending on how fast the car is, it could be like an hour.

The D day came, I had postponed it for a bit but at this point, it seemed like I was dulling too much, and the parole was a sure one, all I had to do was just show up, so I closed early on a particular Friday and went to Ibadan with a couple of friends. I had called her earlier on that I was coming to IB later on that day, she said I should tell her when am in town. Getting to Ibadan was dramatic; the fuel tankers were fighting just after the RCCG Camp.

We got into Ibadan, me and my friends got rooms in a nice hotel, not Premier Hotel sha, but a very decent one anyway. I called her while we were at the hotel reception that I was in IB, gave her the hotel name and address, she promised to be there in 30 mins, also told her to come with 2 friends because I came with my 2 friends, she was a LEADS city babe, they always know how to roll nicely. #TEAMLEADSCITYCHICS

I checked into my own room, brought out all my tools, I hadn’t shaved my pubic hair in a while, i jumped into the shower to freshen up, cleaned out all the pubic hair down there, she already said she liked it when down south was shinny clean. So, I went ahead to clean out the whole hair there, then had my bath.

It was already turning into an American romantic comedy movie of a guy who hasn’t been laid in a long while or clearly a virgin in some cases. I got out of shower, while I was cleaning the water off my body with the towel, her call came in that she was just leaving school now. I wanted to get angry but she claimed she was trying to see which of her friends would be interested in coming with her, I said okay and asked her to send me a picture of her so I could see her outfit, she obliged as usual and when I saw the picture, I exclaimed, Shit!!!!!!!!!

She was wearing a low cut fitted gown, she was kind of light, with a short fringe hair style, she wasn’t very busty but the way she packed it, you would think she was a D cup. As for me, it doesn’t take much to get me hard; the mere thought of me unhooking that bra and taking off her gown was enough to give me a boner. Like my great Mentor will always say, whenever you wanna impress a lady, jerk off first, so I went into the bathroom, and did the needful. The first nut is a bastard, it will betray you any chance it gets, so I jerked the motherfucker off (Thank God for the ministry of Katt Williams)

In no time, she called me that she was downstairs in the hotel, my kind of boner will still be up for a bit after the nut, so I put my jeans back on, pulled my dick up to my pubic area and held it up with the belt of my jeans, clever way aint it? loool i put on my shirt, I called my guys and we went downstairs to meet the girls at the bar.

We all got talking, introduced each other and everyone was talking arguing about politics, music and all, after a while, we took our leave and left my guys with her friends at the bar, talking at the bar while staring at the fun bags on her chest was getting me another boner, thank God I had already used my belt to hold it up so no one would notice.

We took our leave and went into my hotel room, while we were walking in the hall, I held her by the waist but intentionally allowed my hand to slide on her average butt, she stopped in her step and looked up at me, she was kinda short but the cute kinda short tho.

When she stopped, I didn’t know what to think but then she grinded her ass into my palm. WOW, this was a good sign; I was happy inside of me. We got to the door, I opened, we both entered, she was still standing while I locked the door. I pulled her up to me while we stood in front of the bed, I kissed her lips, and I noticed her lip gloss was flavoured, I thought to myself, nice but then again I could smell the cigarette menthol in her breath….she smokes???? Well, who am I to judge.

While we were kissing, I let my hands go down from her side to pull her up by the ass, holding her ass in each hand, they were soft and jiggly, this even pumped more blood into my boner, I pulled up her gown above her ass but her small flaring hips wanted to be an issue, she got my drift and put her legs together so I could pull it up, I think she was scared I was gonna ruin the skirt that’s why she assisted me. Her ass was warm, with the black string of her G-string running through her ass. We were still kissing while I was playing her ass trying to get my finger into her pussy.

She stopped me and took off my shirt, here is the reason why I like IGBO girls, no diss to Yoruba girls, but Igbo girls are more adventurous, sure about what they want, if it were a Yoruba girl, we would first talk about her parents, school, her siblings, but an Igbo girl, they’re always like let’s get this thing started….looool

She pushed me to the bed after taking off my shirt, she was smiling while she was doing this, she unhooked my belt, undid my jean zipper and dragged it out of me, I raised my waist to help her get off my trouser, I was looking at her with the gown folded up to her belly, could see her flaring hips, I was staring at her boobs almost falling out of the top of the gown, it was so erotic, my dick was jerking on its own, i must say that nigga got a mind of its own.

She turned back and asked me to undo the zipper of her gown which I did and she pushed me back down to the bed because I had to get up to undo her zipper, she pulled the gown down and stepped out of it, the sight was  absolutely fantastic, she was wearing the condom bra, damn!!!!!!

She straddled me on the bed, took out my dick from my  boxers, rubbed it for a bit, pushed her G string aside and began rubbing my dick against her pussy lips, the entrance, we kissing at first, while she was rubbing it back and forth, twisting my nipples. I was also jerking my dick as she rubbed her pussy lips against my dick. She was bending over the upper part of her body so we could kiss but the pussy lips’ rubbing the shaft of my dick was getting more intense; she sat straight on the dick.

With this, I had full access to the boobs, they weren’t so big, I have seen bigger but it was neatly packaged and very perky looking, I was smooching them in the bra, but I wanted more, so I moved the straps down, took the whole bra down to her belly, not so fat tummy, while I was doing this, she was still jerking her pussy lips to my shaft, she unhooked the bra and threw it on the floor.

The boobs were free; she was into the grinding not concerned about me, so I fondled her boobs, rubbed and tickled her nipples while she was rubbing away. Opa Eyin and Alomo works wonders on the first nut but then wait until you’re in the second round, they work mysteriously. I was still in regular play mode, my dick was as strong as steel. I pulled her down to face me, kiss her strongly and turned her over, making her lay on her back.

I yanked away my boxers ,climbed on top of her and started kissing her, smooching her boobs against her chest, I let my hand find her temple, gently rubbing my fingers all around the temple slowly and delicately, she gave out soft, silent moans. I found the clit and begin teasing while I moved my mouth to her nipples, she was twisting under me, arching her back up, kissing me in short takes, she was in clouds way above nine, so I stopped, and straddled her, moved up to her face and put my dick in front of her mouth, she looked up at me, she was kind of shy, I gently gave her a nudge and she held the base of my shaft, using her both hands to rub it gently.

She began licking it softly, especially the tip, rubbing the head lovingly, I was jerking my hips at the movement of her hand, she took one hand off and began rubbing her hands on my balls, cupping them, she started blowing me by sucking on the tip of my dick, stroking the shaft, then she bumped her head into it more, I could feel part of my shaft in her mouth, it was warm and it felt so good, I was feeling the teeth but very mild.

The tempo of her mouth to my dick became faster, I stood like a stature, complete  shut e ye, looking towards the ceiling, I was lost somewhere between Cloud 9 and 11. I was getting to the level where my erection was getting stronger, a whole lot of blood had been pumped, so I took it out, stood up, re-arranged our posture, strapped my condom on.

She came on top and started the horse ride, it was slow for a few strokes then it got very fast, her eyes were completely shut,her boobs were dangling back and forth in front of me, very erotic sight. I took the leisure of holding her ass while she was riding, she slowed it down, then I started my own session, I was pumping into her fast holding her ass down, pulling it down to meet my strokes, I did a couple of fast strokes and then slowed down for some really deep penetration, this was when her soundtrack changed to more of mixture of pain and pleasure.

I liked the deep strokes, I like to fill up the whole place and my member is quite big, so I resumed back to the fast stroke, I was getting enough of this so we switched  to doggy style, her ass wasn’t so big but there is something the doggy style does to a regular ass, she was properly lubricated, if her ass was big, I could pull a handful to use as handle but sadly it was average so I had to use her waist, she put her face on the pillow sideways, closed her eyes, I tried to cup her boobs while banging into her from behind but it was too strenuous a task, so I concentrated on pumping her from behind, she was a real fan of fast stroke, she stopped me and pointed to the window.

She stood up and went towards the window, held the burglary metal and arched her ass behind, I obediently went and starting pumping into her as she held the burglary as tightly and firm as she could, her  pussy became more wet, I noticed she just came, her moans reduced, I was still banging, a few minutes later, I sensed I was coming.

We changed style, took her back to the bed, she lay on her back, held her 2 legs ajar herself, I positioned in the middle, put my dick in, full penetration, brought it out, pushed it back in the whole length, brought it out again. The excitement was getting to me, I had to do because I knew I had a few strokes left before I cum.

She put her legs down then I pulled up one leg, laid it almost flat on her chest,I had a full view of her temple, put my dick and went in fast stroke, few strokes down, my cum was almost at the tip of my dick, I removed my dick despite the condom and watched as my junk filled the condom. I felt very light in weight.

We abandoned the bed, and lay on the rug, we were both speechless for another minute and then I looked over, she was calm, she got up went into the shower, I took a sip of the drink I was having at the bar, lay on the bed, faced up, she came out of the shower, straddled me and put her pussy in front of my mouth same way I put my dick in her face earlier on, I smiled, traced the upper part of her pussy with my tongue, she let out a soft moan, traced her pussy lips round with the tip of my tongue, sticking my tongue up her pussy, almost tongue fucking.

I put my tongue into her pussy, eating out her pussy, while my fingers were massaging the top of her pussy,rubbing her clit left and right.  she was pushing her pussy down into my mouth, I was enjoying her response to the head I was giving her.

She was moaning and rotating her hips when I heard sounds that seemed like gunshots, it got more rampant, I tried to sneak a look for the window, I heard loud foot stomping and more shots, we stopped and went into the bathroom, sat in the bathtub.

Some guests at the hotel were being robbed, we sat where we were, completely naked and confused, my erection had disappeared, we waited in our room till we had the Police Siren.

Anyway, that’s how the IB Parole ended.


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