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Seventh Heaven: The Emancipation of Cassidy [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: The Emancipation of Cassidy [18+]

I was sixteen years old when Mami remarried; I lost my dad when I was just two years; Mami said he was a nice man and they had a blossom union. Mami and I became best of friends since I was all she had; all my childhood memories revolved around her; she was my hero, my muse and the custodian of my secrets. 

I was always in a hurry to get home after school to give her a lowdown of the day’s activities, from the boy who tried kissing me in the school bus to the girl who envied me because of my long hair, I told her all of it. She resigned from her work as a teacher to open a store so she could have enough time to tend to me.

All of it changed when she married my stepdad; he is an old rich widower with all married children. I watched Mami transfer all the attention and care to her old husband, we stopped observing our Friday movie night ritual and Sunday afternoon outing after Church service. I lost contact with my friends when Mami and I relocated to her husbands’ in Lagos; he got her a job in Lagos. 

My stepdad’s house came with comfort and luxury which were words absent in our two-bedroom apartment, but Mami’s love was untradable. 

I started keeping secrets from her; I got a boyfriend in my first year in the university; Jerry was in his final year when we started dating. I didn’t just lose my virginity to him; I also lost my morals. I found my long-lost happiness in his arms; he showered me with care, attention, and a quality dick. 

He exposed me to a world of everlasting sexual pursuit where he created an alter ego of a pornstar in me which he named Cassidy, after his favourite pornstar Cassidy Banks. He used statements like 

“You are damn wet, Cassidy”, 

“Cassidy, you are giving me a boner by just winking”, 

“Cassidy, don’t stop bouncing that fat ass on my dick ” and loads more.

He loved to be sucked and gagged rubbing his cum over my face as a cure for my acne, his cum made my acne get worse, but its warm, slimy and lip-smacking taste got me craving for every drop of it. He always fantasied about him watching me get fucked, a thought which disgusted me at first but got relishing with time.

Jerry had this nerdy roommate who didn’t like me; he never grew weary of giving me a look rich in disgust and disdain, maybe it was because he always had to always excuse Jerry and me from the one-bedroom apartment they jointly rented or because I teased him about his Malcolm X’s glasses and the huge textbooks he read, his name ‘David’ didn’t give the full description of his personality, so I called him “nerdy”.

There were cases of robbery and burglary in my apartment in school, so Jerry told me to move over with him and his roommate till the culprits were brought to book; the idea didn’t sit well with nerdy but he had no choice other than to tolerate me. 

Jerry and I were watching a movie on his laptop while nerdy sat on a plastic chair reading one of his big textbooks; I was on the bed in between Jerry’s legs, resting my back on his solid bare chest, his back was well rested against the wall with our lower limbs tucked in his quilt. 

I felt his fingers caressing my bare thigh in a tingly way; I was so conversant with the movement to know that it was just a trick to awaken Cassidy as his destination was far beyond my thigh. I leaned back further into his chest to give him a light kiss on his cheek; a sign to tell him I was enjoying all he was doing under the quilt. 

 I jolted when he gave my inner thigh a light poke as he gradually approached my wetness, our eyes were both on the screen of his laptop trying not to give nerdy the slightest hint of what was going on under the quilt. 

He gently stroked my hair with his free hand as two of his fingers massaged my entrance through my now wet panties, 

“It’s raining in there already Cassidy, I want to make it an ocean”, I nodded my head in consent as I couldn’t get myself together to respond to his whispery flirtation. He stopped abruptly and put his fingers in my mouth; damn, I tasted far better in his fingers than ever, 

“Not so fast Cassidy, it’s too early to cum all over daddy’s bed and besides, David is still wide awake”, It felt like I was punched in the face, at that point nerdy was a greater villain than Thanos. I slept off in Jerry’s arms.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by nerdy’s snore, it wasn’t the first time that was happening since I moved in with them; I got a daily dose of his ear-splitting snore, I wonder how Jerry coped living with a mower. 

I controlled the growing urge to shove paper down nerdy’s throat as he slept turbulently on the couch with his mouth wide open. I laid back on the bed trying so hard to sleep but the irate sound made sleep elude me, so I decided to play with Jerry’s beards when boredom set it, his beard was my favourite toy apart from the main toy. 

“David’s snore woke you up again?”, I was so enwrapped with untangling his beards that I didn’t know when he woke, 

“You have a mower for a roommate”, we both laughed as we listened to the rise and fall of his snore.

He pulled me closer to his chest, trying to snuggle me up to lull me back to sleep an attempt which failed woefully as sleep was far away from me.  

I tickled him in his armpit in a bid to fully awaken him as he was still sleepy, I traced my hands from his armpit to his chest to play with his nipples; he has puffy nipples which are sensitive to touch, so I watched it respond to my touch. I advanced to suckle on one and frolic the other; his nipple became hard in my mouth as I rolled my tongue on it. 

He moaned lightly in pleasure as I continued to suckle and play with his nipples.

“Other places need your tongue other than my nipples, besides we have an uncompleted business?”, I withdrew my tongue from his nipples and gave him my characteristic naughty smile which has a fantastic track record of turning him on, 

“Come here already”, he pulled me pulled to his face and met my lips with his full rounded lips; he had this mint taste of mouth wash which made me bury my tongue deeper in his mouth. 

His hands found their way under his hoodie which I was wearing; he had easy access to my boobs because I wasn’t wearing a bra. I moaned in his mouth when he gave my nipple a soft tweak, the steamy make-out session continued a little longer before he withdrew from my mouth and move to my earlobe; he gave it a light bite and kissed it passionately down to my collar bone. 

I took a look at the couch where Nerdy slept on, to confirm he was not watching live porn, I let out a smile of content when I saw him still sleeping

Jerry laid me flat on the bed, then pushed the hoodie and made it rest on my neck revealing my boobs; I have an amazing set of east-west boobs, my nipples are facing away from each other; his inability to suck both nipples together because they are quite far apart thrilled him a lot. 

He traced the circular path of my areolas with his fingers then replaced it with his tongue; his tongue had this magical sensation on my nipples, it made my skin constrict in fulfilment. He returned to my lips and kissed it more passionately this time, I tasted my nipples in his mouth. 

He was perfect in multitasking, he never left any of my body part idle; he slid a finger into my pussy while frolicking my nipples interchangeably with his tongue in my mouth, if he had a third hand, it would have definitely made my ass busy. 

I tried reaching for his dick in his short, but the increased pace of his finger in my pussy made me so weak to grab his hard toy. I was so far gone to notice Nerdy’s snore had ceased and my moan filled up the room.

“David is really enjoying this show”, I felt my tummy rumble in disgust; Nerdy watched my boyfriend finger me; He must have seen my pussy and boobs, he sure heard me moan, such thoughts went through my mind and made me want to slap hard him into blindness, but I was so weak to even look at his scrawny ass as jerry’s thrust with his finger was about giving me an orgasm. I tried holding my moan as I released a pool of cum on their bed, not wanting to give Mr Nerdy a glimpse of Cassidy.

“I would love to watch David fuck Cassidy hard”, I gave jerry an unbelievable look, are you crazy, why would I fuck this crazy nerd. Nerdy stood by his couch looking innocently dumb and shy, 

“Has he ever had sex? does he even have a dick? does he even know where to put his smally? Does he even …”, I froze and the last words couldn’t come out of my mouth as Mr Nerdy pulled out his dick from his boxers; damn, he was longer and thicker than Jerry, it was veined with a smooth baby pink head. My mouth uncontrollably went ajar, I couldn’t believe my eyes, WTF! How can a scrawny looking nerd have such a big dick, where did he get it from? Looks can be so deceiving.

I tried so hard not to give in to jerry’s signals and the joyful feeling in my pussy from the sight of the biggest dick in the room, but my strength failed me. 

I removed my panties which were already at my shin and made my way seductively to nerdy, he couldn’t maintain eye contact with me as timidity oozed out of him. I sat on the couch so his dick could be at hands reach, it still looked unreal, it could pass as 11 inches. 

I looked into his eyes for a reaction as I played with the tip of his dick; his eyes were about popping out of its socket, which was the reaction I was looking at. I really wanted to deepthroat on his full length, but I didn’t know if Jerry was going to fancy that.

“What’s your best pussy splitting style?”, he couldn’t string the right words to answer my question, I heard him mumble words as I gently stroked his long man, why is he this shy or does he not even know any sex position? I asked myself such questions as he couldn’t answer my question. 

Jerry tossed a condom to me, which I tore with my teeth and unpeaceable wore it on him. I pushed him to the couch and sat on his dick, “This is called a cowgirl position”, I whispered into his ears.

I felt his full length disappear inside of me as I rode him so hard and fast; he moaned far louder than I did, Jerry had to switch up the music booming from the room speakers. I wanted to take a break from the whole ride to laugh my lungs out; he was shivering like he was having a convulsion just because he was about cumming. 

He never stopped whispering things into my ears as he was on the verge of an orgasm; he promised me heaven and earth, he said numerous gibberish in my ears. 

He finally came after like five minutes of one-styled sex; I love switching positions while having sex, I hate being in a single position all through.  He is just a waste of a big dick, I did the fucking; Jerry would have sent me to Jupiter with a dick that dick.

“David, you tried, but it was one-sided; you didn’t give her an orgasm. Sit back and watch how it is done”, Jerry tried to make to boost his ego. 

Jerry took me over to the reading table and set me in a doggy position; he played with my entrance a little before he slid his cock in, he pounded me hard with ordered thrust. He lifted me to the bed in one swing and made me ride him hard; I moaned louder as he whispered libidinous words into my ears, 

“I bet no one can fuck you like I do, David was no way close to me”. I took over the baton of control when I noticed he was losing focus, I switched him over without allowing his dick to slide out of me; he lifted my both legs up and spread them wide apart as he thumped hard. I had a long and sweet orgasm which fully defined jerry’s prolific performance.

I knew fantastic sex was incomplete without the other party also has a sweet orgasm, so I knelt on the bed and licked my sweet juice off his dick and replaced it with my saliva; he removed his dick from my mouth and placed it on my forehead as he was about to empty is load. 

He released my not-so-potent skin regimen on my face, I rubbed it on my face like a cream and swallowed what was left on my hand.

“That is how it is done David”, I totally forgot Mr Nerdy was standing there all along until Jerry spoke. I went into the bathroom to clean myself up, jerry came to meet me in there; he lifted me and pinned me to the wall and ate every inch of my pussy as water from the shower served as a catalyst. We fucked some more under the shower and had heavenly orgasms. 


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