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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02 Finale ] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02 Finale ] (18+)

She turned to face the window once more, the careless winds continued to slap her face as hard as they could. It reminded her of how the cool air from the air conditioner in John’s room used to hit her face as John hit her pussy from behind and she held onto the air conditioner. He could not match Tony when it came to sex but he surpassed Tony when it came to comfort.

His place was so comfortable and once they both enter his room under the guise of studying, they fuck till they get tired with no disturbance whatsoever. It took John quite long to understand that when he’s going all in to the deeper parts of Fati’s pussy and she starts to beg him to stop, he was not supposed to stop.

He eventually got the drift of it and their consequent sex featured John thrusting harder and farther with every scream of plea Fati gave to him. He just pounds away till he gets really close and makes sure to make a point by pushing his dick far into her pussy before dumping his seeds in her.

Fati thought about all the time she received cum in her pussy, she could not come up with a count. She always enjoyed how hot sperm splashes against her insides. It makes her pussy tingle non-stop. Every sweet thing however had its own disadvantage and unknown to Fati, time was ticking against her.

It was a bright Saturday morning, Fati and her mother were in the shop. She had done all of her chores and displayed their wares. As she sat down to get some rest, one of her mother’s friends arrived and they exchanged pleasantries before going inside to discuss with her mother.

Their discussion looked a bit suspicious as they kept throwing glances towards her direction after every few hushed talks. The woman who brought along a baby soon needed Fati’s help to carry her baby. She received the baby with great care and gently played with him hoping he would not begin to cry.

She had no idea how to stop him from crying if he started and also did not want any stress from Iya Fati.

The baby behaved himself until one defining moment that messed Fati up by throwing puke all over here. Mere looking at the puke irritated Fati to a very great extent as she rushed to give the baby to its mother before she herself dashed to the gutter to throw up.

She came back to the shop to grab a sachet of water and clean herself up.

By the time she finished and returned to them, she realized the women were quiet now and she wondered why. Iya Fati summoned her over and carefully examined her boobs and eyes and asked her to go and sit down.

Fati sat there, confused, what was going on? She had no idea why her mother and her friend discussed in hushed tones or why her mother was pressing her boobs. She wondered if her mother was into girls or if she was going to pimp her for her friend.

The thought of it alone sounded really absurd to her but since Mrs Benji, Fati knew anything was possible. Not long after her friend left, mama Fati called Fati to prepare as they had somewhere to go. She grew anxious and a bit scared but she wanted to know what was happening.

She was taken aback when they arrived at a hospital, she did not understand what business they had with the hospital but she calmed down a bit when she was asked to sit at the reception and Iya Fati went into the doctor’s office.

A couple of minutes later, they both came out and the doctor asked one of the nurses to take a blood sample from Fati.

Fati looked wide-eyed as the syringe broke into her skin and extracted blood from her. She winced when it was over,

“I will call you tomorrow ma” was the only part of the discussion between the doctor and Iya Fati that she heard. She wondered what they had discussed.

After closing up shop for the day, the return home marked the beginning of disaster for Fati, they got home to meet a very angry Mr Afolabis’ wife and Mama landlady. Fati knew trouble had arrived for her and she had nowhere to run to.

Upon seeing Fati and her mother, the woman ran at them and made to strangle mama Fati amidst incoherent screams. The women both engaged in a fight that left them with loose wrappers and torn bra straps. When they eventually untangled, she accused mama Fati of pimping her daughter out for her for Mr Afolabi.

Apparently, she had earlier engaged her husband in an argument and he had angrily told her would pick Fati over her as she always satisfies him. Mama Fati’s face grew hot immediately and shot a look at Fati whose face was now covered in tears.

After Mrs Afolabi left, Mama Fati led her daughter to their room and bolted the door not wanting any disturbance from the outsiders. Fati was expecting a thorough beating but she was disappointed as Iya Fati just sat and looked on.

Fati sat close to the door awaiting judgment from her mother as they both sat staring at each other till daybreak.

Mama Fati’s phone rang and she immediately picked,

“Hello, doctor” Fati’s mind quickly returned to the hospital and wondered what was happening, her heart started to beat fast and she became very scared.

After a few OKs and yes Sirs, Iya Fati dropped the call and looked Fati dead in the eyes,
“Who is responsible for the pregnancy?” The question caught her off guard, she asked herself if she was pregnant, before she could give an answer to herself, two hot slaps landed on her face.

Uncle Tony, Mr Afolabi, Theo, and John quickly screamed out. The urge to beat her up left Iya Fati immediately, her daughter just mentioned four different people, clearly not knowing which one is responsible for the pregnancy.

She had no words for her daughter other than,

“Go and pack your load, you are going to my sisters’ place in the village”.


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