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The Mistress & Kitten (18+) by Miss Anonymous


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The Mistress & Kitten (18+) by Miss Anonymous

The phone rings, and I’m super excited…

Hello Mistress.

“How was your day my baby?”

“Was Okay Mistress,”

“Hope you still have it on?” She asked

“I do, Mistress,” I replied

“Be at my place in 1 hour.”
“Yes, Mistress. “

I hurried up, had my bath, dressed up, looking all cute and modest for my Mistress 🤭. I got to the house, she had a guest. She smiled at me and asked me to go in and she’ll be with me shortly.

As her friend was leaving, she said

“Sorry, that’s my friend from work.”

“Really, Mistress?” I said trying to throw a tantrum.
“I’m thinking I’m going to be naughty today.” I continued.

“He’s gone,” she said, inviting me to come out but I refused.

She called me three more times and came to check if I was sleeping or just being naughty, I was!!!.

“Excuse me kitten, I called you.” She said as she entered the room.
“I’m your work friend. I won’t answer you.” I replied, trying my best to be naughty.

“Wow, okay Kitten. You want to be naughty right.” She said

I could feel my heart pounding. She moved closer to me and pecked me on my cheek.
“That’s all you are getting tonight,” she said
“What?” I protested
“No Mistress, I’m sorry.” I pleaded

I was on my knees and pouting, “I’m sorry Mistress.”

She leaned forward to me on my knees and said,
“You don’t want to be naughty anymore?”
I shook my head.

She smiled and moved to her wardrobe to get something.

“So, you want to be a naughty kitten.” 😏 She said like an evil villain

I felt her hands on my shoulders.
“Don’t move,” She whispered… “Hands up”

My hands went up and she took off my dress.

“My Kitten, Mine, my sweet girl, show mummy what you had on all day,” She said

I bent over and move my G-string to the side so she could see the Buttplug.

“Awww. My baby, Good girl.” She complimented me.
“You want Mistress to take it out?” She asked with a little attempt at pity
“Yes, Mistress” I replied

She spanked my ass and moved,
“It’s still in there, Mistress,” I said

“You wanted to be naughty right?” She said again

She sat on the bed and asked me to come closer.

She kissed me and put a leash on my neck and blindfolded me.

I slowly whispered, “Oh Mistress,”
I was getting wet, and she knew.

“Don’t get too wet, sweety.” She said

It’s just the beginning as I felt her get up but I couldn’t see..

“Intense, please..yess” I said.

“Hands crossed at your back,” She said.

I felt her pussy on my lips, and I hungrily went for it. She moved, “Ahhhh… Ahhh.”

Fuck, I can’t see and I can’t move… I want to please her and I want to feel everything I’m feeling right now.. I want to taste her.. smell her, be hers. My mind wandered.

She came closer, I could smell her pussy, her sweet sweet pussy, her perfume and scent had no hold on her sweet scent right here.

She stood there, and I went at that pussy, fuck. She was wet. She tasted good. More, more..
I want more… I wanted to touch her… I did..ahhhhh

I could feel her ass and back… she was naked, I want to see her..
She moved and said.. “Bad kitty, You moved.”

“Bad kitten,” she pulled on my leash and kissed my lips.. “Bad kitten.”

She pulled me up and placed me on the bed, ass up, legs on the floor.
“Hands up and this time don’t move it,” She said.
“Yes Mistress, fuck” I said

I could feel her fingers around my ass. Spank.
“Ahh” escaped my lips.

I love the way she makes me want more.

She spanked me again.


Then, I could feel the buttplug move.

“Ahhhh!!!” I screamed in pleasure

She spreads my legs apart..
The mouth.. fuck.
Her tongue 👅 😍
More.. ahh more..

That mood, that feeling… Fuck!!! she found my clit and pulled out the Buttplug.
I’m cumming,
I’m cumming.
I’m cumming.

She moves… Noooooooooooo, I can’t move.

Don’t move, kitten. Stay.

She spanked me and spread my ass and fuckkkkkk..eehh, ehh..

She’s fucking me.. ahhhh.
It’s big, it’s firm..

Her strap on was big and felt amazing in my wet pussy..

“Don’t stop Mistress.” I pleaded.

I couldn’t see her or move… but it was super intense.

She was fucking her kitten, her baby the way she loves it…

She came forward, I could feel her on my back, I felt her kisses on my back…

Her right hand was on my boobs and her left on my waist..

“I’m cuming…”

Her fingers found my nipple and I was cumming.

She said cum for mummy kitten!.
“Cum for mummy…“

She fucked me hard..

“Naughty girl… cum for mummy,” I could feel the squirt pouring out

She pulled up and turned me over.
“Hands still up kitten, spread your legs for me…”

“Spread it and hold it still with your hands, don’t run kitten… Mistress wants to cum..okay.” She continued

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

She pulled on my leash and ahhhhh she’s inside me… ahhh….

She’s fucking me.

Good.. she’s moaning.

I want to see her… cum Mistress.

“Open your legs kitten.. hold still.”

I felt her on my boobs fuckkkk… she pulled on my leash and one boob in her mouth……

“Fuckkk Mistress..yessss.”

She was going hard on her kitten… the way she sucked on my nipple.. She’s definitely hungry, she’s moaning……

I feel her move.

She held my waist and left my leash.. I fell back n felt her go hard.. she was moaning.. I could hear my Mistress moan.. yes , Mistress.

She took my hands and moved them above my head, she was on me, legs still spread for my Mistress, fuck.

She kissed me, fuck I’m cumin.
She knows her baby too well.. she said “Cum baby, cum for me kitty”

“Ahhh. Fuckkk…”

“Harder, harder…. fuck…”

She pulled out, she left my hands and I felt her fingers on my clit.. yes.. faster…ahhhhh.

She’s cuming.. I’m cumming, and I was squirting…

“I love it when I squirt for her…my Mistress…. Ahhhh.


She fell on the bed next to me and wow..

“My Kitten is the best, she took off my blindfold and I saw her smile…

She’s happy… I’m happy

Written by Anonymous.

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