June 26, 2022

Average Joe (18+): Lynda Who?

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Average Joe (18+): Lynda Who?

Amaka moaned deeply as I dug my tongue deep into her wet mound of sweetness, twirling her hips and arching her back, urging me on. I held her legs firmly and concentrated on taking her to the heights of another climax. She kept calling my name, and telling me how much she loved me and wanted me to fuck her. My rod was extremely hardened beneath me, roughly grazing the duvet which covered Amaka’s bed.

We hadn’t even bothered about soiling it. Whenever I nibbled at her bulging clitoris, she moaned louder and tried to push my head away with her hand, while her feet kept me in position and made sure I continued. I could sense her climax approaching when she started saying gibberish with “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” the only words I could make out from what she was saying. Then I knew it was time to plunge in. I quickly brought my enraged boner to that wetness between her legs and slowly guided my shaft into her. Then with one quick thrust all of me was inside of her. She gasped then, and her cum spilled from her. her body jerked and vibrated, her coochie walls clenched tight against my manliness as her climax swept over her.

A tear rolled down her left eye, both were clenched shut, her fingers dug deep into my back as she urged me to thrust harder into her. I slammed as hard as I could. Sweat dropped from my forehead and dropped on her breasts. Those beauties. I bent my head and sucked on her tout nipples. The contact of my groin against hers let out a delicious sound. Amaka’s moans had become soft sobs, she truly was in love with me. I liked her a lot, but Joe had never really fallen in love with anybody.

“Baby lie down let me ride you” She told me.

I obliged. This time pushing the duvet aside and resting on the soft bed while Amaka held my cock and stroked it a coupled of times, massaging my knob and giving me a sweet sensation. Then she lay on my body, her boobs on my chest, looking into my eyes. I pushed her stray hairs to the side and brought her face to mine. I kissed her. She then sat up, with my rod already in her and began to move slowly on me, with both hands caressing my chest, playing with my nipples. The sight of her on me always drove me crazy. We’d been fucking for a couple of months now but each time kinda felt like the first time. I reached gehind and grabbed her soft asscheeks. Massaging and kneading. I moved my hips beneath her, trying to sync the rhythm of our bodies. Her eyes had glazed all over again and her mouth was open like she wanted to speak but there were no words forthcoming.


I groaned as I felt my dick tightened by the walls of her orifice. She knew how best to pleasure me like this. I closed my eyes and gnarled my teeth, waiting for that wave of pleasure to hit me. Amaka fastened her pace ontop of me, going faster and faster, It felt like my dick was going to get damaged if she went any faster, but I didn’t care. At that moment she  leaned forward to kiss me again as her booty slammed from up and down on me, the sweet slapping sounds driving me nuts…and I burst my nuts. My load travelling all the way up into her very womb. I screamed as I grabbed her ass and pounded her from beneath until I lost every ounce of energy in my body.

Amaka collapsed on the bed beside me, and cuddled me. She held my jaw and looked into my eyes.

“I love you, Joe.” Her eyes were quite sincere when she said those words.

“I love you too.” I lied.



I was having a shower at my place when I heard my phone ring. I ignored it. I couldn’t leave the shower. The phone kept ringing. The caller was persistent. I left the shower, water still pouring and grabbed a towel. I cleaned my face and a bit of my body and walked to where I’d dropped my phone. Lynda. 5 missed calls. Just as I was about to drop the phone and return to the shower it began to ring again. Lynda calling. I considered the phone for a couple of seconds before swiping to the right.

“Yes?” I answered with an uninterested tone.

“Jonathan, for how long will you avoid me?”

“Who says I’m avoiding you?”

“Please don’t give me that bullshit. Haven’t you been seeing my calls? My texts? On whatsapp and bbm? I even wrote you a letter. A bloody letter!”

I laughed. She actually did that.

“So it’s funny now abi?”

“Hey, Lynda. Since you’ve seen that I’m ignoring you why do you still bother yourself about me? Isn’t it as clear as day that I’m not interested in any kind of communication with you? I shouldn’t even have picked this call.”

“Oh… so you didn’t want to pick my call enh? Okay, now that you did, I have some good news for you, Mister.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to figure out what it could be.

“I’m three weeks old with your baby, Jonathan. And I’m not getting rid of it.”

She cut the call after that and all I could do was look at the phone like I was a caveman who just discovered technology.



I spent the evening at a bar, drinking and thinking about what Lynda had said. 70. No. 85% of my brain told me she was lying. She just wanted us to get back together. But I didn’t want her. I never really cared about her that much. She was just another ‘should have been a fling but things kinda escalated’ girl to me. She said she wasn’t getting rid of it, like that was a threat that would have me come knocking at her door and begging her on my knees? I chuckled and took another swig at my bottle of Heineken. The loud music and constant intake of alcohol drowned my thoughts soon enough and I forgot about Lynda.

Whenever I got tipsy, it was Amaka I thought about. I suddenly had developed an erection as I thought about our intimate sex that morning. How she’d looked at me and told me she loved me. I shouldn’t have lied to her. I clenched my fist at the thought of doing to Amaka what I’d done to so many other ladies. I was suddenly angry at myself. I took one long drink from the bottle of beer till I drained it. I needed something stronger so I asked for shots of whisky. After downing a couple and one more, my head felt lighter. And then I turned around and noticed the lady who’d been staring at me. She was beautiful. Her eyes held a knowing look. Like she knew what I’d been thinking.

Then I looked down at my crotch and saw that my bulge was actually showing. I crossed my legs and looked back at her and saw that she was smiling and shook her head slightly. I knew then that I was going to end up fucking her that night.

An hour later we were both talking and laughing as I told drunken jokes. She had a lovely personality. She wasn’t as drunk as I was but I could tell she was an adventurous type. She asked me why I tried to hide my boner and I laughed and told her it really wasn’t for public view. My cue was when she said she wished she could see more of it, with a hint in her eyes. I gulped down the remnant of my umpteenth bottle of beer that night and stood up, feeling a bit woozy but firm on the ground.

I offered her my hand, a half smile on my lips and a “come on let me take you to my place and wreck your pussy” look on my face. She hesitated a bit, but took my hand and stood up. She was quite tall, and elegantly dressed. I put an arm around her waist and led her out. She said I wasn’t in any condition  to drive and said we were going to have to use her car. I agreed.

On the ride home, I had two of my fingers lodged in her coochie the whole time. I really was going to enjoy that night.
































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