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The Afternoon Delight (18+)

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The door to the room wasn’t locked, just closed.

Behind the closed door was Ranti, and one of his guys, Chizzy. Ranti arrived at the serviced apartment about 30 minutes ago, since that time, he and Chizzy had been talking and discussing several things. They spoke about family, work, the future and why Chizzy ran away from the couple for the last 12 to 13 years.

It was nice to catch up, they did that all night at the welcome back bash they organised for him last night on the island, the apartment belonged to Chizzy, who ensured that the day was free from anyone visiting him because of Ranti.

Ranti was bringing someone over, he arrived a little earlier, and ever since, they continued from where they stopped last night.

Just a few minutes later, they heard someone fumbling with the keys to the main apartment in the living room, only one other person had that key, and they were both sure, it was the same person. They remained seated as they continued sharing their bottle of Hennessy and smoking weed.

They were both casually dressed while watching the music channel. Eventually, the person at the door got through and entered the apartment and they could hear the footsteps of her heel louder as she approached the room where they both sat, opposite themselves.

Without knocking again, she opened the door and entered the room where the gentlemen sat, taking off her expensive sunshades. Excited to see Ranti and of course Chizzy as well.

She had stopped by the welcome back bash held for him.

“Hi Baby,” The 25-year-old Wendy said, as she went to hug Ranti who remained in his seat. He leaned forward to hug you, showing a curvature to Chizzy who was just opposite Ranti on the couch.

“You kept us waiting here for 30 minutes, Wend” Ranti said, forming anger at her.

“I’m so sorry, I had to finish a presentation with my new investors, the new seed funding I’m looking for now is the budget of a small country o” She replied, in a posh accent.

She was wearing a short loose black gown, styled with a dark blue slim belt just over the tummy, the gown had a U shape around the top, which meant her Double D boobs were almost spilling out of the top, as she bent to hug and continue to apologise.

Ranti enjoyed her wonderful scent while Chizzy enjoyed the view of her large backside.

Wendy was a beautiful and voluptuous woman, who is shy to a fault but confident enough to head the financial arm of a new Tech start-up making the waves in Nigeria at the moment.

She disengaged from Ranti and went over to Chizzy’s side to hug him as well, he stood up like the gentleman he is and gave her a warm big hug.

“You know how to apologise better,” Ranti said as she went beside him to join him back again.

“I know… I know” Wendy said.

She settled beside him took a gulp from his glass, and took a couple of puffs from his weed before putting it back, she turned to him and gave him a big kiss. Ranti was always a big fan of her pretty face.

Seen outside, you would never imagine the kind of debauchery she loves, and demands. She kissed him deeply, almost swallowing his tongue into her mouth, her hands running through his body, before going down his stomach to his thighs and crotch. Chizzy watched them make out, saw Ranti unbutton the gown from the top, watched how the boobs were almost spilling out of the gown

He enjoyed his drink as he watched, he stopped kissing her, took off her heels for her, and let her stand up, while he sat up on the couch, he continued kissing her, but this time around, he brought out her boobs, and began squeezing, massaging and teasing them.

Knowing she enjoyed being tortured like this, he began to twist her nipples, as she struggled to maintain his standing as her legs were wobbling underneath her. She supported her bent-over stance by putting her hands on the couch behind the backrest behind him.

Ranti continued to torture her with one of her weak points, her nipples, he twisted it. Kissed her lips, her ears, her neck, and her shoulders, and listened to her moan and groan.

Chizzy finally stood up and moved towards the couple making out, his hands found Wendy’s waist and he touched it lightly, running his hand through her side, the gown already up from its natural position showed the dark chocolate skin of her big ass, nothing underneath it.

He was carried away by the beauty and size, he knelt before it and began to kiss her thighs, planting soft kisses on her legs, trailing it up to her inner thighs. He pushed the fabric higher so that he could show and reveal what was underneath here.

Wendy’s body was responding to multiple sensations her body was getting, from Ranti kissing her neck, and her shoulder, twisting and playing with her nipples, and Chizzy planting soft kisses all over her orifice.

Chizzy didn’t quite realise when he started to eat her pussy from the back, Wendy herself just sat her pussy on his face. He stuck out his tongue, used the tip to brush against her vulva from the left to the right, sticking it out enough to kiss her pussy.

He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, starting an expedition into her body. Chizzy would take a brief break and then softly bite into her thighs. Chizzy stopped and re-arranged himself.

He laid himself on the rug, so she could straddle his face while she did whatever on top on Ranti, the perfect vantage point.

This was her dream ever since she saw the light-skinned Chizzy, she told Ranti last night at the party that she wanted a threesome with him, and he made it happen, the message she woke up to this morning, was the apartment address, time and when the key to the apartment will arrive at her office.

She sat and plastered her face over Chizzy’s face, licked her face like a thirsty dog, and ate her like it was his favourite delicacy, she didn’t know when she began grinding on his face, unknowingly ignoring Ranti. Ranti stood up, at this point, his lips were on the face level of his dick, he sprung the semi-hard long dick out, and smacked her across the face with it.

Ranti doing that to her turned her on even more. She loved to be dominated like this by men almost old enough to be her father. Sick and tired of giving orders at work, she relished giving control of herself to older men.

It drove her insane as Ranti smacked her across the face with his dick, ruining the mascara on her face, and messing up the make-up, as the precum from his dick splash across her face.

He pushed it into her mouth but she refused at first, playing hard to get, she grabs her neck, choking her slightly, holds his dick, and decorates her lips with the precum from the tip of his dick.

He slid his hands downward and grabs a huge chunk of her tits and squeezed them hard, she opened her mouth and began to suck his dick. Running her tongue over the long shaft, sucking and licking. She began sucking his dick, using her two hands to stroke the shaft while she sucked the dick cap. She was being punished by these men.

Chizzy’s sucking of her clit hit a climax as she sat on his face, and constricted her pussy as she climaxed, her pussy getting flooded more than previously. She didn’t know when she let go of Ranti’s dick and appeared to be in a trance as she tightened the muscles around her legs and knees and let out a moan, she seemed to be settling down after a couple of seconds.

Chizzy stood up, and his face was stained with her juices, she continued to suck on Ranti’s dick as pleasurable, and she increased the speed on there. Chizzy came back, and this time around, he was nude, holding and rubbing his dick in his hand, he grabbed a condom from the table, stayed behind Ranti, and pulled her waist up.

Pointed his jackhammer towards her pussy, and gave it a slow long thrust deep down into her. She moaned and groaned as he entered into her. He could feel himself at the end of her pussy, knocking against her cervix. He began with slow and long thrusts. He held firmly on her waist and watched how her ass reverberated with his thrust.

He loved how soft her ass was, and just positioned it properly and continued digging into her, thrusting into her wet, warm and soft vagina, he closed his eyes and just continued to plough into Wendy, as she had her mouth cock full, he massaged her head as she throated his dick, and help her hold her hair backed. Ranti would occasionally thrust into her mouth, pushing it deep down her throat.

Wendy would take it out, tears in her eyes, saliva and precum mixed all over her face, a dirty whore was what she was right now, and she was loving it, Chizzy’s long dick was rummaging through her side, while Ranti was probing her gag reflex with his dick down her throat.

In no time, Ranti was close to his climax, he held her head in place, tucked his meat deep down into her throat and emptied himself down there. He excused himself and went into the bathroom to clean himself up, and before he came back.

Wendy and Chizzy had changed position, this time around, she was bouncing up and down his dick, comfortable sitting on his with his hammer lodged into her pussy underneath. Chizzy enjoyed watching her bouncing but more importantly how her boobs swayed from left to right, up and down depending on her action, grinding circularly or bouncing on it.

Chizzy encouraged her by spanking her ass, as she moaned and rode him, he would choke, hold her neck still, and smack her across the face, then she would grind him harder and harder. She saw smacks and spanks as needing to do more.
She kept moaning and signing “Yes, Daddy!”

Chizzy held up her waist, and gave her hard strokes from underneath, her boobs spilled towards any direction she was. He would stop and then she would continue riding him, he spanked her boobs across, twisted and turned her nipples. She screamed.

She found a rhythm and bounced off him till he held her tight, holding the small of her back, as she climaxed and poured his cum inside the condom.

Like nothing had happened, she got up and went into the bathroom, she got in and saw Ranti was still having his bath, she washed her face across the sink in front of the bathroom mirror. After she finished, she removed whatever was left of her clothes, to get a wash and that’s when Ranti came behind her.

He was looking at her and saw how sexy she looked, bent her over the sink, and stuck his hard dick into her pussy, forcing her and pressing her neck down, and began to fuck her. He looked at himself in the mirror fucking this girl almost old enough to be his daughter, he spanked her chocolate ass

“Yes, Daddy” She replied.

Later, he pulled her up from the front by her neck, so she could see herself in the mirror and feel everything happening to her right there and then. He gave her a couple of thrusts more and dumped all the cum into her, he pulled out, took her into the shower, turned it on, and watched her suck the remaining cum off the dick while the shower rains down on her.

After having his fill, he got out, and went back to the living room, she came back to the living room, grabbed her bag and disappeared back into the bathroom. By the time she emerged back, she was wearing a similar black outfit, and her make-up was back on, and looking relaxed.

Looked like she was coming back from the vacation. She pecked them goodbye and left the apartment.

She entered back into her car, where her 2 personal assistants and driver were waiting for her.

“Where is the next meeting”, she said to Simi, Ranti’s daughter who was doing her I.T. in her office.

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