December 2, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E06] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E06] (18+)

“I’m just getting started,” Grace thought to herself as she brought her wet fingers down to her pussy.

Grace kept her eyes locked on the doctor whose eyes were focused on her fingers gliding around her pussy lips, Grace loved her pussy. The lips were thin and tight making her slit look sharp and tight, her pussy lips get more fat the more aroused she gets.

She also loves how engorged her clit gets the more turned on she gets and with the look on the doctor’s face Grace could tell she loved the view too. Everything felt so surreal like she was having a sex dream which turned her on, even more, her juices were pouring out making her lips slippery and she had not even put a finger inside yet.

She was loving the feeling of her fingers sliding on her slippery juicy lips, her moans were getting sexier and louder. Grace couldn’t believe how much she loved getting put on hospital duty or how much she loved touching herself especially when someone was watching as intently as the doctor was. She suddenly felt overdressed and wanted to rip her clothes off but she didn’t want to stop rubbing her fingers fast on her sopping pussy.

With her free hand she pushed her blouse up and grabbed her right boob, the doctor looked so surprised when she watched her breast drop. Grace was used to that reaction and it always turned her on, she cried out as her pussy quivered from a mini orgasm.

Her insides clenched uncontrollably like they were trying to grab an invisible finger. She slid two fingers in moaning out at her good it felt when her insides wrapped around and grabbed her fingers. Grace wasted no time grinding against her fingers as she pinched and tugged at her nipples, the leather-covered examination table was beginning to pool with her juices as she moved back and forth pumping her fingers inside her pussy.

Grace couldn’t tell if the doctor wanted to fuck her or feel what she was feeling, either way, Grace continued to squeeze her breast as she finger fucked herself. Her breathing got more hitched as her pussy exploded from a couple of mini orgasms, it felt so good and turned her on even more. Her movement got more frantic as she moaned a little louder, her legs shaking as she held on tight to her breast.

“Damn” she heard the doctor say deeply
“Can you can you get on your knees please?” the doctor said

With her fingers still buried inside her moist pussy, Grace used her free hand to balance herself and got to her knees. She bent over, angling her head on the examination bed and pushing her ass up in the air to give the doctor a full view of her juicy pussy.

Grace pulled out her fingers and rubbed her pussy lips as she wiggled her ass. She could feel her juices rolling down her thighs which intensified how horny she felt, Grace rubbed her pussy a couple of times before slipping her fingers. She moaned sweetly and started to move back and forth, Grace pictured the doctor covering her pussy lips with her lips and she moaned out louder.

It felt so good fucking herself but she needed more, she stretched out her leg till she was barely laying on her hand. Reaching under and grabbing her boob grave started to grind fast and vigorously on her fingers, her clothes rubbing against the leather bed created friction against her skin making her feel sensitive and turned on.
Grace was so into it that for a moment she forgot about the doctor as she ground vigorously on her fingers, she would moan every time she squeezed her nipple. Her pussy quivered and she could feel another orgasm building, it felt like a big one as it took her breath away.

She ground on her fingers moving back and forth, side to side and up and down her drenched fingers. She spread her knees further apart to straddle her hand better while her insides grasped at her fingers, the pads of her hand pressed nicely against her swollen clit making her moan with every movement.

Grace moaned louder as her hand felt like it was possessed by new vicious energy, she rubbed across her engorged clit once more, rubbing aggressively at the spot. It didn’t take long before she felt the familiar pressure building higher.

She shook her head from side to side as the intense swell of pleasure squeezed her insides, the pressure released almost as quickly as it grew, spreading electric heat from her core to the ends of every part of her body. Wave after wave crashed through her as her eyes rolled into the back of her skull with her mouth wide open.

Her body suddenly felt so exhausted as she crashed into the leather bed trying to catch her breath, the doctor was saying something but she could barely hear as her eyes fluttered together. She stretched her body on the bed and couldn’t help her eyes closing as she fell into a relaxed sleep.

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