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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters IV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters IV (18+)

I didn’t want to imitate Iheoma’s every move, so instead, after gently spreading her legs apart, I planted little kisses up and down both of her thighs. Up and down, from her knees up to just below her pussy, I smooched tiny little lip smacks on her creamy flesh. She seemed to enjoy it. After several minutes of that, I couldn’t wait anymore. I just had to get my first taste of pussy.

How I had dreamed of pussy all of my teen years. Dreamed of how it would smell, how it would feel, how it would taste. How it would suck in my cock and engulf it. And now, here I was, mere inches from the beautiful, moist, strong pussy of my beloved neighbor. It was all I could do to keep from attacking it with my teeth like a big juicy tomato! But instead, I approached it slowly and gently.

I pursed my lips, and daintily kissed the lower end of her glistening wet vertical smile. I applied gentle suction on her sexy wet pussy lips, kissing them like a mouth.

The smacking sound brought a smile to her face, as well as a shudder of pleasure. I hopped my mouth up to her lips in small, tiny jumps, smooching and smacking up. When I got near to the top, I went back down to the bottom, imitating the spider technique that I had observed earlier. Iheoma cooed and moaned with pleasure. I could see her clit, stiff and pink, poking out from the top of her perfectly formed pussy, but I thoughtfully avoided it for a while.

I was just thinking that it was time to smack a kiss on that little stiff pink knob when Adaku whispered in my ear.
“Give her a finger in the snatch!” she hissed. I turned my right-hand palm up and extended my middle finger. I slowly slid it into the sopping wet pussy before me. I was in! For the first time in my life, part of my body was inside a woman’s pussy! I felt triumphant. Iheoma jerked with surprise but didn’t complain. I pushed my finger further in, until my knuckles were pressed up against her lips.

Instinct told me to twist it, so I did. Iheoma’s moaning and groaning became louder. Adaku leaned her mouth up to me again, her hot breath in my ear.
“Give her two fingers,” she said. I pulled my hand out temporarily, extended two fingers, and then shoved them back in. Iheoma moaned louder than ever! I pushed in and out, in and out, and continued to twist. Iheoma was going nuts.

I finally leaned down and began lapping at her clit. The light flicking thing that I had observed earlier seemed far too gentle to go along with my urgent finger fucking, so instead, I lapped and slashed at her clit with my tongue, over and over, like a dog at a bowl of water.

My fingers inside her hole never let up there, twisting and poking.
The thrashing of her body and the moans from her throat told me that I was doing something right. I continued the sawing and twisting with my fingers, and the lapping on her clit with my tongue, and gradually increased the speed and intensity of both.

Iheoma’s reactions likewise sped up, her moans climbing to a wail, her twitching elevating into full-body seizures! I could feel her building up to a climax, and it didn’t take long. A few more strokes, a few more licks, and she was screaming, her love fluids pouring out of her pussy and onto my tongue and face.

Her thighs clamped around my head, nearly suffocating me. Eventually, Iheoma relaxed and I was able to pull my head back out. I rocked back on my heels and looked at her.
Adaku leaped forward and threw her arms around my neck. “You did it, little bro, you did it!” she was yelling.

“Some guys go their entire lives without learning to eat pussy. But you did it right, first time out of the box. No wonder we love you.” And she gave me a big kiss on the lips. I put my arms around her, and we smooched and hugged while waiting for Iheoma to come back to life. I think Adaku enjoyed tasting Iheoma’s sauces on my mouth as much as she enjoyed the kissing.

Finally, Iheoma struggled up to a sitting position, her cascading blonde hair tousled around her beautiful face. Her bright eyes flashed. “Not bad, Lenny; not bad at all,” she said. “I think you’ve got it!” We all laughed.

At this point, the hour was getting pretty late. We suddenly realized that we hadn’t had any dinner, and were all starving. Iheoma got up and ordered a pizza, extra-large, with the works. While waiting for it to arrive, we all lay on the bed, with me in the middle, and cuddled and smooched and fondled each other.

Our hands roamed freely over each others’ bodies, touching and stroking and probing. We had no inhibitions at all; we were as intimate as any three people can be. I love my sexy sisters.

The doorbell rang, and Adaku remembered to throw a robe on as she went to get the snacks she ordered. We ate it sitting in bed, naked, talking and laughing and planning out the rest of our sex lessons for the weekend.

If anyone dripped food on themselves, there were always two volunteers to lick it off. More than once, I deliberately dripped food onto my cock. My beautiful, naked, loving sisters always licked it clean together.

When the snacks were gone, we lay back on the bed together. I was still in the middle, my arms outstretched, two sexy naked sisters on their sides, facing me. They stroked their soft, beautiful hands up and down my chest, playing with my nipples, and down to my crotch, playing with my cock.
I was still rock hard and enjoyed watching Iheoma’s bright blue nails and Adaku’s pink nails wrapped around my stiff shaft, slowly and casually jacking it with light, tender touches.

We were completely out of energy and knew that we would have to go to sleep for the night. But tomorrow we would continue the lessons. As I was drifting off to sleep, a thought struck me. I shouted out, “Hey, I haven’t even fucked either of you yet!”

“Don’t worry, Lenny,” said Adaku. “It’s only Friday night. We have all weekend to teach you.” They each bit playfully onto one of my nipples, and I pulled them close to me with my arms around their necks. Then we fell into a deep sleep.

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