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Crazy Lenny: The Eventful Bridal Shower (Episode 3) [18+]


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Crazy Lenny: The Eventful Bridal Shower (Episode 3) [18+]

“But what if I really want to touch him?” Fola asked in a fake, pouty voice. She had managed to sneak up behind me, and it startled me a bit when she spoke.

“We can find you someone else to touch later, you slut,” Iyabo responded, causing all of the girls to laugh hysterically. I had seen enough by this point to know that none of the girls were remotely sober. This was going to be interesting.

From the inner pocket of my tuxedo jacket, I pulled out my phone and found the playlist Nkechi had helped me put together. Not knowing what else to do, I turned on the speaker — including the swirling colored lights — and made sure my phone was paired. Then I hit play.

I didn’t even know the names of most of the songs on the playlist. Nkechi had picked all of them. I had listened to the entire playlist dozens of times in the preceding weeks in preparation (mostly alone in our apartment after Nkechi had gone to bed), so I knew all the songs by heart, even if I had no idea what some of them were called or who the artist was.

The first song was a slowish R&B tune. It was Chris Brown, and as soon as it came on, all four of the girls recognized it immediately and started whistling and hooting. Iyabo got up and turned off the light in the main room, which I was thankful for. The only light still on was the one in the kitchenette area, so while it wasn’t dark in the room, it was considerably dimmer, which enhanced the dancing lights from the speaker and made the whole vibe in the room much closer to what you would find in a club.

As the girls all took their seats, I began to dance in earnest, moving slowly to the pace of the song. I was already starting to get hot, so before long, I took off my first piece of clothing, my tuxedo jacket. I’m not sure there’s a particularly sexy way to take off a jacket, so I didn’t bother trying to draw the process out. Once it was off, I draped it over my shoulder for a few beats and then tossed it out of the way. The girls all cheered when I threw it, which I found encouraging.

Once the jacket was off, I started to slowly unbutton my shirt, starting from the top. At Nkechi’s suggestion, I had tied the bowtie around my bare neck, underneath the shirt collar, so that it would stay on when I took off my shirt.

Slowly, I moved around the room, approaching each girl as I undid the next button and revealed a little more of my bare chest. They continued to whistle and cheer and seemed to be really into it. Truth be told, I was starting to get really into it too. By that point, the edibles had kicked in with force.

I was flat-out stoned, the really good kind of stoned where your whole body feels high and any familiar music is mesmerizing.

When I got to the last button, I pulled the entire shirt open in one swift motion. The girls all screamed and cheered. At that point, the first song ended. The next song up was one I knew well: “Essence” by Wizkid. 

As soon as the familiar opening riff began, the girls cheered and clapped and began moving a bit to the music themselves. I tossed the tuxedo shirt aside.

Next off were my slip-on dress shoes. I didn’t think there was a sexy way to remove socks, so I hadn’t bothered to wear any. 

My feet and toes were now bare, which felt great against the rug. I knew the next big move was to rip off the breakaway trousers, so I waited for the right beat. I teased them for the first couple of minutes of the song, making it like I was about to take them off, giving them a few peeks at the top of my red underwear. 

Then, when the song got to the line, “You don’t need no other body,” I reached down and ripped off the trousers in one quick motion. The girls all looked surprised and thrilled, their eyes wide — even Nkechi, who knew this move was coming — and they all immediately hollered and cheered as I threw the trousers across the room.

At this point, I had nothing on except my red thong underwear, the black bowtie, and the mask. Whether it was the excitement of the moment or the Viagra or both, I could feel that I was already semi-erect. 

I glanced down and could see that the underwear did not leave a whole lot to the imagination. As I looked out at the girls’ faces, it was obvious that they had all noticed the same thing. Their eyes were all laser-focused on my cock. Fola silently mouthed the word “wow” as she made eye contact with Amara, who was sitting across from her.

It’s strange. I had never done anything like this in my life. And yet, by that point in my performance, in the haze of the music and swirling lights and THC and alcohol, I was feeling very comfortable and in control, like this was my real job and I knew what I was doing. When “Essence” ended, the next song up, fittingly, was “Soso” by Omah Lay.

It’s a slower song, especially at the beginning, so I began slowly working my way around the room from left to right, starting with Amara, getting close to each girl while gently thrusting my pelvis back and forth just in front of them. By the time I got to Fola, who was sitting alone on the loveseat, I was a bit lost in the moment. 

I closed my eyes as I danced and felt the body high continue to ripple through me. It was then that I felt the first contact. A hand, very gently, had grasped the front of my underwear and was cupping my balls and semi-hard cock. It felt like electricity coursing through my body. 

My eyes shot open and I saw that Fola had her hand outstretched; she appeared lost in a trance as well. It didn’t seem like there was much premeditation to what she was doing; it was more reflexive, unthinking.

In reaction to the touch, I could feel the blood flowing instantly to my cock. I knew I would be hard as a rock in just a few seconds. 

My head immediately swivelled to the left where Nkechi was sitting on the couch, next to Iyabo. Her eyes were wide open in shock. The plan had been for Nkechi — not any of her friends — to reach out and fondle me a few times during the performance. Each time I was supposed to back away and wag my finger to admonish her. 

When I raised the possibility that one of her friends might get grab-assy first, Nkechi had been very dismissive. She was convinced that if she set the ground rules, they would follow them.

I stood there paralyzed for what seemed like an eternity but was probably no more than 5-10 seconds, but that was more than enough time to develop what was probably the hardest erection I’ve ever had. 

There was no question that Fola could feel my cock growing in the palm of her hand, and her eyes grew with it. By the time I backed away, her mouth was gaping in shock. I looked down and could see that my cock was bulging underneath the thin underwear. It was truly a ridiculous sight.

Not sure what else to do, I did what I was supposed to do with Nkechi. I backed away from Fola while wagging my finger back and forth in admonition. She didn’t seem all that admonished. She just leaned back and said, “Gawd! It’s enormous!”

At that point, I really didn’t know what to do next, so I just kept dancing and moved back over in front of Nkechi, which I considered safer terrain. I expected her to use the opportunity to try to at least attempt a silent conversation, to communicate something with her eyes as to how she was feeling or what she wanted me to do next. 

But that wasn’t what happened. She, like Fola, just stared at my cock. There was no eye contact at all. Even though she had plenty of up-close experience with it over the years, she seemed transfixed. It was then that I recognized the look on her face. She was turned on. 

And not just mildly horny, but a level of turned-on that she usually only achieved well into a love-making session, typically when she was getting close to orgasm and decided to take control. When she had that look on her face, it typically meant she would soon be on top of me, hands on my chest, grinding her way to the finish line.

As I was processing all of these thoughts, probably somewhat slowly given my own level of intoxication, I saw Nkechi’s hand reach out and, before I knew it, she had grasped my cock over my underwear and begun to stroke it gently. Waves of pleasure coursed through me.

I was beyond turned on. It felt so good that I didn’t want to pull away, and I wasn’t even certain she wanted me to. So I just stood there, swaying with the music, and let her continue. For how long, I’m not certain, but eventually it occurred to me that I had to do something. Reluctantly, I pulled away, as I had with Fola, and waved my finger at Nkechi admonishingly.

She seemed surprised and even a little disappointed for a moment. It was as if she had momentarily forgotten where we were, but the wagging of my finger had brought her back to reality. Her friends were all looking at her, smiling and laughing, and she immediately looked a little sheepish and embarrassed.

I retreated to the center of the room, still dancing but out of grabbing range of any of the girls. It was then that Iyabo yelled, “oh god just take it off please! I’ve gotta see it.” Fola and Amara laughed at that and hooted in agreement. Nkechi still looked a little disoriented but smiled as her friends laughed.

When I had played it out in my head in the days leading up to this, I had imagined that I would get a couple of more songs into the playlist before being completely naked, but I didn’t really see the point in delaying the inevitable.

So I acquiesced. As seductively as I could, I reached for the edges of my underwear, waited a couple of beats as I swayed my hips to the music, and then pulled them completely off, letting them drop to the floor.

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