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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 21] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 21] (18+)

“Haaah…But I love you big size, love your diiiiick…fill me so good my pussie…”

I could feel my cock swell and harden even more than I thought possible at her filthy, flattering words. My woman noticed, humming at it pleasantly. She let her breasts free and took me back into her small hands, pumping my glistening cock near her face as she inspected it.

Jumoke murmured as she idly trailed a hand down over her round belly, spreading her knees to access her hairy pussy. The musky-sweet smell of her desire was filling the room as her fingers dipped in and out of her pregnant pussy.

My dick throbbed and wept pre over her fingers as they pumped me with aching slowness, from my root up to engulf my head. Jumoke’s thumb traced the big y-shaped vein on the side of my shaft adoringly.

“Him only wan fuck, be daddy. Choose me, ah? Give me so many baby now but still wan more, hah? Dick never have enaff…”

“Nnff…yeahh…” I managed to groan. “I’m gonna fuck you every day, Jumoke. I wanna see your belly get so big.” She let out a low, contented purr at that and began pumping harder, faster. “Your job’s to grow our babies now…” I continued, lost in a fog of lust. “You’ll always be… pregnant…nnh…I’m gonna keep you like this the rest of your life…”

She gave a soft moan of twisted joy at my words, followed by gentle grunts, almond-shaped eyes closing. I could hear the wet squish of her fingers as she jilled her desperate cunt.

“Yesss Chizi Daddy, my husbaand,” Jumoke agreed with a lazy, lewd smile. She leaned forward to kiss my cockhead with a full, wet press of her lips, watching me with eyes full of desire. “I love carry all your baby, make me feel so goood.Mm…my body become like animal for you. I always do what you diick wan…”

She gave my cock a long, lascivious lick from bottom to top, a lewd gesture designed to drive me wild. uhhh,” Jumoke murmured in as she obsessed over the big, throbbing penis in her grip. My maid plunged her digits into her pussy faster and faster.

“Now you cum, cum in your wife mouth — Haaaaaaaah!” Jumoke opened her mouth wide to pant, tongue out to receive my seed. My maid pumped me hard and fast, in time to the frantic rhythm that she was fucking herself with.

Her utterly depraved words, her whorish demands; her sexy pregnant body pushed me over the edge. I leaned forward to grip her and groaned out loudly as I surged in her hand and erupted rope after rope of my hot, potent cum. There was a lot of it — more than she had anticipated.

Some spewed into her waiting little mouth and down her chin, but then I bucked my hips in the throes of my incredible orgasm and the rest went wild.

I soiled her throat and chest with a spray of cum as she shrieked in surprise and delight, splattering her breasts and baby belly.

Jumoke swallowed my seed with a smirk and an alluring lick of her lips, then looked down at herself with a gasp and giggle, her skin glistening with my pearly cum. “Oh God, Chizi! So much…”

I lay there in the chair catching my breath as our maid removed her juice-slickened digits from her snatch and used both hands to play with my thick, sticky cum.

Jumoke massaged it into her breasts and round belly with contented coos before slurping it into her mouth, making sure I could see her sucking it off her fingers. I couldn’t believe she loved the taste that much, but she did.

Jumoke was such a hot, little bitch in heat. No matter how destructive our relationship was, it was so clear that we were made for each other.

After I recovered, I started to pull up my trousers but Jumoke stopped me, insistently peeling off the rest to leave me as naked as her.

She balled up our clothes and put them in a bundle under her left arm while her right hand grabbed my flaccid dick. With a steady tug, she led me out into the hall, checking to see that it was safe before taking me back to her room by my cock — impertinent and demanding after I got off but she didn’t.

Maybe this might have started out as us comforting each other, but now it was more about her getting fucked and satisfied.

Pregnancy hormones, I guess.

The door was locked behind us. Clothes tossed aside. Jumoke’s tiny TV fizzed and the movie channel flickered to life, volume cranked in case anyone came down. It was the start of the ritual that filled our late nights with illicit breeding sex.

In the low light, my slut-wife crawled up onto her bed on all fours, her motions sinuous and somehow more than a little feral. Hands and spread knees, Jumoke raised her hanging belly and tight ass to present her steaming hot furry cunt to rut. She was soaking wet, from her drenched and matted black pubic hair to her dripping pussy lips and the wet shine of the juice down her inner thighs.

Our housemaid swayed her hips enticingly as she glanced back at me with an urging look and a plaintive whine.

My cock throbbed and hardened to full mast at the sight. I had to force myself to ignore the rising instinct to just mount my waiting-maid and rail the shit out of her sexy, unbelievably fertile little body.

I wanted to reciprocate and pleasure her after she had spent all that time and effort sucking the hell out of my cock. I approached and ran my hands over the roundness of her ass, eliciting a shiver of flesh as I knelt down and began to eat her out. I could feel her incredible heat emanate against my skin, feminine musk drawing me in.

Jumoke let out quiet screams as I tended to her just like she liked; long laps to part her swollen lips and clit, nipping at her folds and filling her with my tongue. She tasted tart-sweet as she dripped around my mouth.

Our maid writhed against me with low, rhythmic grunts and quiet screams, responding with little backward thrusts. I came up for air, replacing my tongue with two fingers, then three, pumping in and out through her rippling canal.

My free hand toyed with the nub of her engorged clit, sending her into a frenzy. Her tiny orgasms came and went as she continued to tremble and shake, crying out for more.

I picked out some of Jumoke’s wiry hairs from my mouth, leaving her clit while my fingers slowed their pump. “Pfufh. Damn, girl. Why are you so hairy now, huh?” I teased, giving my maid’s butt an affectionate swat.

Our maid let out an annoyed female sound through her nose, clearly embarrassed, though her body was still needily humping into my hand.

“NNNnnNNh! So BAD! I tol you, Daddy, you make my body like animal, I know you liiiike…”

“Yeah, I like you hairy,” I confessed in a growl, running my fingers rough and covetous over her swollen furry lips and through the thick triangle tufting above. “And I like it when you call me Daddy too.”

I went back to work on her, renewing my efforts to push her towards that big cum. My tongue focused on her clit, flicking over and over while my fingers thrust and probed — they were a poor substitute for my big white dick, of course, but I knew her cunt well enough to find the places that drove her wild. Jumoke let out a long, low moan at my ministrations, chanting in front of me as she humped back against me more frantically.

“HAuuuuuuunnnngghhhhh…yes Daddy, Daddee, Daddeeeeeee…mm! Chizi Daddee you so good to mee…”

Her orgasm built and built until it crashed through her with a quaking wail that she shrieked out into her pillow, squirting and convulsing on the mattress. I wiped my mouth and chin with a corner of her bedding but didn’t give my sweet little maid any longer to recover.

Doggystyle was what she needed and deserved right now — to fuck her pregnant brains out. As she trembled weakly on all fours, I rose up and pressed my cockhead up against her hungry, sopping folds. I pushed her open with a pleasured groan that we shared, easily stretching her pussy wide around me and sinking down to my hilt. I didn’t hold back as I grabbed her widening hips and began thrusting as hard and as deep as I could.

The wet slap of our flesh sent her whole body rocking, Jumoke’s fingers curled claws in her thin blanket. She screamed out her pleasure into the bitten pillow as I fucked her just as hard as I did when I first impregnated her against her will on the same bed.

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