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January 16, 2021

The Not-So Quickie (18+)
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The Not-So Quickie (18+)

Written by Anonymous

Now I understand that there is such a thing as married sex. It’s not entirely bad, in fact, it can be good but very conventional.  It’s a bit boring even for me that doesn’t consider myself too freaky. I try to talk dirty to babe during sex but I end up laughing cos he completely ignores me, there is no freaky bone in that man at all.

I miss sex,  don’t get me wrong I have a lot of sex with my husband but I still miss sex. The passionate kind of sex, the ripping off your clothes kind of sex, the breathless kind of sex, the sex in any place other than a bed. God knows I used to fuck a guy and I would have had to catch my breath because that fuck was fire, different positions, passionate, amazing fuck.

I shouldn’t be thinking of sex outside my babe but I can’t help it and somehow I am not sorry. I have begged him to be open to trying new things, making sex fun, making our lives fun, flirting, sexting and all that but he isn’t even bothered… I haven’t seen my husband in 2 months and he just touched down Lagos, so I am taking the next flight to see him. I am excited and horny, at least good sex is better than no sex at all…but I have truly missed him.

I know I don’t hear and I keep pushing and trying, so I ordered this new fiery lingerie,  it’s a darker shade of green, has a deep V cut in front and it just accentuates my curves perfectly.  My husband doesn’t care for lingerie but fortunately, I do so its something he will eventually have to live with, I am being naughty today as I just wear a wrap dress over the lingerie to the airport. I am all giddy inside, body right, looking fire, and smelling divine,  looking at myself, even I would want to fuck me…hahaha. At the airport,  checking in was smooth, I take a seat waiting for my flight to be announced then I text babe saying I cant wait to see him.

His cologne hits me first, I get off my phone and look up to see a stranger asking me if the seat beside me is taken, I am dazzled for a bit then I shake my head indicating no and he sits beside me.

Hi, my name is Raji,

Hey, my name is Sandra, it’s nice to meet you and you smell amazing I could lick you. His smile broadens and he says left to him he would want to do more than lick me. Ahhh I have met a bad guy, Lord knows that bad guys excite me so we start gisting and talking and all the way flirting, I figure out his on the same flight with me, which means more time.

We are talking about life, love, and sex, just basically any topic, he’s actually a great company. Thank God for a safe flight and we land in Lagos, trying to get our luggage he says his driver is coming to get him and ask if he could give me a ride. I don’t want to be a bother so I tell him I am going to Protea Hotel because I heard him say on the phone that he’s lodged there. I don’t know if this is fate or whatnot but the universe is tempting me and I am not sure I am strong enough to withstand it.

He asks me what I am in town for and I say work and he says he too. On the ride to the hotel, we are gisting as usual and still flirting.  We get to the hotel and he asks me to come in for a drink. This is where I should I say No but let it be known that I am a sucker for dangerous situations, anything that seems too risky to indulge in excites the fuck out of me…I say yes and we get inside and truly there’s an assortment of drinks sent to him by a friend I guess.  We start drinking, and he leans in and kisses me, I am shocked by this so I don’t respond and he stops and immediately starts to apologize but I surprise myself when I actually grab him and start kissing him, I whisper to him if he will like to see what’s under my dress and he nods.

(I am excited to finally be with a man that lingerie excites lol ) I get off the bed, leaving him sitting and staring at me. I tell him I will take it off but I want to be fucked blindfolded.  A look of bewilderment crosses his face but then he smiles. He passes his tie to me and I blindfold myself and slowly I start to get out of my dress. It’s like there is music playing in my head plus the Hennessy is already messing with me. My dress is off and I can feel the A.C blasting cold air on my body but he’s quiet, I am scared for a minute he’s not interested again and I am about to take off my blindfold when I hear his voice saying “don’t”.

He sweeps me off my feet and sets me on the table and parts my thighs then nothing.  Why is this guy messing with me, maybe this is a bad idea or he’s a serial killer or something? Then there’s this cool sensation on my clit that makes me shiver, I drew back but he steadies me, he starts to go up and down, playing with my clit with the ice cube in his mouth, I have never been eaten like this before and the feeling is sensational. My heat melts the ice and he starts really eating me out, slurping and I can’t help but fuck his tongue and yell out his name. He doesn’t stop, my moaning fuels him the more to keep eating, I feel my orgasm coming and I push him off.

I guess he is surprised till he sees me slides my hands in my pussy and lick my pussy juice off my fingers, then I start to finger fuck myself, I am so wet you can hear the sloppy sounds my fingers keep making with my wet pussy, I touch myself till I cum screaming out his name.

Raj, I need you to come get me off the table and let me ride you!! In a second he does and I gradually lower myself into his shaft, we both moan as I try to take him in, slowly I start to move, my nipples in his mouth and his dick in my pussy, we move slowly grinding to whatever beat that’s in our head. In between moans he tells me that was fucking hot, touching myself in front of him. My pace increases, riding him like I haven’t rode a man in forever, he keeps pushing me down so I can take all of him, his breathing gets rough and he flips me over.

I am on all fours, my ass in his face, wiggling and inviting him in, he spanks me so hard and rams inside me, I gasp so does he, he begins to pound me, it takes a minute but I match his thrust. He grabs my waist, pinning me down, leaving me with no choice but to literally take this dick. Each trust has him moaning and spanking me and in no time I can feel my orgasm build-up, I tell him I am about to cum, I am grabbing the sheets as pleasure flows through me, that drives him over the edge, I feel him tighten and grunt as he fills my warm pussy with cum.

We both fall to the bed, I take off my blindfold, I take a minute before I go to the bathroom to freshen up, clean underwear and all, I am back in the room saying goodbye to a confused Raj who wanted me to spend the night but I tell him he can keep my lingerie as a souvenir and I have to get to my husband now.  Safe to say I left him sated and shocked because nigga didn’t know he just fucked a married woman.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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