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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 4)[18+]


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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 4)[18+]

“YEAH!!! We’re…done. Ifeoma’s just helping me… adjust..” Iretí said but suddenly started to move her hips to enjoy the sweet “cock” of Ifeoma, who found herself also thrusting back, after watching her ass jiggle as the “dick” coated with cream was swallowed and released from their motion. 

“Yeah, give us a minute.. We’ll be right out.” Ifeoma responded as she muffled Iretí who started to get loud, as though getting caught turned her on the more. 

“Alright, I’ll be waiting by the car, please hurry up, I don’t wanna miss this movie,” Enó responded, before leaving. 

“Sshhhh, Do you wanna get caught?” Ifeoma retorted at Iretí who didn’t care as she felt an orgasm overrun her senses, causing her pussy to clinch the “dick” tighter as her legs began to tremble. 

“Yes, oh, yes… that was gooood.” She replied Ifeoma, who slowly withdrew the cream-coated tool out from her satisfied pussy. Iretí really surprised her, even at this very moment, as she immediately started sucking and licking the juices off the “cock” on her strap.

An action that really impressed her and at the same time, turned her on really bad… so much that she found herself holding her head to guide her in…deeper.

“Oh, shit… you’re making me want this to never end.” Ifeoma said, slowly stopping Iretí from going further. “We need to go, now.” she continued, taking the “dick” away from Iretí’s grasp, who grumbled as she stood up. 

“Alright.” Iretí said, disappointedly as she made to leave… but then stopped to find herself back by the hand by Ifeoma, who looked at her longingly, then dragged her back for a deep kiss. 

“I promise… I’m not done with you, okay, baby.” Ifeoma said after the kiss, as she slowly caressed her chin, holding her gaze briefly, before kissing her again. “You taste so good, baby. So, darn, good… Now let’s get dressed and not get Enó suspicious.” She continued at a blushing Iretí, who got her ass spanked as she made to get dressed. 

Watching Iretí get dressed, especially when she backed her to pull up her jeans over her ass, made her horny. Not controlling her lust, she soon found herself, face buried, behind Iretí’s ass, licking up her pussy like a hungry animal.

This was a welcoming development for Iretí, who by now was face down on the bed, with her ass arched out for Ifeoma to eat up her pussy. Iretí was enjoying this thoroughly,

“Who knew pleasure like this existed?” she kept telling herself as Ifeoma’s tongue found its way into her pussy, before sucking on her clits.

They would’ve kept on if not for the fact Enó called Ifeoma, who had to stop, even when Iretí was so close to cumming. 

“Do we really have to go?” Iretí said as Ifeoma slapped her ass after kissing it. 

“Yes, we don’t want Enó to catch us, nothing can keep me away from your sexy ass. We still have lots of days to fuck some other time… And I need to see how well you can lick pussy, ’cause mine’s been aching for your lips, baby.” Ifeoma sensually replied, as she slowly raised Iretí up for a deep kiss, sucking her tongue in the process. 

“Okay.” Iretí said quietly, blushing. 

“Now, let’s go to the movies,” Ifeoma replied, leading the way as Iretí adjusted her outfit, properly. 

The drive to the movies was short, since Iretí lived in an estate in Festac, which was around the area, they all had fun; popcorn, drinks, pictures and ice cream afterwards, it was great, except for the occasional glances Iretí kept stealing from Ifeoma as they both looked at each other, smiling and winking at each other.

45 minutes later, into the movie, Ifeoma leaves for the bathroom, leaving both Iretí and Enó, who seem to preoccupied to take notes, even when her mom leaves 2 minutes later, when she receives a text. Iretí, felt like a youngster again as she read the text, which had the words; “COME TO THE BATHROOM NOW!!!” 

Never has she been this excited and submissive for sex and towards anyone, even before she had Enó… but then, she found her feet taking her to the bathroom without protest.

The bathroom had a few ladies leaving and Ifeoma, standing by the sink with her phone, suddenly went into a stall to see her. Iretí froze, she hadn’t done this before, she hadn’t engaged in public sex before and this girl was bringing out the slut in her, no doubt… but this was new and she was about to turn tail and run, if not for the message that came to her phone;

“COME HERE, NOW!!!” she went in, after Ifeoma like some puppet. 

Ifeoma, on seeing her, quickly drags her inside, shutting the door behind her… before pouncing on Iretí, kissing her roughly, who in turn was slowly enjoying it. 

“I was wondering when you’ll satisfy me again… you drive me so wild, Ifeoma.” Iretí began, hyperventilating as Ifeoma planted little kisses on her neck, while squeezing her big boobs with a free hand, causing her to moan. 

“I want you to lick my pussy.” Ifeoma ordered, locking eyes with her as she slowly disengaged. 

“Right, right here?!” Iretí asks, now cautious of her surroundings. “I don’t… know if, that’s a good… idea.” She continued, stuttering as she became unsure of what to do next. 

Ifeoma, still calm, approaches Iretí, and placing a hand under her chin, she orders; “Lick IT!” to which Iretí finds herself complying, by quickly going down on her knees and fidgeting with her leggings. 

Ifeoma had a fit body, perfectly toned and curvy, but not as big as Iretí’s, but sexy enough to turn heads… she was also busty, but not as busty as Iretí, who carried a lot of it.

This was new to her, the lesbian sex, which had her at the receiving end, until now which would put her on the giving side of things. She had seen the videos Ifeoma had shared with her and already knew what to do, but then she was conflicted about whether she would impress Ifeoma as she did with the blowjob.

Iretí acted like a slave, without protest as she slowly pulled down Ifeoma’s leggings, showing a blue pair of nylon panties—Iretí, was intrigued, as this was the first time she was undressing a woman. Her skin tingled as she felt the urge to sniff her crotch, from the low lighting, she could make out a small dark spot, which prompted her to pull Ifeoma closer and lick her panty-covered crotch. The scent was fruity, mixed with her love juices as she took a long whiff after licking it, Ifeoma moaned a bit and found herself holding Iretí’s head as she felt her panties drop to her ankles before she felt a tongue rub again her clits, she was doing good. 

“Turn around, love,” Iretí said, sensually, which prompted Ifeoma to turn slowly, facing the wall… Ifeoma had a well-formed butt, that bounced when handled, and seeing it in all its glory, caused her to plant kisses on it, before focusing on her already wet pussy before she could protest. 

“Aaah, Oh, my…” Ifeoma found herself saying as Iretí sucked on her clits, dipping a finger into her pussy to slowly finger fuck her, which Ifeoma had to stop her, saying; “I said, lick… not finger fuck me.”

“I… I’m so sorry, I got carried away.” Iretí said apologetically, stiffing her tongue into Ifeoma’s pussy as though it was the apology she wanted. 

“Oooh, yes…” You’re doing good. Right there… That spot.” Ifeoma said as Iretí’s tongue flicked and licked her clits before she sucked on it like some fruit.

Ifeoma, with hands on the wall for support, kept her moans in check as Iretí serviced her from behind, licking and sucking up her juices, which smeared all over her mouth—Ifeoma was loving it, Iretí had outdone herself again. Iretí was practically eating her up and she was enjoying it immensely, until she felt her legs quake from the orgasm that hit her from the tongue pleasuring her.

Iretí was also enjoying this act, as she lapped up the delicious cream from her pussy, and even found herself rubbing her own clits as she pleasured herself in tow. It wasn’t enough, but she was glad she pleasured Ifeoma so well, she had to pull her in to kiss her, just so she could taste the juices on her lips. 

“You’re now my addiction, my sexy goddess,” Ifeoma whispered to Iretí, grabbing her ass that caused her to blush. “I don’t think I could resist your sexiness, even if I tried.” she continued as she locked eyes longingly with Iretí, who suddenly pulled her in for a kiss. 

“I don’t think I can, either…  you’ve given me a spark I never knew I had. I want us to continue, especially with the way you… fuck me.” Iretí responds, slowly biting her lower lips as she looks at her seductively.

Written by Offworld Tales

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Written by
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