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Edymaniac: Ebube Moves In (Chapter 4)[18+]

The competition was over, but panties and T-shirts became acceptable to wear around the house in front of Kunle.

Life went on. The plan was for her to stay for 18 months and save for a rent payment. We settled into a routine. Kunle and I fucked often and furiously. On mornings after I got fucked Ebube would often ask me if I had a fun night. I don’t know how much she heard. Didn’t matter, Kunle was a great fuck and I was proud of our sex life. I had told her about it before she moved in. It was no different now. Sometimes I would describe in detail how I got fucked the night before. It was just fun.

Kunle and I decided to go on vacation. We were going to drive to a beach resort, sightseeing along the way. It would be a 3 day 2 night drive.

“What about Ebube,” I asked Kunle.

“Does she want to go?” he asked.

“If it’s ok with you I’ll ask her,” I replied. “Are you sure she won’t be in the way?”

“No, I love Ebube. She’s not a burden at all. If you want her to come it’s ok with me,” he said.

When I asked Ebube she said she didn’t want to impose. I told her it was no imposition, and that it was ok with Kunle. Then she said she really couldn’t afford it. I said I had to talk to Kunle.

Kunle was open. He said we could share hotel rooms with 2 queens on the way out. We rented a 2-room lodge at the ocean and we could figure out sleeping arrangements.

I went back and told Ebube. She was so excited. She jumped up and hugged me. Just then Kunle walked into the room. He stopped, looked, and kind of didn’t know where to go. I realized he had just walked into two hot women hugging in their underwear and wasn’t quite sure how to process it.

When Ebube saw him she threw her arms around him.

“Thank you so much,” she said. “You guys have been so good to me.” Then she giggled. “I promise to make myself scarce at times so you can have vacation sex.”

We all laughed but in the back of my mind, I wondered how we would manage that.

When the day to leave arrived we all packed and loaded the car. I was on vacation. So was Kunle. I wore a cute little gown he liked. In fact, all I brought were gowns, a bathing suit, and some of my prettiest underwear. I knew Kunle liked gowns. If he liked me in them. I was going to wear them.

Ebube came down also wearing a short dress. We practically looked like twins. I noticed when she stood in front of the open door you could practically see through the dress. She looked hot. Then I realized that if I stood there you could probably see through mine. I liked the idea. I knew Kunle didn’t mind. He liked it when people checked me out. He liked knowing I was kind of on display.

We jumped in the car and took off. Between talking, singing to the radio, sleeping, and the Internet, the drive was uneventful. We arrived at the hotel around 6. We quickly checked in. The hotel was standard fair with two queen beds. We dropped off our bags and headed for dinner.

Dinner was a chain restaurant with a decent menu. It was uneventful except for the 4 guys at a nearby table checking out Ebube and me. They were trying to be quiet but it wasn’t working.

“Look how short that dress is. She’s got great legs.”

“Yeah, the breasts aren’t bad either.”

“I would like to suck them.”

“Do you think that guy fucks both of them?”

Sometimes when she caught them looking Ebube would smile at them. Once when they made a fairly crude comment she waved. For my part. I let my dress slide up as I sat. From the right spot, I was sure someone could see my panties. We all laughed at their behaviour and joked about it.

I had to use the restroom. I swivelled out of my seat with my legs spread wide flashing their whole table. At first, there was complete silence.

Then the talking started.

“Did you see that?”

“Man she totally flashed us.”

And so on.

We finished our meal and headed back to the hotel. It was about 8:30 and we decided to hit the bed and get an early start.

Ebube went to change in the bathroom. I realized I had not brought anything to sleep in. Normally when we travel I sleep naked. I asked Kunle for a T-shirt. I put it on. It barely covered my ass but that was fine. I was going to be under the covers. Kunle had his typical shorts and T-shirt. Ebube came out of the bathroom in a t and little boy’s short panties.

After a bit of small talk, checking messages, and email, it was time to sleep. We climbed into bed and my shirt slid up. I wiggled my naked ass against Kunle. He spooned me, kissed my neck, and we fell asleep.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night. I felt something hard poking into me. A quick look told me that Kunle was asleep, but he was sporting a huge hard-on. I started to tingle between my legs. I looked at Ebube in the other bed. She was fast asleep. Feeling naughty I reached down behind me and started rubbing Kunle’s cock through his shorts. He was rock-hard.

Eventually, he opened his eyes. It took him a minute to orient himself but once he did he slid his hand up under my shirt and started pulling on my nipples and playing with my breasts.

I pushed his shorts down and released his cock. It felt good against my ass. I let go of his cock and slid my hand down to my pussy. I slid a finger inside me. I was wet. I pulled the finger out and held it behind my shoulder so he could suck it clean. He did.

Now it was his turn. He moved his hands from my breasts to my pussy and started playing with my clit. I gave a sharp intake of breath and then looked over at Ebube to make sure she was still sleeping. She was on her side facing us but her eyes were closed.

As I rubbed my ass against his cock, Kunle fingered me to an orgasm. I tried to stifle a moan but I made a small one.

Kunle whispered, “Shhhh.”

I looked over at Ebube. She still seemed to be sleeping. I bent a little forward and threw one leg over Kunle. In this position, I reached back and guided his cock to my pussy. He had to help but in moments he was deep inside me. After a few thrusts, I started to cum again. I moaned. Kunle shushed me. I looked at Ebube and my heart skipped a beat. Her eyes were open. With a playful smile, she brought her fingers to her lips and silently shushed me. I moaned and came again.

Ebube couldn’t see anything. She could probably see Kunle’s thrusting motion under the covers but that’s it. Kunle continued to fuck me clueless that Ebube was watching. For my part, I bit my lip and Ebube and I looked into each other’s eyes. I saw Ebube’s hand slip under the covers. She closed her eyes. I knew she was playing with her pussy. She opened her eyes, brought her fingers to her mouth and then back under the covers. I came again. I realized that I like to lick my fingers when masturbating too.

I came one more time wiggling my hips while Kunle fucked me. I moaned again. Not as softly. Ebube let out a little squeak. I could tell she came. Hearing that Kunle stopped moving. He looked over my shoulder. Ebube had closed her eyes and was pretending to sleep.

Kunle continued to fuck me. Ebube again opened her eyes and gave me an evil grin. I came again. The idea that we were practically being watched so turned me on.

I felt Kunle start to tense up. I pushed back. Load after a load of hot cum filled my pussy. As he pulled out some cum dropped down my thigh. I left it there I pushed my ass back into Kunle and fell back asleep.

We woke up early to go. Kunle jumped in the shower first.

“What’s that on your thigh?” Ebube asked jokingly. She knew what it was.

“Cum,” I said and stuck my tongue out at her. “Kunle’s cum.”

“Looks delicious,” she said.

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