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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 2) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 2) [18+]

My slim long fingers finally emerged from the latex gloves I had been hiding them in throughout my patient’s session. They looked so slim and fresh as they had always looked. I let two of them rub on the opening of my client’s pussy and watch her lips break into a small smile before they parted into a small circle that dragged in the air as I let my fingers slide into her vagina. 

She raised her legs and had her feet on the bed helping me get more room to examine, I mean, finger fuck her vagina. I stared into her face and watched her hands grab her hair. She was pulling on them like she was going crazy. I knew she was beginning to feel what my fingers were doing in her vagina. 

It was a little trick that I had learned when I played with myself. And I did not mean to play with myself back then, it was because I had to.

The thing is, the book I was reading the other day when my seniors ended up fucking me was towards a test I had to take the next day. 

It happened that we had more sex than I prepared for my test the next day. The shocker of the matter was that the lecturer decided to make the test a full continuous assessment. We usually had two continuous assessments, but this one was just one. I was no superhero of course and I did terribly in the test. It was more horrible because the results of the test were shared that same day. 

My test scripts pushed me to tears. There was no magic I could pull in the exams that would help me pass this course. I needed better grades from my continuous assessment. My seniors walked by and were about to greet me in their usual way and ask if I had enjoyed my time with them the day before.

When they saw the scared look on my face, they were probably worried that I was sad over what happened between us. When they asked me, I explained to them my dilemma and they ended up giggling about it. It pissed me off but I wanted to hear what smart solution they had for me. They told me all I had to do was to meet with the man and discuss it so that he would help me. 

I doubted that he would help me but I trusted my seniors. The second day, I summoned up courage and went to his office. I nodded timidly and entered when he asked me to. Without looking up at me, he asked me to state my business. 

After I told him I failed his test, he told me I must have deserved whatever grade I got. Calmly, I told him I wanted him to help me. That was the first time he stopped and looked at me.

He asked why he would help me especially since there was no reward for him. I quickly told him I would do anything he wanted. Immediately I said those words, and he smiled. He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to me stating that I meet him there at 4 pm the following day. 

It was an address. I met my seniors and told them about it. They laughed and told me all the stories they had heard about the man. He liked to fuck young students but most especially, he like to watch them pleasure themselves and then pleasure him too. I had to learn how to do these things so that this man would help me. 

There was no way I would carry this course over. I spent the rest of the evening reading up on things to do and how to do it.

In his place, I had my fingers in my pant and the other cradling my boob. I played with myself. The thing I enjoyed doing the most was when I curved my fingers in my pussy and found my g-spot. The way I started to press on it gently made me moan in ways I never thought I could. 

My eyes were shutting. It was easy for me to forget that I was in the room with a lecturer. I could see my patient’s eyes too. They were shut just like mine were those years too. I reckon she had forgotten that I was in the room with her. She was enjoying the way my fingers curved in her vagina and pressed her G-spot. 

She was moaning too and roughening her hair up. Her lips looked so cute with the way she moaned. I wanted nothing more than to eat my Latino patient up but I had to take it slow just like I did with my lecturer back then.

He seemed to be enjoying the show because when he finally told me to come to him, he was naked and he had a long hard dick in his loins. I gently brought my fingers out of my pussy as I approached him and I licked them up when I got close to him. 

Before he could give me orders, I took matters into my hands or put simply, his dick into my hand. He shuddered as I jerked his dick gently. I have soft and smooth palms and it made him shudder as I jerked his penis but still, it was not as smooth as I wanted. 

There was no oil lying around and I did not take any oil with me. I kept hold of his dick but made sure my thumb was on his dick cap – rubbing it. His pre cum made my thumb roll easy on his dick cap. He shuddered more. I enjoyed myself knowing I was doing a good job but I was not done.

I wanted to blow his mind. You know what I mean by that, I wanted to give him a blowjob. My tongue stopped at his dick cap and rolled on it just like my thumb was doing earlier. It shocked him and one of his hands immediately grabbed my head. 

I knew I had him wrapped around my fingers already. Just the same way my Latino patient was wrapped around my fingers right now. Yes, you guessed right, my tongue was on her clitoris and licking it over. 

Just like my lecturer did back then, she also had a hand trying to help keep my braids in place. I did a good job on her clitoris, she was moaning so much that I knew I was blowing her mind like I did my lecturer who started by grunting trying to hold his moans in. I broke him eventually when my mouth covered his dick and I let it slide down into my mouth. It was heavenly. 

His dick tasted nice to me. It was my first.

My patient’s vagina tasted good too especially when my tongue went into her labia and parted them. The moment I felt her slimy juices on my thought and tasted it, I sucked on her vagina to have more of it. The first dick I sucked was the first semen I swallowed. 

I loved the taste of his cum so much that when I felt him jerking, I did not think twice before I grabbed his penis and started to jerk it till I felt him release his semen into my mouth. Some of them slid out of the corner of my mouth. 

He looked down at me smiling and satisfied with my performance so far. I liked to think that at that moment, I was the best slut he ever had. He pulled me up gently and smooched my boob before he tapped my boobs softly. They stung but I enjoyed it. He tapped my boobs one after the other and even though it hurt a little, I was turned on by it. 

My nipples were hardening up.

I gasped with every tap he gave me on my boob before he turned me around and started to put his penis into my vagina from behind. I tried to bend over for him but he held me straight. I never thought it would go in that way but his penis found its way in. I felt full in my vagina. 

He held both my boobs from behind for support. We were so close to each other this way. I could feel his breath on my neck and the only thing that moved was his crotch as his penis fucked my vagina hard. I did more gasping than moaning. 

I do not think this man knows that I had just lost my virginity a few days back with the way his penis fucked me. As if we were not tight enough, he let go of my boobs and grabbed me by my elbows. One of his arms went in my elbows and held them together and his other hands pulled my hair back. 

He fucked me harder than before now making me cum. I had never felt anything sweeter than that my whole life and that was when I knew the importance of an orgasm to a woman. I meant to give my patient one for letting me have fun with her body so far. I stopped sucking her pussy, got off the bed, and started taking off my trouser.

Written by Reezy Sama

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