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[Short Story] The Honeymoon Incident by Sixtie 9ine (18+)


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[Short Story] The Honeymoon Incident by Sixtie 9ine (18+)

I still can’t believe what I saw. Why did she do it? How could she do it? I couldn’t understand why she did it and how she could do it during our honeymoon. Usually, there’s nothing wrong with getting a massage, especially since she had been getting them from her female physiotherapist at home before we got married. The person giving this massage was a man, but before you think I’m a jealous man, hear me out.

My wife and I spent our honeymoon at a hotel in Accra, Ghana. My wife had been experiencing discomfort in her back all day. While we were taking a swim in the hotel’s pool, we met a masseur who worked there. The masseur noticed my wife’s awkward posture and asked if she had a bad back. My wife, Remi, was slightly surprised by the question and replied with another question, asking how he could tell.

“Your posture and the pain etched on your face show that you might need a massage,” the man said, “Would you like me to give you one? I am a qualified masseur with the hotel, and our spa is just around the corner.” He gestured towards the hotel spa.

I was about to politely decline when my wife asked if she should try and see if it helps, it triggered thoughts of another man getting involved with my newly wedded wife, reminding me of the erotic stories I had read about wives being seduced by strangers. However, her well-being was of utmost importance, so I agreed.

“Well, it’s not a bad idea,” I said.

“Okay,” Remi said. “I’d meet you at the suite. I don’t know how long it would take.” My mind had once again wandered off, and I didn’t reply until I heard my wife call out, “Kunle, did you hear me? I will meet you at the suite.”

“Sure,” I replied. “Have fun and I hope it helps.” I admired her body as she walked slowly down to the spa, hoping for some much-needed relief.

If I had known the kind of relief she would be getting, I would have stopped her at that moment. I had no intention of leaving her on her own. I decided that I needed to find a way to watch her ‘treatment’.

After the masseur pointed out a spa, it was easy for me to locate so I gathered our things and went there. It was easy to get a good vantage point and see everything.

My wife and the masseur were talking, and he gestured towards the table with a towel on it. Remi got on the table and laid face down. The masseur asked her permission to remove her swimsuit to avoid staining it with oil, which she agreed to.

My wife, who usually isn’t the type to show off her body, was naked in a room with a guy she didn’t even know. It was surprising to see her so calm and cool about being naked with a stranger, especially since she’s usually shy and reserved.

The masseur approached my wife and began to massage her shoulders and back. I have to admit, he did a good job, and I could see Remi starting to relax. He then proceeded to massage her lower back. After about ten minutes, I saw him move up and say something to my wife. Later on, I found out that he was asking if she wanted a full-body massage!

It turns out she agreed, he moved to the base of the table and started on her feet and legs. He started massaging her feet and legs, and I could tell she enjoyed it. His hands moved up her legs, working on her thighs and then her bum.

I thought that he would stop there but he did not. He moved into the gap between her thighs and was trying to reach her vagina. I could see Remi spread her legs as she allowed better access. He slipped his fingers into my wife’s vagina. Her body shuddered and I heard a moan as he continued fingering her.

They exchanged some words, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Suddenly, my wife turned over. I was shocked because my wife is usually very conservative. But there she was, showing everything to this stranger. He grinned, poured more oil on his hands, and went back to massaging her shoulders. Then, he gradually moved his hands over her breasts. Slowly, he started playing with her nipples until they were visibly hard.

Feeling satisfied that she was in on it, he then moved down and started to massage and feel her stomach and then he moved his hands down to her vagina. The masseur removed his swim shorts, and he moved round to my wife’s head.

She smiled and took his dick in her hand and moved her fingers up and down his shaft. I noticed she licked her lips and then unexpectedly took his dick in her mouth, something she always told me she hated. I could see the pleasure she was giving this man. He was clearly enjoying this experience. However, he suddenly opened his eyes, pulled my wife’s head away, and helped her up from the massage table.

I wondered what he was doing, but then I realized he led Remi to a small mattress that was in the spa. As he knelt he slipped a finger or two into her vagina. I couldn’t comprehend why my newlywed wife acted this way, we just got married for goodness sake. However, her loud moans interrupted my thoughts. I noticed the masseur withdrew his hand and began to penetrate her.

It seems that Remi was also startled because when she felt the masseur rubbing his dick on her vagina, she tried to stop him and asked him to use a condom.

The masseur didn’t seem to care about this.

“No please, oh no we can’t, I oh, oh my god you’re so big.” I stood there listening to my wife utter this utter garbage as he slowly ploughed repeatedly until he had buried his full length in her cunt.

I could hear my wife moaning and screaming as they both fucked.

A few more quick and hard thrusts and the masseur let out a deep loud groan “Oh, fuck, take this bitch!!!”

“Yes, daddy”, my wife moaned “I love what you do to me baby, I fucking love you.”

“I was shocked to hear her profess her love for this man.”. Gradually the thrusting and moaning subsided and they both lay there, still holding each other tightly.

Eventually, Remi must have realized the time and said, “I need to go now. My husband will be waiting.” He slowly pulled his dick out from her, stood up, and then helped my wife get to her feet. As I went back to the pool, Remi gathered her clothes, and I didn’t have much time to think about what had just happened. I knew I needed to get back to the suite.

I waited for approximately half an hour before Remi returned. I assumed she might have been taking some time to adjust herself before coming back to see me. When she eventually arrived, I asked her about her massage. “Did it feel good?” I asked. “Do you feel better?”

“Oh yes” she replied, “it really helped me.”

“That’s good, that’s very good,” I said with a wry smile.

A month later, Remi came to me after work and excitedly announced she was pregnant. I thought to myself, “The massage must have been really good.” My wife is pregnant with our first child. Could the baby be mine? Hell no. I made sure to avoid touching my wife until her period came, which it didn’t. I don’t think she has realized this as she has been planning names for her baby.

The burning question on my mind now is, what do I do?

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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