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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 1) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 1) [18+]

My car pulled up slowly into the compound. Ii ascended and did the brisk walk expected of a doctor who was being waited upon by patients. I was on time, but you have to go when duty calls. My office was already waiting for my return. 

Spic and span, kudos to the cleaners.  I got into my seat and awaited my patients. One after the other, they came in with their complaints, I assessed them and prescribed tests or medicines as required by their health status. 

This is my day job and I love this so much. The other thing I loved more than my job even was good sex. Oh, I do not think there is a better feeling than when someone makes my legs tremble through an orgasm or when I make someone’s eyes roll up in their head through an orgasm. 

That was why after about half a dozen examined patients, when a Mexican lady came in to be examined, my interest in sex overcame my hunger for work.

Why? She was a foreigner. I have not had much of those and I had always had my reservations for anything from the Latin world. I hear they were sex maniacs – both genders. I wanted my taste of this species. 

My eyes never left her full lips as she rolled Spanish-accented English out of her mouth making her all more sexually appealing to me. When she tried to lay emphasis, she put in so much strength that her boobs jiggled a little bit and I could see that from the heap of her cleavage that was visible through her top. 

I was doing a lot to resist the urge to seductively lick my lips right there in front of her but, I could not resist running my fingers through my inner thighs. It was such a sweet feeling and I had smooth skin. My fingers travelled to my pubic area which was as usual – bare. 

Bare as in, no hair and no panties. I never liked wearing panties or brassieres and like I mentioned earlier, sex is one thing I enjoyed more than my job.

My job gave me thrills. There is a big thrill that comes from nursing sick people back to health. The bigger thrill however lies in the opportunity to fuck numerous people, strangers. You have no idea how many male folks I had fucked after nursing them back to health or while I was nursing them back to health. 

Some women too have done the nasty with me during treatment sessions. I always enjoyed pleasuring people and getting pleasured and I do not rule out genders. I want so badly for this Latino woman patient in front of me to be on the list of those patients I had fucked but it was not looking likely. 

She looked to be in her 40s almost the same as me and she looked quite modest although modesty could be a façade. So she mentioned something about not getting her period and I knew that was my opening. Let us see what this Latino woman is made of.

I grabbed a pair of latex gloves and asked her to get on the bed in my office. I was going to do a quick test on her. When I walked to the door to lock it from behind, I could hear the wet sounds coming from my pussy lips as I walked. 

Maybe I had fingered myself a little too much when my patient told me of her problems. When I returned, she was on the bed already with her gown pulled up to her stomach and her cotton panties covering her vagina. 

She must have had this sort of test before but she has never been tested by me. I placed a palm over her cleavage and moved it around a little like I was truly in search of something but I was just enjoying the smooth feel of her skin and her cleavage that had been tempting me all day long. 

It was such a shame that I could not pull the top down and see the whole mammary glands in their full glory. I wanted to see what the nipples would look like and suck on them even. 

However, matters like this are not to be rushed to risk scaring away the woman. 

My seniors were gentle on me too the first time they fucked me. I was in the know then but had not done much aside from fingering myself in the bathroom. I was still nerdy Matilda then like they fondly called me. 

I had round perky boobs then, they have grown a bit bigger now but still, they remained round and perky. Round bottoms that protruded just enough too and fine brown skin with brown eyes to match. It happened on one of those nights when I visited their hostel to study ahead of our exam the following day. I knew they both had something for me. 

All the subtle ass-grabbing and playful ass spanks when I walked by sent their messages to me well enough and made me comfortable around them and when I was in their room, all of us reading. They are on nothing but boxers and are on a top with nothing but panties. Books on the floor, me lying on my chest studying just like the both of them on either side of me.

I put my latex gloves on and I wished I did not have to. I explained to my patient that she would be penetrated so she knew what to expect. I slid in my index finger slowly, watching how far I could get it to go. I caught her expression giving her away and her eyes rolling a little. 

That was a good development for me. I asked if she felt any pain or discomfort at all. She replied that she did not. I pulled out of her gently and pushed back in with my index and middle fingers. She broke a little moan and I took that charge to go a little deeper. That was when she grabbed me by the wrist. 

It was swift and hard. I also heard her mutter, “puta” (whore) under her breath. It looked like I had overdone it with my antics and that was where my game ended. My seniors, that night that they had me had better luck than I was accustomed to fingering already.

I was lying there reading when I felt a palm rubbing below my ass then gradually, it moved on to my panty-covered ass then I could feel it on my pubis. I had stopped reading a long time and was enjoying getting touched by him. 

I was soaking wet and I was sure he could feel it from rubbing on my pubis through my panties. I wanted him to go further so bad but I did not want to interrupt or tell him what to do. My heart leaped for joy when I felt him trying to push my panties out of the way. They were quite tight on me and would not budge. 

When it did, it did not give him enough room to finger me. In a frustrated hiss, he ripped it off and it came undone. His fingers, the two longest ones sunk into my pussy now, and all I could do were to spread my legs a little more, hiss, and grab my books tight. When I made to sink my head into my book, my other senior grabbed my head and turned it toward him. 

He looked far into my pupil in a reassuring manner, like he was telling me everything his friend was doing to me would be fine. Then next I knew, I was getting one of the fullest kisses ever invented. In that position, his palm still managed to find one of my boobs and he tried to squeeze it but I did not enjoy it much because of my brassiere. 

He started the hassle of trying to pull off my shirt to get to my bra but it was inconvenient because of the position his friend fingering me needed me to be in. he left me. It got me frustrated too but he returned with scissors in hand and placed them on the side of my shirt. He cut through it and my bra too. 

My boobs were finally free for him with my now ragged cloth still hanging loosely on my body. I had expected him to grab my boob again and squeeze it but he did not. He lay very close to it and sucked my nipple.

That was so sweet but I was immediately hit by another sweetness when I felt soothing thicker than fingers penetrate my vagina. I reached a mini climax almost immediately. But that was when the real job began. He began fucking me more and my vagina did him the honour of creating more sex fluids to allow his penis to sink in smoother. 

He released his sperm into me and his friend mounted me almost immediately. He did his own too. One of my boobs rubbed on the hard floor and the other was getting squeezed by my senior. They kept this up until the other guy also released his sperm in my vagina. I was a bit tired but not satisfied. I could feel my climax hiding somewhere inside me and I needed it out. 

I blamed and cursed my underwear for interfering with what my seniors were about to do to me in the first place and made up my mind to no longer use underwear. Now, looking at my Latino patient, she pushed my fingers away from her pussy and removed her panties. Next, she told me to do it without gloves that the gloves made it painful. 

I jubilated inside me as I started to pull them off and just then, she also removed her top giving me the view of her boobs that I had been craving all day.

Written by Kunle JJC

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