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[Short Story] Goodluck Charm by Sixtie 9ine (18+) [PIDGIN]


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[Short Story] Goodluck Charm by Sixtie 9ine (18+) [PIDGIN]


I dey chill for breakroom, dey try arrange coffee make e clear my head. In just small time, I go meet with the top brass for our monthly meeting. As the head of sales, I gats give them gist on how sales dey go every month, and the thing dey always give me small tension because some board members no too gbadun me. Dem believe say dem get people wey fit sell pass me.

“Yomi, how body dey?” she ask as she waka go fridge.

“Babe, how fa now?” I reply, my eye dey focused on the coffee wey I dey prepare.

“Guy, you dey okay? You dey look like person wey stress dey wire,” Isioma ask as she dey carry her lunch commot from fridge.

“I get my monthly sales meeting with the big bosses soon,” I explained.

“Oh, sorry,” she talk, with that kind face wey show say she understand. “I sabi say some of those guys dey give stress.”

“Especially that Mr Adelowo, him dey always talk say another person fit do my work beta,” I yan as I dey waka comot from the break room. Jus before I comot, Isioma smile give me and talk, “No worry, you go dey alright.”

“Thanks,” I yarn.

Few minutes later, I dey for store dey try find paper make I fit make copies of my sales report for the big bosses. But see wetin happen? The photocopying machine don run out of paper because person wey use am before me no remember to put paper inside. So, na so I dey find paper up and down for the small closet, dey vex. Later, I hear Isioma voice from back, as I turn, I see say she dey look me with interest.

“Wetin dey happen?” she ask.

“I no fit see paper,” I yarn.

“Na im be dat,” Isioma talk, as she point go one stack of boxes for the back corner of the closet. I hiss for my mind as I no see dem earlier when dem dey right for my front. I bend down, open the top box, carry one pack of paper comot. As I wan waka commot, I see say Isioma don close the closet door, leave only me and am for inside the small space. She come waka small-small near me, come stand directly in front of me, con give me one small smile.

Before I fit even ask wetin dey happen, Isioma talk, “Make I help you chill small before that meeting.” Then, she put her hand for the front of my trousers. Isioma na one of the finest babes for this organization.

As Isioma press her hands for front of my trouser, e be like say dem activate their usual magic, and I begin dey get hard. She look up at me with surprise as she notice say I dey rise. Wetin she no sabi na say my babe, Lade, and me don break up since one month wey don pass. Since dat time, I never get chance for any sexual activity because I dey too busy with other tins. So, as she dey very sexual with me, e make me quick catch feelings.

“Babe, wetin you dey do?” I ask with fear for my mind. I drop the paper wey dey my hand on top shelf and I look down, I see her hand wey dey press my trouser front.

“Yomi, I dey just help you relax small before your meeting,” she yarn playfully, shey na flirt she dey give me with one kind smile. “E be like say one person dey enjoy am,” she add, look down for where her hand dey rest for my rod and give am small press.

“Oh, chai,” I groan as she dey hold me tight. Isioma see this one as green light and begin to loosen my belt, open my trouser, and bring am down. The whole thing just dey look like film to me. I don hear about office relationship before, but I never expect say I go enta one myself. After she don bring my trouser down, she carry my strong dick comot from boxers and look am with wonder.

“Yomi, see wetin you carry o,” she talk as she wrap her hands around my dick begin dey stroke am.

“Babe, we suppose no dey do this one,” I talk, dey try catch my breath. E no good make we dey do like this. E don tey wey I no do any action, so any small touch wey she give dey make me shake body.

She give me one sneaky smile and talk, “Your mouth dey say no, but your body dey say yes.” Then with one sharp grin, she add, “If you no want this, just talk stop, I go stop,” as she dey touch my strong tin.

Then she begin use her fingers dey play with the head of my dick wey don dey wet with precum. E be like say I wan cum quick quick, so I shout, “Oh shit, Isioma, slow down. I never knack for like one month now, so I fit cum quick.”

“Two weeks?” she ask, dey look surprised. “No wonder you dey vex. Make I help you relax, baby.” She kneel down, open her mouth, and begin suck my dick. I never get blowjob before, even when I dey with Lade. E dey sweet me die, and somehow, I manage hold myself from cumming quick quick as she dey suck and lick.

My whole dick dey tingle and dey pulse as Isioma dey suck am. She dey do am well well, dey make me feel like say I wan explode but I no fit. After small time, I no fit hold myself again.

“I no fit hold on again, Isioma,” I tok as I dey try catch my breath. She dey suck well well, and less than one minute later, I dey feel the pressure dey build up. Few seconds later, I climax. I hold her hair tight as my body dey shake from the orgasm. Isioma dey suck like professional, she dey swallow everything wey dey come out. She no stop even after I don finish. After small time, she stop and she pull her mouth comot from my prick.

I still dey breathe heavy after the orgasm when she smile for my face. I laugh small when I see one drop of my sperm for her chin. As she stand up, I use my finger clean am comot and I joke, “Maybe we no suppose go back to work like this,” and both of us laugh.

As I put my prick back inside my boxers and I pull up my trouser, she turn go comot and she talk, “I hope say e go help you feel better for your meeting,” before she open door waka comot.

Feeling somehow, I grab my paper finish the copies wey I need for the meeting.

She yarn true. I bin dey feel more relaxed for di meeting. E sure say e still dey tense, and those same people wey dey vex me before still dey vex me, but e no dey worry me reach as e dey happen before. Anytime dem dey yan rubbish or ask tough question, I just dey think about Isioma wey dey lick my prick for the store, e help me calm down so I fit handle their questions or ignore their talk.

Di meeting bin dey go like normal, with most of di bosses happy with my team’s work but still dey want more. Normally, after dis kind meeting, I dey always feel tired, but dis time, I still dey feel okay. After I meet with my senior sales team and pat dem for back, I pack my bag and enta elevator go house. Just as di door dey close, Isioma enter. As we dey ride down, she ask, “The meeting go well?”

“E be like wetin we dey always see. Most of di bosses dey happy with my work, but dem still dey want more,” I explain to am as we reach di lobby. We waka pass di lobby comot from front door, and just as we wan go different ways, suddenly, one idea come my mind.

“Isioma,” I call am, she turn look me.

“I fit take you go chop?” I ask.

She smile well well before she yan, “No wahala.”


I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of coffee to help me feel better. I had a meeting with the big bosses in about an hour. I’m the sales manager, so I have to brief them on how well our sales are each month. But it makes me nervous because a few of the board members don’t like me. They think they know people who can do a better job than me. As I was making the coffee, I heard the door to the break room open, and Isioma from the accounting department came in.

“Ahahn Yomi, how far?” she said cheerfully walking to the refrigerator.

“Babe, what’s up?” I said barely letting my eyes leave the coffee I was making.

“Are you alright? You seem stressed,” Isioma asked while taking her lunch out of the refrigerator.

“I have my monthly sales meeting with the bosses in a few hours,” I replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said giving me a sympathetic look. “I know some of those guys have wahala.”

“Especially that Mr Adelowo, he keeps saying someone else would do my job better,” I explained as I started to leave the break room. Just before I left, Isioma gave me a reassuring smile and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

“Thanks,” I said.

A few minutes later, I was in the store trying to find some paper to make copies of my sales report for the big bosses. But guess what? The photocopying machine was out of paper because someone else used it before me and didn’t think to refill it. So, there I was, searching around the small closet for more paper, getting frustrated. Then, I heard Isioma’s voice behind me, and when I turned around, she was looking at me with curiosity.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I can’t find the paper,” I said.

“That’s it,” Isioma said, pointing to a stack of boxes in the back corner of the closet. I hissed at myself for not noticing them earlier when they were right there in front of me. I bent down, opened the top box, and took out a pack of paper. When I turned around to leave, I saw that Isioma had closed the closet door, leaving just the two of us in the cramped space. Then, she took a couple of steps closer to me, standing right in front of me, and gave me a little smirk.

Before I could even ask what was happening, Isioma said, “Let me help you relax before that meeting.” Then, she put her hand on the front of my pants. Isioma was one of the most attractive girls in this organization.

When Isioma pressed her hands against the front of my pants, it had the usual effect, and I started getting hard. She looked up at me with amazement as she felt me getting aroused. What she didn’t know was that my girlfriend, Lade, and I had broken up a month ago. Since then, I haven’t had any sexual release because I was too busy to do anything. So, her being very sexual with me made me aroused quickly.

“Babe, what are you doing?” I asked nervously. I placed the sleeves of paper on the shelf next to me and glanced down to see her hand firmly pressed against the front of my pants.

“Yomi, I’m just helping you chill before your meeting,” she said playfully, giving me a flirty grin. “Looks like someone’s enjoying it,” she added, glancing down at her hand on my dick and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as she squeezed me. Isioma took this as a sign to continue and proceeded to undo my belt, open my pants, and slide them down. The whole situation felt surreal to me. I had heard of office flings before, but I never imagined I would be involved in one myself. After getting my pants down, she pulled out my fully erect dick from my boxers and looked at it with amazement.

“Wow Yoms.” she said as she wrapped her hands around my dick and started to stroke it.

“Babe, we shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, trying to catch my breath. Not having any action for over two weeks made me super sensitive, so every touch she gave sent shivers through my body.

She gave me a sneaky smile and said, “Your mouth says no, but your body says yes.” Then, with a cunning grin, she added, “If you don’t want this, just say stop, and I’ll stop,” as she kept touching my erection.

Then she used her fingers to play with the tip of my cock, which was getting wet with precum. This nearly made me climax, and I blurted out, “Oh shit, Isioma, slow down. I haven’t had sex in about a month, so I’ll cum quickly.”

“Two weeks?” she asked, looking surprised. “No wonder you’re so angry. Let me help you relax baby.” She got down on her knees, opened her mouth, and began to suck on my cock. I never got head, even when I was with Lade. It felt amazing, and somehow, I managed not to cum right away as she sucked and licked.

My whole dick was tingling and throbbing as Isioma sucked on it. She was really good at it, making me feel like I was about to explode but not quite getting there. After a few minutes, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I can’t hold on much longer, Isioma,” I gasped. She sucked harder, and less than a minute later, I felt the pressure building up. Seconds later, I climaxed. I held onto her hair tightly as my body shook from the orgasm. Isioma kept sucking like a pro, swallowing to handle the load. She didn’t stop even after I finished. After a few minutes, she stopped and pulled her mouth off my dick.

I was still breathing heavily after the orgasm when she smiled at me. I chuckled when I noticed a drop of my cum on her chin. As she stood up, I wiped it off with my finger and joked, “Maybe we shouldn’t go back to work like this,” and we both laughed.

As I put my dick back in my underwear and pulled up my pants, she turned to leave and said, “I hope that helps you feel better during your meeting,” before opening the door and walking out. Feeling dazed, I grabbed my paper and finished making the copies I needed for the meeting.

She was right. I felt much more relaxed during the meeting. Sure, it was still tense, and those same annoying people were still being annoying, but it didn’t bother me as much as it usually did. Whenever they made snarky remarks or asked tough questions, I just thought about Isioma sucking my dick in the store, and it helped calm my nerves so I could handle their questions or ignore their remarks.

The meeting went kind of like usual, with most of the bosses being happy with my team’s work but still wanting more. Usually, these meetings leave me feeling tired, but this time, I still felt pretty good. After meeting with my senior sales team and giving them a pat on the back, I packed up my bag and got on the elevator to head home. Just as the doors were closing, Isioma jumped in. While we rode down, she asked, “Did the meeting go well?”

“It’s pretty much the same as usual. Most of the bosses are happy with my work, but they always want more,” I explained to her as we got to the lobby. We walked through the lobby and out the front doors, and just as we were about to part ways, I suddenly got an idea.

“Isioma,” I called out and she turned back to face me.

“Can I buy you dinner?” I asked.

She gave me a big smile before saying, “Sure.”

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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