May 23, 2022

Sarah’s Naughty Indoctrination (18+)

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Sarah’s Naughty Indoctrination (18+)

Once in my bedroom, I didn’t waste more time. I pulled Sarah by her short hair toward me and shove my tongue in her mouth, moved her around, my hands hard and heavy on her upper body. 

Pressed against me, she felt good in my arms.

I stripped her down naked with the only exception of her black heels as I remained in my work clothes, for now. I was already raw and hard and wanted to have sex.

I pushed her back on the bed easily; pushed her legs apart and thrust my dick up against her, bare pussy, through my trousers; kissed her, hard, felt her body under me.

I pulled back after a minute and lifted myself up.

“Take my dick out,” I said softly.

She did: unbuckled and unzipped my trousers, held my dick in her soft hand, let out a low satisfied moan of pleasure as she weighed its heaviness. I lowered myself back on top of her, kissed the pulsing veins on her neck. “I want to fuck your mouth.”

She bent in response, but whispered, “But I want you to fuck me.”

I grinned, and licked my lips: her desire was being handed to me on a golden platter; I took it appreciatively. “No.”

“Please, baby, I need it, I want you to fuck my pussy.” Her big sexy eyes darted down guiding my eyes to her fingers spreading her glistening wet pussy.

I do like the way she begs. I nearly agreed, but I said no again, pulled back to shift to my knees on the bed. I took her hair in my fist as she bent in front of me.

“Do it real good and I’ll fuck you.”

She lowered her painted red lips to my dick and kissed; swallowed; deep throated; lapped with her tongue; ran it along her lips. I didn’t stop talking. 

“Sarah, you suck it so good. That’s so sexy in your mouth; suck it deeper, yeah that’s it, good girl.”

I pulled coaxed her up to kiss me a few times, mostly so I could feel how her lips and tongue get swollen and wet when sucks me off, and so I could have that moment of thrusting her head back down to my cock, pushing on the back of her skull.

She started taking it deeper, deep as she could, taking my entire dick, and she kept it there while her throat contracted around it and then stuck her tongue out to tease my balls. She released me from her talented mouth then pulled up and kneeled.

“Do it again,” I said, and she looked up at me, mouth open, tongue thick, and lowered her mouth back down, sucking me all the way again. 

“Deeper. Good girl. Take that dick in your throat. Swallow it. Good, that’s so good.”

And again she came up for air.

“Do that one more time,” I said, caressing the back of her head, “and I’ll fuck you. Just the way you like.”

She trembled a little, and then she did: brought her mouth down on my dick once more; took it deeper this time, pretty, so pretty and so far back in her throat.

I gasped from the intense pleasure and began to breathe heavily. I snatched her up by her hair, shifted next to her, put my hands on her shapely hips and curvy fat ass and turned her over to her back, then slowly eased myself between her legs. 

My rock hard dick hovered only inches away from her silky wet pussy.

Her pupils stretched wide open in desperate lust. “Oh, you liked that, huh?”


“You like my dick in your mouth.” My fingers were on her smeared red lip and in her mouth.

“Oh. Yes!”

“You like to suck it. You like when I fuck your pretty mouth.” I parted her sticky wet pussy with my dick, hard, and started fucking her sweet but steady, deep. Sarah moaned, tried to say yes, but it came out in an utter.


“Sarah, I like it too. I like my dick in your mouth. I like how you suck it. You get me so fucking hard, I just have to fuck you,” I continued, dick thrusting in and out as I took her wrists in one hand, held her down, kissed her mouth deeply and then her neck. “I like it in your tight pussy too.”

“Yeah, yeah, put it in my pussy. Fuck my pussy hard.” She shifted her hips up and back and I thrust an inch deeper, reached around her thigh to get a nice grip on that sexy ass of hers.

Somehow, she was set off and kept a steady stream of words at my ear; every time I thrust harder into her I’d get a nice reward of her lovely voice saying dirty things: 

Oh, yeah baby, just like that, fuck me hard, you know how I like it, you know how I love your big thick dick in my pussy, put it in me, harder baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, and when she got closer it became Ooh, baby, you fuck me so good, you fuck me so good, baby, that feels so fucking good, so fucking nasty good, you fuck my cunt so good, fuck baby, fuck!

And somewhere in there I fucking lost it. I blurted, “I’m gonna come,” as it started happening. Groaning, energetic dick grinding against swollen clit, thrusting my dick deep in her; Sweat poured from my body. I gave her the most vigorous thrust I had left in me as I erupted deep inside her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, held me close and tight as my breathing evened and my pulse calmed… 

until I slid comfortably next to her and she shifted to her stomach, looking at me with those sexy blue eyes, and I left my hands on her heated skin, ran them along her smooth back and held her ass in my palm. It’s hard to lie next to her without getting turned on. “What?” I said. “I know you didn’t think we were done?”

She took my hardening dick that was still shiny with our cream into her hand, smiled, kissed me deeply, 

“Now why would I think that, baby. I was just thinking how much I’d like to give you some more. How much I need to have you inside me, again and again, in every way possible. Now take what you want!”

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