June 26, 2022

Losing the V [The End] (18+)

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Losing the V [The End] (18+)

I had no idea what to do next but his tongue was dancing in my pussy. I had no choice but to whine my waist and grind my pussy on his mouth. I have to say, I am pretty good when it comes to using my waist.

When my orgasm hit, I first thought I was having a seizure. My whole body was vibrating and my eyes were rolling into my forehead. He had to hold me so I would not fall off. I was so wasted and could not continue with anything.

We stopped for the day hoping to continue next time. I left there more confident than ever. I really loved how I felt and I was sure the next time would be good too. We talked on the phone and I enjoyed his compliments. He said he really loved how I ground my pussy on his lips. I shrugged it off in the chat but on the other side of the phone, I was blushing.

I picked out a playsuit for this very occasion. I am visiting my boyfriend today and It most likely looks like I will become a woman. As usual, he was his gentlemanly self, welcoming me with food and drinks making me feel comfortable and at home.

We started talking and all, we were seated on a single chair, me between his thighs and he behind me. We continued talking and he was clearing my braids off my neck before placing kisses there. I knew it had begun. He continued to kiss all around my neck and I was feeling it.

When his tongue went into my earlobe, damn that was another feeling entirely, I shivered.

I turned around and kissed him so hard I had no idea when my Jean jackets came off. I felt his hands on my playsuit. He squeezed my breasts through them and broke off the kiss to whisper “no bras eh” in my ears. I was wet down there, what’s with this boy and whispering in my ears for fuck sakes lol.

He slipped the playsuit off my shoulders and had the liberty of properly squeezing my breasts. It was heavenly, the feelings that coursed through my body really enjoyed it.

Before I knew it, I was feeding my nipples into his mouth and stroking his hair and eyebrows as he helped himself to my sweet boobs. (don’t blame me lol).

He stopped and came up once more to my ear, what does he want now I wondered. “Are you wearing panties?” he whispered. NO, I confirmed and immediately plugged my nipple into his mouth. As he sucked on, I unzipped my Jean trousers and pulled it off for him.

His finger soon started to maraud my pussy, I knew what was coming. I flinched when he pushed it in. He kissed me again, making me relax before gently stroking in and out of my pussy. It was a bit painful at first but I got sweeter and he increased his tempo making me moan his name and grab my head.

When he located my G-spot, it was another crazy feeling and I was moaning real loud now. He did not let me off, I was out of breath, I was panting and for the second time, I climaxed, messing up his palm with my fluid. I felt weak and hazy.

Next I knew, I was floating in the air as he carried me with no trouble to his room. My back landed on his bed and he spread my legs apart.

His dick at the entrance of my virgin tight pussy was really painful and I kept trying to push him off me, at the same time I was throwing my hands over my mouth so I do not make too much noise.

His dick head penetrated but it hurt like hell still and every time he tried to push in, my back was off the bed trying to push him off and his dick head was out again. It was a painful start and stop situation. It must have been frustrating for him because he got off me and I thought he was done but instead, he pulled me to the edge of the bed.

My legs, still apart, could touch the floor from here and he pushed his dick at my entrance once more. When he eventually penetrated, I felt one of the worst, sharpest pains of my life.

I dug my nails into his skin, I pinched and punched him. He held still nevertheless and I could feel his dick inside my stomach.

It did not take long and the pain subsided, he was thrusting in me, very slow. It was painful and sweet at the same time then he seized.

He pulled out and sprayed cum on the floor. I felt so weak and tired and blood started to flow. It was so much that I got scared but he reassured me that everything was fine and I was OK.

He cleaned me up and let me rest before confessing that he was scared at the sight of the blood too because he once had someone who disvirgined a lady and the blood did not stop until the lady was hospitalized. I was terrified. We rested and this boy asked if we should try again.

Try what? All that pain? NO. He pleaded with me and before I knew it, I was slipping my nipples into his mouth again telling him to suck those babies. He was soon between my legs again aiming his cock at my pussy and I threw my palms over my mouth.

He got in with less trouble this time, it was definitely sweeter than the first time. Slowly, he was fucking my virginity away and I loved it.


Written by Reezy Sama

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