December 6, 2023
Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 3)[18+]


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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 3)[18+]

I bent to pick up her skirt, but she stopped me. “Don’t worry about that. We need to get undressed, Kayode.” I could sense her urgency, so I left the skirt alone and pulled her shirt over her head, and I saw her medium breasts in a black lace bra. The woman had incredible sexuality, no question. It was turning me on as much as her physical appearance. She really was a beautiful woman.

“Let me help you with this,” I said as I undid her bra, and her breasts were free. She had very little sagging, and they had that slight banana shape with very long nipples at the end.

I kissed her neck and her shoulders, and she gasped as she reached for my pants, and soon they were on the floor next to her skirt. My hands slid all over her back as hers glided over mine, and I pushed my hands down the back of her panties, and her breasts scraped along the hairs on my chest.

She bit softly into my chest as I picked her up like she was a sack of feathers and carried her onto the bed. “I really do want you, Dami. I want us to have a great time together.”

“I can feel how much you want me”, she responded, referring to my now throbbing dick, at its full 8 inches, tenting out my boxers. “You are so wonderfully hard!”

“And you are incredibly wet!” She was, too. I could feel it in her panties, which were saturated around the crotch. We were grinding together as we kept kissing and licking each other, and I moved so I could suck on her breasts.

I kissed them with great ardour, flicking her nipples with the tip of my tongue, and I felt her shudder as her pussy got wetter.

“Take me, Kayode. Make me do what you want. I’m yours tonight.” She was gasping like she was on the edge. She was like many powerful men and women. They were in command in their public lives and their work, but in private and sexually, they needed to be submissive. Dami was no different. I understood what she wanted.

I got onto my knees on the bed, still in my shorts, and I told her, “Take my cock out. Better yet, pull my shorts down. I want you to suck it. I want to watch you.”

Her eyes looked up at me as she got on her own knees and leaned over, kissing my tummy and licking my torso. I couldn’t help but let out my own loud moans. She was so damn sexy, so hot. She pulled my shorts down to my thighs and grasped my pulsing cock, stroking it a few times, bringing up a large bead of precum, and she lapped it up like it was nectar. She kissed my dick all over, and I thrust forward so the head pushed through her slightly parted lips.

Dami really knew her stuff. Her hands were all over my hips and my ass as she sucked me with skill and pleasure. I could tell this was something she enjoyed. Her tongue swirled around my head, making me groan, and I gently pushed her head down so her lips coated my shaft.

The way she was using her tongue, I thought she might be testing me to see if I got too excited and would cum too soon. No worries there, though. I had excellent control of my body.

Dami kept on sucking my cock, giving me a great time as her mouth moved skillfully up and down, then along the shaft from the outside as her hand toyed with my balls. She really was checking my endurance, so I decided to change things up for her.

She did say she wanted me to be in charge, after all. So I pulled back, leaving a strand of her saliva from her red lips on the head of my dick. I flipped her on her back and kissed her lovely body all over, paying attention to her nipples again while my hand rubbed her inner thighs and then over her pussy, still in her black satin panties.

“Oh my God”, she muttered as I kept suckling on her thick nubs, then I kissed my way down her almost flat tummy, all the way to the elastic of her panties. I personally get a charge from a lovely woman in sexy panties, and Dami fit the bill.

I nibbled at her mound through the satin. Then I slowly started to tug them down past her hips and then down her legs. She had her natural hair, a little darker in colour than the hair on her head, and it was well groomed, as was everything else about her. “Please, do it, please…” she moaned as I took in her scent, musky with a touch of her perfume, and I started to lick her most sensitive region with considered probes.

I licked slowly, savouring her pussy, which was already nice and wet, before my tongue added my own moisture to the mix. My tongue alternated between flicking up and down her sweet slit, and then I went back to her lips, slowing things down.

“Put a finger inside me”, Dami gasped, and she whimpered as I pushed first one, then a second finger inside her eager pussy. “Oh, Kayode, you’re so good at this!” She was writhing on the bed, her legs rubbing on my back, spurring me on.

I kept going down on her and fingering her until she almost shouted, “Now! Enter me now!” She stuffed a condom in my hand, and I rolled it on as quickly as I could before pushing her legs apart and sliding into her well-soaked pussy, going slow but not too slow.

She lifted her ass off the bed to get the best angle for her, and I moaned with her as her pussy, surprisingly tight, wrapped around my dick. When I was fully inside her, I held still and ground my hips on hers, putting incredible pressure on her throbbing clit.

Dami gasped as she grabbed my shoulders, and her nails dug in a little as she came with her eyes bulging open. My moves were steady and considered, taking my cues from her as to when she wanted me to speed up or do something different. She was the “client”, after all, at least in this situation.

She was making sure I had what it took to please the client and give her what she needed, not what I wanted.

“Faster, Kayode. Make me cum again, and try to cum with me if you can,” she said with an ethereal quality to her voice. I moved faster, enjoying myself as well as giving her the pleasure she craved, and soon, I was almost there, but I tried to hold back until she was ready.

“Whenever you’re ready, Dami. I’m there.” She nodded her head briefly and then tightened her legs around me as her pussy spasmed in her own climax, giving me my signal to cum, and I did, filling the condom with a thick load of semen.

I didn’t pull out, instead just resting on top of her while bearing most of my weight on my arms and knees. I kissed her softly, as her lover, since that was how we started. She had told me not all women want to be kissed by an escort; for some, it was too personal, and they were only looking for the release from sex. Every woman is different, and I had to follow their lead.

After a few minutes, my cock softened enough to ease out of her body, and then I turned to my side and stared at the lovely woman with me. The fact that she was older was of no consequence to me, The fact that she was about to be my employer was also insignificant in this situation. I enjoyed myself, and so did Dami.

She had also warned me that it wouldn’t always be so for me, but I always had to try to please the clients in whatever way they wanted, with some restrictions.

“That was great, Kayode,” Dami said with a kind smile. “I think you’ll do very well at this part of the job. And I’m pretty sure you’ll do well as an escort as well. You have the brains and the charm. A little polishing and you’ll be fine.”

She sat up and gave me a quick kiss before she excused herself to the bathroom. I laid back and thought to myself how Dami was a very different person in bed as opposed to the office, where she was strictly no-nonsense.

When she came back, I used the bathroom, and then we talked a little more. She told me how some of the women had fantasies they would want me to act out with them. “Some will want you to play a given role. Like men, women have all sorts of fantasies. Some may even want you to pretend to be their son’s.

They’ll want you to call you ‘mom’ or even ‘mommy’. Will that be a problem for you? You can be honest with me. That’s not something every man can do.” She looked at me hard.

“I don’t think so. I’m not very close with my own mom, so I’m pretty sure I could do it. Whatever the lady wants, right?”

“Yes, except for the restraints. Don’t let anyone get you in a position where you can’t protect yourself, remember. Also, there are some women, and their husbands, who will want you to screw her while he watches, like a cuckold.

People have all sorts of desires when it comes to sex. I’ll usually be able to warn you in most cases about what the women like. They trust me with their secrets, and I keep them.”

We went over a few more things before calling it a night around midnight. She sent me home by car service at her cost, and I plopped into my bed around 2 AM, wiped out. The next few days would be very busy as I prepared to start my new career.

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