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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 1)[18+]


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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 1)[18+]

Ms. Iretí was at her wit’s end, answering one call to the next, it was huge for her as she prepared everything to go see her daughter, who was having her matriculation that day. She was a single mother who kept herself well enough to take care of herself and her daughter all through those hard years when her ex-lover abandoned her to fend for herself and her child, but with the help of her family who supported her, she managed to get her life back and was successful with it. 

She was in her forties, after having her daughter, Enó at 24, and even at her age, she still looked pretty good. She was a businesswoman and loved to keep herself healthy, with workouts and diets to go- what’s amazing about her thick physique, aside from looking well-defined is that she was blessed all around, but most especially her ass, which looked like it BBL. 

And unless you asked her, you couldn’t tell, aside her huge dump truck, she had a huge pair of boobs, that looked well formed and round as the famous pornstar; Maserati. 

She was desirable, but she pulled herself out of the dating game to focus on her child, even when she tried dating again, the trauma she still carried, prevented her from committing, that’s if she didn’t find out too early that the guys buzzing about her like flies, just wanted to smash and run. Which only put her off further from even trying anymore… 

But then, that didn’t bother her as her daughter was her life, her pride and joy and it gave her sleepless nights having to care for her until the very moment she got admission into the University of Lagos, to study law. 

That day, she still remembered like it was yesterday, how ecstatic her daughter was when she read the message about her admission into the school, and how she felt like a proud mom, but at the same time, sad, for her baby is now grown up and leaving her side to face the world all by herself. 

The event was colourful, as food and drinks went all around to family, friends and well-wishers, Iretí was beaming with smiles seeing her daughter happy as the event went on until it drew to a close. 

Months had passed and the house still felt empty as she sat on a couch in her sitting room, reading… This was something she was trying to get used to, seeing as her daughter’s voice was always not too far off when she was around. 

She made herself restless, just thinking about Enó, she was her life and just the thought of her baby out there worried her sick, even calling her almost too frequently each day, to check up on her.

It wasn’t until her daughter called her to tell her that she could be visited that she found herself smiling and celebrating like she won the lottery, but the problem was waiting till the weekend. The wait was tormenting, but she lived through it, until D-day, where, she drove eagerly to see her at school with provisions in town. 

As always, she was a showstopper, turning heads from both parents and students with her magnificent figure- she truly was a sight to behold as she walked by, all dressed in a long blue top that covered her butt hidden behind black yoga pants, that jiggled with each stride she took with a basket loaded with goodies in hand towards the hostel. 

Enó was seen sitting on a bench with a friend, waiting for her as she arrived at the hostel. 

“MUMMY!!!” yelled Enó as she ran, arms wide open to greet her mom, who dropped the basket of goods she carried to embrace her. 

“MY BABY!!!” Iretí screamed as she hugged and kissed her on the cheek, “I’ve missed you. Are you eating well? Are you being stressed out? Are you okay in your studies?” she continued, as she took her time looking all over her daughter who laughed, reassuring her she was fine. 

“Alright, Dear, just remember always to call me whenever you need something, okay?” she continued, before catching the eye of the friend who sat on the bench. The girl in question, held her gaze, as a predator would, while stalking its prey. Something about her felt off, the aura around her, somewhat embarrassed her, as she quickly diverted her gaze, but then, she could be overthinking it. 

“And who is your friend?” she asked inquisitively as her daughter turned in said direction she was motioning at. 

“Oh, Mom, you have to meet my friend, Ifeoma. She really helped me get acquainted with the school life here and even with my studies. She’s my bff and a great, great person to rely on” she replied, her eyes lighting up with excitement as she led her mom to her friend who still stared intently at her, and this time, with a mischievous grin. 

Iretí felt a bit sad at the words her daughter used, repeating them silently as she heard them, “Bff…  a great person to rely on?” Has her daughter now replaced her, so suddenly? she thought as Enó dragged her to where her friend sat. 

“Ifeoma, meet my favourite person, my sweetheart… my Mom.” Enó began, introducing them as her mother, hearing this, began to smile at the compliment. “Mom, meet my bff, Ifeoma.” She continued, with Ifeoma getting up saying; “Hello Ma, it’s finally a pleasure to meet you, Ifeoma has said so much about you, and my…I must say…you, look extremely gorgeous in person than in the pictures.” before embracing her in a hug. 

“Why, that’s so sweet of you,” Iretí replied, blushing as Ifeoma wrapped her hands around her, unbeknownst to Enó, those hands were stealthy squeezing her mom’s ass from behind. Iretí was stunned, but didn’t really know how to react, even when Ifeoma also whispered in her ears;

“You’re as sexy as fuck.” before disengaging, smiling…

“Well, let me let you two catch up, while I go drop this. It’s a pleasure to meet you Ma. And hope to see… more of…you.” She continued, eyeing her lustfully and slowly biting her lower lips, before taking the basket off her hand to go keep it inside. 

“I told you she’s a really nice person,” Enó said as Ifeoma walked back to the hostel. 

“Yeah, a real “nice” person.” Iretí retorted as she watched the girl go, walking off like nothing happened. What earlier happened was not imagined, she was certain this girl literally groped and eyed her like she was candy and subtly did it, even Enó didn’t notice.

Unless she was making assumptions, this her friend might be a lesbian, or was she the one, since she did nothing to stop it? Iretí quickly shook off those feelings as she went to hang out with her daughter, with Ifeoma in tow until late evening. 

Nothing happened afterwards, as the trio had loads of fun, going to Ozone to catch a movie, then to Ikeja City Mall, famously known as ICM, for some pizza and ice cream to end the evening.

Iretí watched her friend, Ifeoma like a hawk, and so far, nothing out of the ordinary happened, aside from the occasional stares whenever she was bending over to pick up something, and that one time she licked her ice cream seductively with her eyes locked on her- her tongue slowly licking the around the spoon several times before slowly putting it into her mouth as though she was giving a blowjob, which excited her a bit, as she quickly looked away, blushing, before taking a quick look at her lips and tongue as they handled the ice cream.

Iretí, now entranced by this, felt a sudden wetness from her pussy and immediately stopped, heading for the bathroom as though she wanted to pee. Iretí felt her heart pounding, why was she feeling like this, and towards a girl, no doubt… was she now into that stuff and didn’t know it? she thought as she say in one of the stalls.

She could see her pussy was wet and was calling out hungrily- for you see, ever since she removed herself from the dating scene, she had never tasted dick, no masturbated to relieve the pressure, since such feelings never hit her. 

“What could she do?” she thought, quickly gathering her thoughts to leave when she heard someone come into the bathroom. She was sure this rising sensation would go away in time as she opened the door to find… Ifeoma, standing in front of her, startling her. Ifeoma looked imposing, standing over her like some giant as she stared her down before a smile ran across her face.

One could tell, that Ifeoma really worked out, cause even though she was looking exceptionally curved and toned, she sported muscles on her arms. Ifeoma said nothing, but kept smiling, slowly licking her lips as she eyed her lustfully again. 

“Can I… help you with… something?” Iretí asks, stuttering as tries to impose some authority on her. 

“Yes… you.” she replied, quickly pushing her back inside the stall and kicking it shut with her foot. 

Iretí was not sure what happened, but she found herself kissing Ifeoma, so hungrily and passionately as her hands were all over her. Her boobs were being squeezed roughly, before her top were pulled up, revealing a blue bra.

Iretí, on trying to stop Ifeoma, only found both her hands raised and held above her head, and for some reason… it turned her on. Iretí was hyperventilating as she felt her tongue lick between her breasts, before freeing the right one with a hand and slowly squeezing them and teasing her nipples. 

“Oh, my god… You’re the sexiest thing that I have ever laid my eyes on and I must have you, baby.” Ifeoma said, as though she was claiming ownership of her body. Before kissing Iretí again, they returned the kiss, moaning as she squeezed her breasts. Iretí found herself wanting more, but it never came as Ifeoma stopped. 

“But not today,” she said as she adjusted her clothing; placing her boobs back in her bra and pulling down her top, before leaving the bathroom.

Iretí felt her mind go wild, pondering at what just happened as her hand ran across her lips; “Did she just kiss another girl and let herself be commanded, by one younger than her?” Taking a few minutes to get herself, she goes back to meet the duo who awaited her, who were chatting away as if nothing had ever happened.

Aside from that sexual encounter with Ifeoma, everything went… great with Enó. Thoughts about the bathroom event constantly filled her mind, with her struggling to keep a calm face with Ifeoma around, who for the most part was acting pretty normal. Even when she was about to leave, she found herself asking for Ifeoma’s number, saying it was a way to reach Enó, if her line wasn’t going through, after all, she was a close friend of her child. 

“Ifeoma, can I talk to you for a minute?” Iretí asked after they said their goodbyes at the car park, which by now was dark. 

“Sure Ma, I’ll catch up with you Enó.” she replied as Enó walked back to the dorm. 

“Now, listen here… you brat. I will not have such disrespect, you hear that. I’ve been so calm so as not to ruin this day. So, I’m warning you, such stunts will not be taken lightly if you try it one more time…  You hear?!” Iretí sternly told her, eyeballing her as she showed her whose in control and in charge. “Now, go…”

The words hung in the air as Ifeoma, made for her, holding her against the car… “Just who do you think you’re talking to, Ms. High-and-mighty? A slave has no say in front of her Master and you pretty much are pushing it.” Ifeoma began, whispering into her ear like a reprimand.

Iretí was stunned at this, with Ifeoma all up in her face talking down on her like a child, ‘where’s all this coming from, she’s the adult here?’ she wondered as Ifeoma roughly squeezed her boobs, which caused her to moan, then her ass, before turning her around. 

“You’re my bitch, and you’ll do well to remember that,” Ifeoma told her, quickly pulling down her yoga pants and spanking her hard on the butt.

“Just look at that ass… mmm, mmm, mmmm!! And this sexy lingerie you have on, did you wear all this for me?” she continued, as she squeezed and spanked her ass. 

Written by Offworld Tales

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