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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 2)[18+]


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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 2)[18+]

“What are you…?” Iretí protested, weakly struggling against Ifeoma who now ran her hand across the lingerie, before pushing her forward, preventing her from moving. 

“Shhh, you only speak when spoken to.. 

Iretí found herself compliant, obeying her every word… like she wanted, no, enjoyed being submissive, as she kept her lips shut. 

“Very good.” Ifeoma said, seeing her behave.. “I think we’ll get along really well… but first, I gotta taste my goods.” she continued, licking her fingers and slowly pushing it into her pussy, after sliding her panties to the side. 

Iretí couldn’t help, but moan… no one has touched her this way, and certainly not a woman. The feeling was electrifying, Ifeoma knew how to work those fingers as she finger fucked her.. 

“Yes, right there..” tumbled out of her mouth as she felt herself nearing orgasm.. 

“Oh, you little slut, I knew you were a lesbian just as I?” Ifeoma whispered in her ears, slowing down the tempo. 

“No… aaah… no, I’m… not… a.. oh, yes… a… lesbian.? Iretí weakly protested, prompting Ifeoma to stop, which affected Iretí. 

“Oooooh, is that right? Well in that case, I’m gonna leave you then.” Ifeoma said, mockingly as she stepped away, “Let’s see if what you say is true, and trust me, you are one and you’re gonna be aching to have me between your legs…by the time I’m done with you.” she continued, dipping her cream soaked fingers into Iretí’s mouth, which opened voluntarily to suck on them.

“You’re lucky I didn’t bring my strap-on with me to fuck you for saying this nonsense. But look at yourself, my little slut, see as you’re sucking my fingers like a good girl. I’ll let you go search yourself to see I’m right. You’re into girls and you’re body ain’t denying it.” she kept on, before pulling up her pants and walking backwards away, blowing her a kiss in the distance.

“See ya sooon.” she said, as she headed back to the hostel. 

Iretí’s heart kept beating after that, deep inside she wanted Ifeoma to keep berating her, in fact, she even imagined her fucking her silly with a strap-on right there in the open. What’s going on with her? she wondered.

Were Ifeoma’s words true about her, was she really into girls? The drive was slow, but she kept thinking about Ifeoma, worse of all, she left her high and dry, that wicked girl. But then, if Ifeoma was right about her sexual preference, she might be bi, since she still didn’t hate a man’s dick completely…

“It might not be so bad to try”, she thought to herself, but then, the girl might be wrong… what could she possibly know about her to be that certain?

After a refreshing bath and a nice dinner, Iretí’s phone beeped with a message as she was about to turn in for the night, it was from… Ifeoma. 

“I hope you miss me and this..” read the text as she scrolled down on WhatsApp to find, two attachments; one, a picture of a big black dildo and the other, a video clip of a young lady banging an older lady ferociously with a strap-on from behind, another came in and this time, it was the same actors, but in a different position; cowgirl and the older woman on top had a massive ass just as hers that creamed all over the “dick” the younger lady was fucking her with.

Iretí, though feeling the urge to delete and block her number, found herself watching with utmost attention… she was enjoying it and found herself craving that pleasure. 

Maybe, being with a girl wouldn’t be a bad experience after all; she thought as she dropped her phone and headed off to sleep. 

Weeks later, Iretí is home, preparing a meal for her daughter who would be coming home for the holidays… It wasn’t until about 2:00 pm that she heard a knock and the doorbell ring, prompting her to the door. 

“MOMMY!!!” Enó exclaimed as she hugged her mom happily. “I’ve missed you.” she continued. 

“Aaah, I’ve missed you too, sweetie. How was the trip back, I hope, no stress.” Iretí replied as she disengaged. 

“Yes, mommy, you shouldn’t worry about me this na…” she continued, turning to the side to show her a guest that came with her. “I hope you don’t mind, I brought Ifeoma with me, her folks aren’t home, so I was wondering if she could stay with us for the holiday and also company. 

“Hello Ma, good afternoon… I’m so pleased to see you again. And as always, you look more ravishing than ever.” She said, smiling innocently at her. Iretí felt her heart begin to beat faster immediately she saw her, for she knew there was nothing innocent about her, let alone her “smile”.

She was definitely up to something, but she couldn’t turn her away, since it would upset Enó. 

“Heeeey!!” Iretí said, feigning a smile as Ifeoma hugged her briefly and let go to go take the bags inside- an action which clearly stunned her, as Ifeoma wasn’t making advances nor pulling some funny stunts with her, which left her with relief.

Maybe she had changed after all, she thought, or so she did… until… while everyone was settled and Iretí was in the kitchen getting items off the cabinet that she felt a smack on her ass- looking behind, she sees Ifeoma who grins and walks away with a glass tumbler she also gets from the cabinet, but not before whispering in her ears on how sexy she looked in the sundress she was putting on. 

Iretí blushed, hearing this as though she wanted it, since she didn’t protest either, what was wrong with her, she thought. Another encounter was when she was getting the meal ready when she felt strong hands grab her boobs from behind- startling and at the same time arousing her, as she found herself rubbing her ass at her crotch when Ifeoma pulled down the top of her dress to caress her boobs encased in the strapless. 

“My, my, someone’s eager,” Ifeoma said, whispering sensually in her ears as she slowly pulled them down as well, before squeezing them properly and pulling her nipples.

Ifeoma began to nibble gently on her ear, causing Iretí to slowly wind her waist against her and at the same time, caress her face, eyes closed, moaning. Ifeoma, seeing this, smiles at her quarry breaking before her; “Now, aren’t you just a sexy ass lesbian?” she whispers to her as they both sway as though dancing. 

“No… I’m… not a… lesbian.” Iretí replies, moaning gently several times as her breasts are gently caressed by Ifeoma. 

On hearing this, Ifeoma stops, quickly bending her over and raising her dress to expose sexy lingerie underneath. Iretí’s ass jiggles as Ifeoma’s hands smack them hard before sticking two fingers into her pussy after shoving her panties aside, much to her delight as Iretí made too fuss or tried stopping her. 

“Well, well, well… look whose wet and needs a nice, big dick inside?” Ifeoma said mockingly as she stirred her fingers around inside her pussy, before taking them out and licking her juices, smacking her lips afterwards as though she just finished a delicious meal.

“My, god, you’re delicious and I must taste you.” she continued, as she watched Iretí involuntarily push her ass towards her as though expecting her to ram a cock inside her, which made her smile. But she wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction until she begged for it, which meant leaving her more high and dry to practically beg for it. 

“On second thought. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think you need it.” she slyly said, walking away from Iretí, who was now hornier than ever.

Many questions ran through her mind as she watched her out of the kitchen; what was her endgame? Was she just testing her? Did she want her or just want to toy with her? And the most of them all, that perturbed her was the fact that she was thinking about Ifeoma like some stud she was falling for? Was she really into girls as she was told or it was just the fact she hadn’t been touched in years now taking its toll on her?

Iretí so desperately wanted Ifeoma to touch and ravish her but she wasn’t getting any and it was frustrating her, what was that girl up to? Even when she was willing to give it to her like she owned the rights to it- Iretí now found herself wanting Ifeoma badly and it was getting her flustered, even though, the only way was to admit she was into girls and let herself submit to her sexual antics as she saw fit. 

Ifeoma who watched her unnoticed by the door, smiled at her work as she watched the woman suffer, before heading off to meet Enó. Minutes later, the good was done and both girls were down to help out Iretí take out the dishes to the dining; Ifeoma, to her amusement, took several liberties to slightly squeeze Iretí’s butt and sometimes pinch her boobs as she helped get out the cups and plates from the cabinet.

Lunch was lit as they all talked about several topics, laughing and chatting away until Iretí got a text that prompted her to excuse herself and leave for the kitchen. Enó soon left to go rest, leaving Ifeoma all alone to clear the table and do the dishes, since she requested to do so. 

Back at the kitchen, Iretí stood by the counter, lingerie off as instructed, and waited patiently as Ifeoma arrived with the dishes and set them down by the sink. 

“Aah, I see you’ve finally come to your senses. Now, did you do as instructed?” she asked as she walked towards her. 

“Yes…” Iretí said obediently. 

“It’s… Yes, Mistress… don’t forget that.” Ifeoma replied in a reprimanding tone. 

“Yes… Mistress.” Iretí replied, correcting herself. 

“That’s better,” Ifeoma said as she checked her out, giving occasional pinches to her bare ass when she raised her dress and quick suckling on her boobs after cupping them.

“Wow, you’re so gorgeously sexy and all mine.” She continued, now stopping to face her. 

“Kiss me, now,” she demanded, which astonishingly had Iretí, throwing herself in for a kiss, and not just a mere kiss, a deep, sensual kiss, with her tongue finding Ifeoma’s own and twirling around it. Ifeoma, now feeling accomplished, shoved her tongue inside Iretí’s mouth, sucking her tongue… as Iretí pulled her closer letting herself be consumed by the deep kissing.

Iretí suddenly felt herself get hoisted up onto the counter, Ifeoma’s muscles were no joke as she stood between her slowly parting legs. 

Seeing such luscious thighs sent her salivating, as she bent to lick them, trailing her tongue upwards until she got to her already-soaked pussy.

Like a connoisseur at work, she took her time, taking a brief whiff of Iretí’s yummy pussy, before tasting it; her tongue running along the pussy walls and flicking the clitoris several times before sucking it, an action that makes Iretí quake as she covers her mouth to prevent her voice from getting out loud. Iretí was giving her the business and really doing it so well that her pussy was leaking juice all over the counter… 

“Oh, damn… this is so… good. Eat me, eat up my pussy.” she found herself saying as she held down Ifeoma’s head- who in turn abruptly stopped to slap her and hold her by the neck lightly;

“Are you forgetting who is in charge here? Didn’t I tell you to only speak when spoken to?” Ifeoma told her as she roughly pulled her dress down her shoulders to grab and suck her boobs roughly after letting go of her neck. 

“I’m… I’m so sorry Mistress, it, it won’t happen again.” Iretí responded shaking with excitement, which strangely aroused her the more. “Please, punish me..” she continued as she pulled Ifeoma in close kissing her deeply. 

“You’re lucky I have the hots for you, darling… so, don’t do that again,” Ifeoma said, squeezing both boobs, before putting each to her mouth, then both at the same time, teasing her nipples as she lightly ran her tongue around the areolas. 

Iretí moaned softly, holding Ifeoma’s head and caressing it as she suckled on her tits, somehow, she had accepted being dominated, and somehow it was turning her on greatly as she let herself be controlled. 

“I’ve got something for you.” Ifeoma said, stepping back to unzip her pants; Iretí watches bewildered as she shows a big “dick” strapped to her crotch. Was she carrying this the whole time for this moment? she wondered as she found herself staring at it longingly like it was the real thing. What’s wrong with her? Why was she now salivating for a dick this bad, but one worn by a girl?

Maybe she was totally into it, and this was a new experience she wanted to enjoy… Iretí waits, her eyes fixated on this tool lustfully until Ifeoma pulls her by the hair to get off the counter and onto the floor, on her knees to suck her “cock”.

Written by Offworld Tales

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