June 26, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover III (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover III (18+)

My hand slid up her back to find her long hair, grabbing a good handful of it and pulling back, lifting her head from its overwhelmed position, leaning down over the top of the bin, making her suddenly seem much louder as her gasps and grunts were projected up into the crisp air for me to clearly hear.

Holding her hard I pounded on her ass as fast as I could, feeling how incredibly tight it was, especially as she started to squeeze at me, my groan of pleasure only spurring her to do it more as I fucked her roughly in the ass, somehow lasting ok despite it.

I leaned back and placed a good hard spank on her, making her tense and yelp in response, but not of pure pain, but enjoyment as well, which I enjoyed hearing as I delivered a few more before I got back to the real focus of fucking her brains out.

It was all too much for her, and I could see she had clearly been trying to hold it back, perhaps to make it as good as possible or maybe so she couldn’t let on how much she was enjoying it, but Yemi tensed up with a pre-orgasmic shudder.

Pulling her hair a bit harder, I grabbed her hip with my other hand tightly and really ramped up the pace, fucking her hard and deep, just pumping into her with all my might, knowing I was about to make Yemi come, from being fucked in the ass!

With another ten or so seconds of hard thrusts Yemi burst, tensing up and then giving a sudden, violent shudder over the bin, her legs shaking as she let out a long, wailing shriek of pleasure, shaking and twisting so much I thought she might fall off the bin as I continued to fuck her, sliding my hand back to grab a good handful of her gorgeous rear as she climaxed.

In the meantime however her ass had squeezed down like a vice on my hard cock, bringing me suddenly much closer to my own peak, and with her still trembling and shaking over the bin as she still continued to push back on my cock, I knew it wasn’t going to take long.

My hands slid from her hair and hip to the sexy pinch of her waist, taking a firm grip on her wonderfully warm body, holding tight as I suddenly picked up the pace again to my absolute max, pounding my cock into her hot ass harder than a pornstar.

She responded, groaning and arching her back to push onto me, absolutely loving and not losing interest even when she has had an orgasm, loving my cock inside her as much as I did.

I just focused on my own pleasure now though, fucking her hard as she squeezed her ass even tighter around me, making me feel the telltale sensation that preceded my own orgasm.

“Oh fuck…fuck…” I growled, holding it back and pounding into her, my cock hardening even more as I was about to come, Yemi taking this as a sign to squeeze and hold her ass as tight as she possibly could do.

The sudden resistance and her deliberate aim to make me come was all it took, and with a yank back on her hips and a deep thrust into her I came hard with a long, guttural groan, my eyes squeezing shut as I pumped into her deeply with a few hard thrusts, emptying my balls of their huge load deep in her aching ass.

I squeezed the last of my thick come into her, Yemi helping with squeezes of her ass to get every last drop, stroking her back a bit as I leaned forward over her to briefly rest, my still hard cock buried inside her, the only sound our deep, gasping breaths.

After a minute we came to our senses and I pulled myself up with a stretch, looking around quickly to make sure nobody had just seen what happened, breathing a sigh of relief when I saw it was clear.

Pulling back slowly, I slipped my cock out of her ass, both of us giving a slight jolt of sensation as my head popped out, noting how Yemi squeezed her ass shut tightly afterwards, evidently to get it back how it should be, and stop my come leaking out so much.

I reached down for my jeans and shorts, pulling them up and fastening them as Yemi straightened up, her skirt falling down into place over her tremendous butt as she reached down to retrieve her sexy panties from their position around the ankles of her sexy shoes.

She still hadn’t turned around, smoothing her clothes out as best she could, wiggling her ass a little and tugging her skirt down before she finally did, looking up into my eyes and biting her lip cutely, evidently feeling a bit unsure.

We didn’t say anything, and just headed slowly back towards the hotel, Yemi no longer holding onto my arm, just walking along beside me, an awkward silence between us after what we had just done.

Yemi just wandered along, looking both up to me and down at the ground, feeling a mix of emotions as she walked, and also feeling a slight hint of arousal as she felt some of my cum leak into her underwear from her exhausted ass.

Arriving at the hotel, I escorted her to her room, where we said a brief, polite goodnight, not really sure what to say, shifting my feet a little unsurely before turning to walk away, when Yemi’s delicate hand took my arm, making me look back to her, immediately captivated by her big brown eyes.

She didn’t say a word, just giving a pull on my arm to entice me into her room, saying all she needed to in that one little gesture.

Despite the awkwardness currently hanging between us since our encounter in the empty street a little while earlier, Yemi couldn’t deny she wanted more from me.

She wanted me to hold her and take her fully, make her mine all night long, and she figured since she had already gone this far, she may as well go all the way with it.

I couldn’t resist the sexy singer, letting my feet follow as she pulled me into her room, flicking off the lights she had turned on just moments before when we had arrived.

I stumbled in the darkness, taking her hands as she stepped confidently, and a little drunkenly, back towards her bed, pulling me along till she reached it, pressing her calves, well her shoes, back against it and dropping down to sit on the end of the bed.

Her hands immediately found my jeans, quickly undoing them again and pulling them down, along with my boxers, revealing my semi-hard cock. Her soft, skilful hand quickly found it in the darkness, wrapping firmly around it and starting to stroke me, quickly helping it to grow in her hand, stroking it faster as she shifted a little on the bed in the gloom, before I suddenly felt her hot breath.

Before I could say anything I was in her mouth, giving a shuddering gasp as she started sucking softly at my head, her mouth just so hot and wet, velvet soft and perfect as she started taking a little more, giving a murmur as she lifted herself from the bed a little, her hands fumbling up under her skirt.

Yemi kept sucking as she pulled her sexy panties down again, shoving them over her shoes to her ankles before sitting down again on the bed, resuming sucking in a more focused way, reaching down to shuffle her underwear over her feet and completely off as she got me to complete, rock hard erection once more.

With one last firm suck to the tip, she pulled off it, looking up at me, discernible through the gloom as she licked up the underside, making my hard-on bounce at the intensely pleasurable sensation before she pulled back, my hand sliding from her hair.

Shifting back up the bed, she leaned up on her elbows and flicked her little black skirt up over her stomach to reveal herself, however, in the dark I could only tell what she had done, rather than survey her neatly shaven pussy.

“Come on, fuck me, just pound my pussy,” she breathed, her heart pounding in her chest as she just went for it, inviting me on.

I didn’t need to ask twice and quickly slid onto the bed on my knees, dropping down over her, leaning beside her shoulders as I slipped between her thighs, pushing my achingly hard cock to her juicy pussy.

With an easy push, I was inside her, both of us giving a groan of pleasure as I did, feeling her pussy convulse around me, Yemi pulling her legs up beside me.

“God… Yemi…” I started, but a soft finger pressed at my lips.

“Shh, no talking, just fuck me, fuck me…” she breathed, giving a deep sigh as I pushed right into her, before giving a strained groan as I immediately picked up a rhythm, her body curling up, chin towards her chest and pushing her hips up towards mine as I started to pump into her, going full depth immediately, feeling how relaxed and dripping wet she was for me, really wanting this, and I wouldn’t deny that I did as well.

I had long dreamt of getting to fuck her, and now I had it, and it was just perfect, pushing in harder as her shoes locked behind my back, pulling me tighter to her.

I ground deeply against her, her arms pulling tight around my neck and holding me close, our foreheads pressed together in the darkness, breathing the only thing we could hear as I started to pump her again, Yemi’s legs picking up the beat to let me slide back and then help to pull me into her, driving deeply and powerfully into her luscious body, feeling her velvet walls pull and clench at my manhood, my head tingling with the immense pleasure of being inside her.

Leaning up on my arms, I shifted to press down on her shoulders, properly pinning her to the bed as I started to pump her hard, no faster, just very hard, slamming our bodies together, Yemi giving a deep grunt with each one, the strength in her legs fading with each one till they dropped to the bed, her body arching and writhing in the pleasure of being banged so hard.

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