February 5, 2023

Short Story: Diary of the WildChild by Anonymous (18+)

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Short Story: Diary of the WildChild by Anonymous (18+)

I’m a freak, I know so but I don’t get down anyhow. I love to enjoy the moment and connect with the person I’m screwing. *winks*.

People think I’m Bi, hell no!!! I love pussy and boobies. I decided to be celibate till I screw my crush.

I love mature ladies with curves and big boobs. I discovered that part when I clocked in at 21. Anyways, I have a big crush on my IG follower and I think she knows because she’s always tormenting me sexually with her pictures and twerk videos.
Damn! I love you, Mami.

She’s thick and voluptuous with full lips.

I made it a ritual to check her IG page every day so that I can imagine all the nasty things that I will do to her and how I will give her head from behind since she’s thick. I have this feeling that she will taste like strawberry and the tears of a virgin mermaid.

My mind runs wild anytime I see her post.

I try my best to let her know how I feel though. On this fateful day, she posted a pic and I commented and she replied with kisses. As a sharp guy, I sent a dm and the convo started…funny enough she works at one of the biggest clubs in Lagos as a supervisor.

I decided to visit her on a Friday, I got to the club looking sharp and charming winks. I asked a waitress if she was around and she showed me my BBW among the crowd dancing, damn!

That ass. I ordered a glass of Martini before I misbehaved or stuttered.

I looked at her and she came towards me all smiling.

“Hey, u! Stalker”
“Excuse me,” I laughed.

Then she called me by my IG handle. I said

“Hello my lady, you look more beautiful in person, let me guess your phone can’t handle how beautiful and hot you are” I winked.

“You are such a charmer,” she said while I looked at her package. Her see-through top made me see her big boobs and cleavage.

“Why are you here?” She said,

“I came over to see the queen that torments me sexually every day. Oh my! Like seriously?”
“Yes mami, I came because of you.”
“So, what are your plans?” She asked.
“To be sincere I came to fuck your brains out and punish you for the torture and hard-on that you make me go through every day.”

“Hmmm…tell me about it?” She asked.

“I love your twerk video and your ass, I see my dick buried in your ass as you twerk mami.”
“Hmm, can you handle it?”

“I think so, I can be bad for you.”

“You’re just a naughty boy. Let me be bad for you, I want to try new things with you.”

“Oh really!!!”

She ordered a bottle of Vodka to be taken to the VIP for her with 2 glasses.

She signalled me to follow her.

Damn, shit just got real. I was behind her looking at her ass. I was trying my best not to touch.

The VIP room was empty with bouncers guarding the entrance. She sat and told me to come over.

“So, tell me, what will you do to me” while she poured me a glass of vodka? I was just looking at her lips, boobs, my eyes were piercing through every part of her body.

I took a sip of my drink and adjusted myself. She placed her hands on my lap and whispered

“Naughty boy, can you fill me? I have an itch that needs a dick” She found my dick and rubbed it.

“You are big,” she said.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I touched her face and planted a kiss on her lips, and she kissed back. My hand found its way to her boobs, I fondled them before letting go of her lips.

I unhooked her bra and pulled her top off, revealing the treasure chest. I sucked on her left tit like a baby that lost his pacifier. My right hand found its way into her panties. I could feel how thick her pussy lips were, damn! She’s wet.

I shifted her panties while I fingered her wet cunt. Huh! Was all she could let out as my fingers dived in and out, and my lips on her nipples.
She rubbed my head and whispered sweet nothings to me.

I changed position to suck the right tit while my fingers were still serving her good. Her hands wandered all over my body. She just wanted to grab hold of something. I kissed her again on the lips, then to her neck to the ear lobes.

I kissed every part of her body before giving her cunt a lick. She twitched when I gave her pussy a lick, I feasted on her cunt as if my life depended on it. I kissed, slurped, sucked on every part of her pussy well.

Suddenly my mouth was filled with juice oozing from her cunt. Her body shook with passion as she reached her orgasm. She touched my strained cock after recovering from her orgasm.

She pushed her hips forward for me to introduce my cock into her wet cunt. Immediately my cock sank into her creamy pussy. I fucked her with a savage intensity. She screamed like an animal as she received my brutal pounding. Oh, don’t stop.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Ooooooooaahhhh!!! Faster! Do it faster, push it deeper” she said. I’m almost about to cum.

Just a few strokes inside her pussy and…

“Please don’t stop, please don’t stop fucking me! I’m gonna cum…haaaahhhhh!!! Ooooooaaaahhhh! Oh, baby! ” she said.

“Just keep pushing your pussy against my dick. both of us will come together,” I said.

“Oh yes!!! Yes!!!” Ahhhhh…

“Excuse me, sir.”

“Huh?” I replied
“Sir, your bill”

Oh, what a fantasy. I think I have to screw this Instagram babe and see if I can make it come true! She’s been hunting my imagination and thoughts too much. Now, I’ll have to keep stalking her, and maybe send that DM.

Written by Anonymous

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